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Improve Your Whole Digital Marketing Approach With Video SEO

Exploring video possibilities to develop more useful content, raise engagement, and increase traffic.

Most people think of YouTube visibility when we discuss developing a video strategy. And with good reason; the platform receives billions of monthly visits. However, producing and marketing videos involves much more than just being found on YouTube.

Videos may improve your content, make your product simpler to understand, and increase the credibility and relatability of your business. Additionally, Google’s search results page 1 continues to feature videos for an increasing number of inquiries. A well-designed video strategy can moreover improve your entire SEO efforts. How? Read on.

1. Enhanced knowledge of your consumers’ purchasing processes

Video keyword research enables for finding of the queries your target audience is utilizing while searching for videos. You can gain a deeper knowledge of your target audience’s purchasing processes, issues they are trying to solve, and tasks they are attempting to perform by learning how they search for comparable films.

When we turn to video content, we typically look for educational or entertaining content, but we may also be able to find chances for content that organically solves the needs of the customers best in video format, such as how-to films, product demos, comparisons, and so on. Both of these phases of the purchasing process should always be included in a sound marketing strategy.

Google and YouTube auto suggestions can be compared, and you’ll see that YouTube search draws a particular demographic. For instance, if you search Google for “Google Chromebook,” the top results include “Google Chromebook laptop,” “Google Chromebook charger,” and “Google Chromebook price,” all of which are obviously intended to attract customers (i.e., start of a buying journey).

Google Chromebook won’t turn on and Google Chromebook tutorial for beginners are among the most popular Google Chromebook videos on YouTube, both of which have an informative focus—possibly for a product’s present owner.

google youtube autocomplete 800x432 1

Though not all YouTube recommendations aim to provide information. People use the platform to find product reviews from actual customers of the company, unboxing videos, as well as details on specific models, according to YouTube auto-complete.

However, the purchase trips that are influenced by YouTube appear to be very distinct from those that are influenced by Google, which is why YouTube suggestions are such a potent supplement to any keyword research plan.

Google Video searches follow a similar pattern, which frequently exposes an alternative viewpoint or another path that your target audience may take when considering their selections.

The Google video section produces “similar search” suggestions beneath organic search results, just like Google’s standard search. Again, this demonstrates how people use Google videos for a variety of goals since video-related searches are distinct from those you’ll get when using Google’s primary search:

related videos 800x226 1

By using Google Videos’ related searches, you can find phrases that you might otherwise overlook if you only used Google’s standard search results.

In conclusion, learning about video-driven search inquiries will help you better understand your target market and how your product might fit into it. As a result, your whole SEO approach becomes more knowledgeable than that of your rivals.

What a great technique to discover fresh options for “useful content”!

2. Advanced on-SERP visibility with video Carousel

In comparison to a decade ago, Google’s search engine results are now far more varied, graphic, and interactive. Today’s Google SERPs also include popular inquiries, rapid answers, and relevant images.

The section with linked videos is one of the most prominent. Because of video carousels, videos have significantly increased in visibility in organic search results.

According to Mozcast data, at least 30% of Google’s SERPs include videos:

Screenshot 341

Video results are frequently “blended,” that also is, they are placed to a separate area that is included to SERPs but is not an organic listing. This segment is called a video carousel.

A video carousel: what does it mean?

Within the Google SERPs, a video carousel is a unique search component that showcases linked videos.

Screenshot 340

The placement of the section may vary based on the unique searcher’s aim, however video carousels are frequently present on the first page of search results.

Occasionally, video carousels will appear directly on SERPs: For instance, look up “how to tie a tie.” Particularly if you search from a mobile device, the video-only search snippet and the video carousel take up the majority of the above-the-fold area of the screen. The part might appear lower on a search result page for other searches.

YouTube videos can appear as organic results without being part of a carousel. Even while this is different (a video really counts as one of the 10 organic links that can be on page one), it is still beneficial because you can see a large thumbnail of the video, which is difficult to miss and may increase click-through rates for positions where it appears.

This video can be played directly within search results in both situations (carousels and organic results), when accessed from a mobile device.

To put it another way, in each of these scenarios, branded videos that are highly optimised and thus rank well give a brand more visibility, enabling it to dominate its intended search result pages with several organic listings.

3. Video-rich snippets increase exposure in organic search

Earning video-rich snippets enables you to rank your own page in the same SERPs while YouTube video pages may operate as organic listings providing you more visibility.

With the addition of a video thumbnail from the page, improved organic search results known as “video rich snippets” are even more difficult to overlook:

Screenshot 342

In contrast to video carousels, which give advertisers indirect exposure (users viewing a video in a carousel typically land on that YouTube page or immediately watch that video from within Google’s search result page), video-rich snippets cause a direct click to your website.

Publishers must employ video schema and embed a video on that website in order to obtain a video-rich snippet. Gaining a video-rich sample also has the advantage of setting expectations: viewers are more likely to stay on the page and watch the video after seeing a video thumbnail and clicking through to the page.

This raises the likelihood that they will explore more of the website, interact with your business more, and go farther down the conversion funnel.


Making your business or product discoverable on YouTube is only one aspect of a video marketing approach. You’ll learn more about your audience as you look into video opportunities and find new SEO prospects.

Additionally, by having your video appear in related carousels, ranking your YouTube page in organic search, and/or obtaining video snippets, you make your business stand out in search.

As a result, you have a lot of options to improve the knowledge and diversity of your SEO strategy as a result of Google. A thorough video creation and marketing solution may help you transform your online presence, build brand sentiment and trust, and boost sales and conversions across the web if you don’t know where to start or don’t have the means to adopt a video strategy yourself.

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