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How To Improve Coding Skills In Python

In this article, we will share the best tips on enhancing your coding skills in Python.

Be a Hacker

In a good sense of the word. In everything, strive to get to the very essence of what is happening. Understand how the Internet works, the software you work with, libraries, frameworks, tools.

To pump your knowledge you need to be a researcher in your subject area and the field of your colleagues. If you read about a new technology or tool, try putting it into practice. Think about what benefits it can bring on the project. Play with it, load it with tests, and compare it with other similar libraries. The more you research, the wider your horizon of knowledge will be, and the easier it will be to solve the problems that confront you on real projects.

Appreciate Your Work

Do not allow yourself to be hacky or lazy. Always write the best code you can write. Cover it with tests, clean it, and make out according to all style and corporate standards. Respect your peers and PEP-8. Be sure to turn on sonar or other analyzers in the strictest mode.

Search Your Way

All people are different and perceive information differently. What suits one junior will not suit others, so never give up. If you find it difficult with a book or tutorial, try changing the approach or guide. For example, you can find a ‘do my Python homework’ service to help you get to know the coding deeper.

Learn Continuously

You can never stop learning. According to statistics, successful leaders read at least about 60 books a year. Do not dwell on technical literature. Read books aimed at the development of software skills and just fiction. Adopt the rule that a day will be spent in vain if you have not learned anything new in its course or if you have not read at least the chapter of a good book. Do not forget about specifications, RFC, and PEP. This will help you understand how and why your language and tools evolve.

Exercise Continuously

Just getting knowledge is not enough. It is necessary to constantly fix them in practice. Write the code. Do pool requests to the open-source libraries you use. Ask colleagues to do a code review for you. Also, remember that writing code is only a small part of the job. Reading code takes much more time in development. Therefore, read good code all the time. Always look for good open-source libraries and make out how they work. Draw modular and component diagrams, create a flowchart. Try to understand why the developers made these decisions.

Learn to use Google

If you are faced with some kind of problem, don’t immediately run to colleagues, spend 15 minutes analyzing it, and searching for similar solutions on the network. Learn to formalize problems and ask the right questions. Learn how to find the resources you need. Attempt to formulate it as plainly as possible before you place your question. Do not panic. The solution to the question can already be contained in the question itself. Practice expressing your thoughts as clearly and concisely as possible.

Look at the issues more broadly. Train your ability to see more than what is written in the task. Try to develop a general vision of the system, analyze the tasks yourself, using class diagrams, entities, algorithms, etc.

Think of Your Colleagues

When you focus on performing only specific tasks, the illusion is often created that the manager, clients, team leaders do not always do the right thing. Most often, this is not the case and it can hinder the achievement of goals. Try to realise the motivation of your colleagues and clients. Put yourself in their place, think about what problems they solve, and what limitations they have. Always think about the business processes of the entire enterprise and your customers.

Engage in Mentoring and Help

Do not just focus on your mentors, but try to become a mentor yourself. Try to start small and prepare a mini-report for the internal meet-up or just write a small article for beginners on the corporate wiki. Try to help your neighbor solve a problem on his project. All this will help once again to rethink and realize everything that you know. Put your knowledge into the system, improve your understanding.

Organize Yourself

Take care of time management. Manage your time. Be sure to build your development plan, and carefully plan your tasks. Let’s estimate all your tasks and be sure to analyze the reasons for the failure of your deadlines and the reasons for success. And remember that the one who at least creeps moves toward the goal.

Good luck!

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