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How To Make Money With OptinMonster

Do you want to know how OptinMonster could help you make more money?

The OptinMonster software helps you generate leads, increase conversions, and boost sales by enhancing your opt-in list.

This article will help you learn how to make money with OptinMonster. To make more money with OptinMonster, we’ll look at how to:

>> Making Your List Grow
>> Instantly increasing sales
>> Leads that are warmer to pursue

Now, let’s be clear about what OptinMonster is.

In short, what is OptinMonster?

By using OptinMonster, businesses of all sizes can increase sales, obtain higher quality leads, and build email lists. Whether you have a blog, a small business, or a large organization, it’s perfect for you.

In what way does it work? It allows anyone to create high-converting opt-in campaigns quickly and easily.

There are many types of opt-in campaigns you’re already familiar with, such as pop-ups, floating bars, spin-to-win wheels, and others.

Turning to OptinMonster, let’s learn how it can make you more money.

The way OptinMonster makes money

1. Grow Your List to Earn Money

First and foremost, OptinMonster makes you more money by growing your email list.

It is OptinMonster’s core function, which makes it superior to other lead generation tools.

OptinMonster is free to join, so anyone can start growing their email list immediately. A larger email list will increase the likelihood of generating revenue through email marketing campaigns.

In what way does it work?

You can send email campaigns to your new subscribers as you build their relationships. After that, you can direct new subscribers through your sales funnel.

In addition, it can be done on autopilot once you invest in the right tools, and is far simpler than you might think.

This is why so many people choose OptinMonster over the built-in forms of most email providers.

Everyone can create a popup like this one without technical experience or a design background in less than 5 minutes:

create a popup without technical experience

Users can join your list through these campaigns that showcase your lead magnet. Additionally, OptinMonster allows you to create more types of campaigns than ever before, such as:

>> Pop-up windows
>> Drag-and-drop scrolling
>> Bars that float
>> Mats with a fullscreen effect
>> The inline campaign
>> Wheels that can be gamified
>> Locked-down content

create more types of campaigns

There are currently ZERO coding skills and no design experience required for any of these campaign types.

With OptinMonster, you simply pick an OptinMonster template, make a few quick tweaks, and you’ll have a beautiful campaign that grows your list quickly.

Having a larger list does not simply mean getting more subscribers.

It’s far more important to realize that the larger your email list is, the greater your revenue potential.

Moreover, a targeted email campaign is more likely to succeed the more specific it is. That brings us to OptinMonster’s next way to earn more money for you.

2. Get warm leads to make more money

It is a common misconception that if you have a large email list, you’ll automatically attract more customers.

That’s not always the case, though.

The reason is that customers will be at different stages of their customer journey when they join your email list. Many of them need nurturing before finally taking action, but others will buy after only a few emails.

Our last section covered ways you can drastically increase the size of your list using OptinMonster.

Next, let’s raise the ante.

OptinMonster’s advanced targeting rules bring you more than just new subscribers. Rather, you’ll add highly qualified leads who are ready to buy.

The following is what we mean:

Anyone can drastically grow their list with OptinMonster starting right away.

In order to scale your business and increase traffic, you will need to refine your lead generation strategy so that you can reach prospects further down the funnel.

It is a term used by people to refer to leads who are close to reaching for their credit cards.

Basically, people at the bottom of a funnel are extremely warm leads.

Your campaign will appear exactly where and when you want it to appear thanks to OptinMonster’s intuitive targeting rules.

So you can increase your revenue with email marketing best practices by attracting the highest quality leads to your email list.

OptinMonster can help you in two different ways.

(a) Always target the right people

You can efficiently target your campaigns with OptimizMonster’s large list of targeting rules.

Aside from OptinMonster, no other lead generation software offers so many targeting rules.

You will find everything you might expect in OptionMonster, including:

>> A page-level targeting strategy displays campaigns depending on the URL your visitor has visited.

>> Display campaigns to users on a variety of devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

>> User scroll triggers: Make offers available once they reach a specific percentage of the page.

In addition to the targeting rules we covered above, here are a few more that will allow you to direct higher quality leads to your site:

>> Create drip campaigns based on how users interacted with previous campaigns with the OnSite Follow-Up Campaign.

>> Personalize your online experience through cookie retargeting.

>> Users with AdBlock technology can be targeted with campaigns to reach a larger portion of your audience.

>> Use your own custom domain instead of OptinMonster’s URLs to completely bypass AdBlocking technology on your website. A feature like this can only be found with OptinMonster.

>> HTML Element & JavaScript Variables: A powerful targeting system that allows you to control when and where popups appear.

More to come!

The setup of these rules does not require any coding expertise. In its place, dropdown menus and simple text fields are a better alternative:

 simple text fields are a better alternative

Enter the URL path for the popup to appear on mobile devices
Thus, anyone can target and attract higher-quality prospects in a matter of minutes.

How will you handle these signups? What are some ways you can personalize the user journey through your ESP?

This process is known as audience segmentation.

(b) Segmenting Your Audience Based On Your Optin Form

Segmenting your email list is a technique used to make the user journey more personalized by organizing the list into smaller groups.

It is usually accomplished through “tags,” which are small labels you can use to categorize your email lists.

You can then assign these tags directly to your new subscribers using OptinMonster.

A campaign can be quickly tagged using “tags”.

Moreover, you can tag your subscribers as “marketers” or “white-glove” if they elect to join your digital marketing course.

Your lead magnets and offers will determine what names these tags have.

But you can choose which tags to apply to your new leads when they join your OptinMonster campaign:

join your OptinMonster campaign

By properly separating and segmenting your new leads, you will be able to further customize their user experience.

This will result in your email marketing campaigns driving more revenue.
By taking OptinMonster’s lead management tools for a few minutes, you can make a significant impact on your revenue.

Lastly, let’s turn our attention to some methods for making money with OptinMonster via direct sales.

3. OptinMonster boosts sales

OptinMonster directly drives more sales in the eCommerce world in two primary ways:

>> Campaigns for upsells, cross-sells, and downsells
>> A cart abandonment campaign

(a) Campaigns for Upsells, Cross-Sells, and Downsells

The two biggest reasons eCommerce owners do not increase their average order value (AOV) are twofold.

Instead of increasing sales per customer, online business owners strive to add customers to generic email lists.

It’s better to go the other way instead.

Upsells, cross-sells, and down-sell campaigns can be created by using OptinMonster. They can be triggered by what is already in the cart, or by past purchases by the audience.

When someone buys glasses in your online store, for example, you can follow up with them by sending them a campaign such as this:

OptinMonster boosts sales

It took less than five minutes to make and could result in monthly (or yearly) increases in AOV for your customers.

Moreover, it uses historical data on purchases to target users, so you are sure they are a good candidate.

How about using an actual product as a lead magnet before your first sale? This kind of campaign could easily accomplish that:

campaign which could easily accomplish target

People see this popup when they add a pair of jeans or a t-shirt to their shopping cart.

This would result in the user getting 30% off a related item and adding it to their cart more likely.

With platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce, you can set up these campaigns with ease.

You can save tons of time and energy by setting up eCommerce-specific targeting rules with OptinMonster because the system doesn’t require any “tech skills” at all:

OptinMonster doesn't require any tech skills

As a result, it is easy to create any kind of upsell, cross-sell, or down-sell campaign that will drive more direct sales into your online store.

OptinMonster also helps you to reduce cart abandonment across your entire site, allowing you to generate more cash.

(b) A cart abandonment campaign

An eCommerce owner’s greatest challenge is cart abandonment.

People who visit your online store, place items in their cart, and then don’t check out.

Is OptinMonster able to help with that? Creating cart abandonment campaigns in the form of:

A cart abandonment campaign

You could offer OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent® Technology a discount to abandoned users in the example above.

If the user proceeds to the checkout, you will offer them a special 20% off discount as they leave the page.

Customers often need just a bit of encouragement before they complete an order. It means you will have more sales at the end.

Here’s the campaign Scott Wyden used to re-engage 21 percent of his abandoned visitors while also increasing his email list 3x:

Offering discount

Offering just 10% off, it was a very low-key campaign that produced massive results.

A related option is to create a campaign (exit-intent popup) that encourages users to subscribe to your list by offering a lead magnet.

This is how the campaign might look:

This is how the campaign might look

This scenario entails a 50% discount on the purchase of a product, but the customer must submit their email address in order to receive the coupon.

Even so, the average result is still the same: reducing cart abandonment and increasing sales with these easy-to-deploy campaigns.

Start using OptinMonster today!

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