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Inbound Sales Call Tips For Better Sales

The sales department is the heart of the business. There are variations of tricks that the team follows to ensure the lead drives to a successful deal. The crew regularly makes outbound calls, which also include chats, emails, and messages. For the advertisements rendered, they also are obliged to receive inbound calls from potential leads.

Then, how to handle the customers? 

Simple. With knowledge, smile along with the tips mentioned below. These will surely help in improving the sales better.

But, before we dive into inbound, let’s talk about sales in general. 

It is quite common to run out of new leads when trying the sales pitch to the customers. In such cases, email finder tools become pretty resourceful. This kind of software can find an email address within just a matter of seconds. 

With advanced AI and an extensive database, it can fetch and validate hundreds of contacts at once. Some websites also provide chrome extension, so finding the email addresses of the profiles becomes easy.

Tricks to improve the calling process

Inbound sales calls are an occasion no one should ever miss! Most of the clients calling are already interested in the product, all you need to do is help them navigate through the sales funnel.

Know what you talk

Before you pick up the phone, it is vital to know all the information about the product. The customer can sense when you aren’t aware of the information, and this can only reduce the sales chance. For example, would you really listen to that friend’s movie review, when they, in fact, haven’t watched it?

Stand in their shoes

Few customers cannot articulate what exactly they are looking for. In such cases, you need to understand where they’re coming from and what they intend to know. When there is enough information about the product, you can pick up the hints from their conversation and take the lead.

Take the lead

As mentioned above, taking the lead portrays confidence and assures customers that they’re in the right hands. Taking the lead would mean establishing a proactive and interactive conversation to help resolve the customer’s queries. A warm and welcoming tone improves customer satisfaction and thus, increasing sales.

It’s all in the name

Would you like to talk to a new person who doesn’t even know how to pronounce your name? No, right?! Then how can you expect the caller to be fine when you can’t. It is a tricky place to be, sometimes the names are written differently from how it sounds. Don’t be afraid to ask about how to pronounce the name. It will save you a lot of awkward moments.

The art of listening

Most of the representatives are so busy hitting the numbers and following protocols that they usually forget the art of listening. All the answers lie in how patiently you listen. Most of the customers just need clarification about the product as they are confused. The active listening skill will help you learn the customer’s wants and provide the solution accordingly.


Empathy and smile are the two significant factors that will keep you going for the long run! So when picking up the phone, make sure you smile while you talk and also empathize with their requirements.

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