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How To Become A Good PHP Developer

PHP is currently the most widely used and adaptable web development language in the world. At least 20 million domains utilize PHP, and PHP is the foundation for practically all large websites, including Facebook and Wikipedia, as well as popular open-source content management systems including WordPress and Drupal.

These figures should give you a good idea of the PHP programming language’s popularity and reach. You can have a good future as a PHP developer. To become a PHP developer, though, you must first master PHP web development skills.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve put up a list of critical PHP developer abilities that will help you stand out from the crowd as a good PHP developer.

1. PHP’s Basic Functions and Classes

The fact that basic PHP functions and classes can be used again when the same task needs to be done again is what makes PHP an effective language. If you intend to create new functions, see the PHP handbook before getting started.

For example, the Trim () function can be used when a developer needs to remove rid of white spaces at the start and the end of a string. A PHP XML parser can be used to create an XML parser for RSS feeds.

2. Creating a Configuration File

Rather than broadcasting the connection to the server everywhere, PHP developers can utilize a single master file that contains all of the relevant settings and is associated with PHP scripts. It allows you to make a few changes in a single file rather than having to visit many files.

Furthermore, when new constants or functions must be used across numerous files, this suggestion is useful. A configuration file can help you make your code more popular and maintainable.

When the modification is required, it might save you time and effort.

3. Don’t over-comment your code.

It is certainly a very good practice to properly document your code via comments in your scripts, but is it really necessary to remark on every single line?

Complex sections of your source code can be commented out so that you can quickly remember what’s going on when you revisit it later, but easy tasks like your MySQL connection code don’t need to be commented out. The majority of good code is self-explanatory, and every good PHP developer must write it.

4. Source Editor Role

Because the editor is where the developer spends the most time, making the appropriate option is essential for saving time. Syntax highlighting is required, and code navigation, hinting, and built-in debugging tools are also essential.

5. Skill in Error Reporting

Error reporting and display errors can be enabled during web application development. Run-time errors can be seen and the source of faults can be discovered using this method.

The benefit of enabling error reporting is that errors are identified and fixed immediately.

6. The Database Sanitization

SQL injection is a problem that all PHP developers should be aware of, and the only way to avoid it is to clean up the database input. SQL injection threats are something that every developer should be aware of.

PHP programmers can utilize the MySQL real escape string method to solve the biggest issue. The main purpose is to sanitize all the data.

The main benefit of this function is that it protects the database and app from cross-site scripting attacks that can occur when displaying user-submitted HTML.

7. In-Built Functions

PHP is a powerful, general-purpose scripting language with a large development community throughout the world. As a result, there are several PHP built-in functions available, PHP developers must be familiar with these functions and use them as needed.

8. Meaningful Names For Variables

It is required to utilize the name associated with a variable while using PHP. Because the variable’s type is not defined in PHP, it is considered significant. Details regarding the type of data being saved may be included; for example, if a variable utilizes an integer, it can be used at the start.

9. Make Use Of Indentation And Spacing

The way the code is written with proper indentation and space denotes a title as a good PHP programmer. Anyone else viewing the code should be able to tell where the loop ends and begins.

The way the code is written with proper indentation and spacing denotes a title of being a good PHP programmer. Anyone else who reads the code should be able to tell where the loop ends and starts.

10. Knowledge Of PHP-Based Framework

It takes a long time for people to grasp that employing a web application development / fast app development framework can benefit them. If you want to be a PHP developer, you’ll have to go through a tiny learning curve at first and do a lot of reading to understand how the framework’s API works, but you’ll reap huge productivity and efficiency benefits later.

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