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How To Customize A Unique WordPress Theme

If you are frustrated by the optimization of themes in WordPress then stop. You should calm down first by taking a deep breath. It can get challenging handling software all by yourself. WordPress is a custom software development platform introduced to solve this problem with ease.

In this article, you will find a step by step guide. Each option and window will be explored through which you can steer yourself to the specific instructions by following simultaneously. After that, you will know how to choose and stretch any theme to your requirement. 

Important Information About WordPress and Themes

wordpress themes

Contrary to other software WordPress presents you with specific themes and those that can be used anywhere. It is a platform whose themes are built on various foundations. You can make a theme your niche and further delve into that. However, if you are more of a shallow themed writer that can be done as well. WordPress is mainly a blogger’s magical dream. This platform offers more than just themes. So, it is a platform that provides you opportunities to build your buildings on a frame of your choice. 

Settle on a narrowed theme

First of all, you need to know the theme of your theme. Meaning you need to settle in a niche, what themes are most suitable for that. For example, if you will be writing about cooking or books. Then the theme should have features coordinating with that. WordPress offers you ready-made themes. All the key features, heading, and spaces are added already. You can choose from there. Using an already customized theme saves a lot of time and energy. It is not up to the mark then it’s okay. You can read further on creating one for yourself.

Options you can explore for your customization

You may be in a hurry to get your answer but there are some great options you did not know you were looking for. These options will open your mind and let you develop radical ideas. Maybe in the quest for your answers, you will find better solutions. You can:

  • Use customizer in WordPress for your themes.
  • You can use a page builder to customize your theme.
  • Use an external source to mold the framework of these.
  • Sources like Plugin let you add any desired features.
  • The admin screen has options to change and create child themes.
  • An approved child theme can be further customized to modern, professional samples.
  •  You can use block editor for editing code of the framework.
  • Child themes are a reliable option if you permit the third party for editing.

Where is the WordPress theme located?

Since you have gone through the trouble of installing the software. Your first instinct will be utilizing the inbuilt theme programmer. To locate that option, you should click on the admin section. From there you will see Appearances>themes>customize. You have reached the area of customization. Time to show your skills by playing around and creating a master theme. Remember the main tips of creating professional WordPress themes that are further explained in each subheading. The main criteria on tips that you can access are:

  • Colors:

You need to be familiar with CSS and child theme for this work. The child theme is the extension of the parent theme in which you make your changes. It will not affect the parent theme. So, in case of a mistake, you can undo without permanent damage. For color editing, you can use HEX codes for it. To further explore in shades, you can edit through CSS snippets in your child themes. If you are an expert in the codes then your work will be done in a matter of minutes. But before exiting the spreadsheet do not forget to save the changes!

  • Logo changing:

You can get to that through the site changing option. This way not only can you change the size but color code and fonts of your logos. This is like a mini designing project of customization. Researches have shown that displaying your changing your logos with the display attracts the undivided attention of the customers. You can divulge in that without using any money. 

  • Background screens and pictures:

Customizing a theme gives you an advantage over minor details as well. If you want to remove a picture and added your snippets you can do that. It does not take a lot of time in adding a new picture to the previous one. You can modify it flawlessly and no one will call you out on the change. 

Install a plugin

You can think of plugins like an alternative to theme customization. After the modifying plugins act as a catalyst and provide functionality. The extra give shine to your polish. Plugins can be installed through adding codes. If you want a specific function in your theme just adds the code. 

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