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A Guide To Starting A Fashion Blog And Making Money In 2024

If you want to start a successful fashion blog from scratch, this article is just for you. In this article, we show you how to start a fashion blog and give you some fantastic ideas for making it profitable. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Why create a fashion blog?

If you are already working in the fashion industry and have a keen interest in the latest styles, designs, and fashion trends, then having a blog is an excellent opportunity for you to promote yourself online, share your style, and keep up with trends set by famous designers.

Among the best methods of earning money is blogging. Your blogs can provide a significant amount of passive revenue if you are skilled at generating or promoting fashion-related products.

Above all, developing a fashion blog improves your marketing abilities and allows you to network with amazing people in the business.

Top Examples of Fashion Blogs You’ll Love

Fashion Blogs

A fashion blog not only lets you earn money but also lets you express yourself more artistically. Here are a few of the best fashion blogs that you can get ideas from:

We Wore What: WeWoreWhat is a street style blog by Danielle Bernstein that aims to give you everyday clothing ideas for the part of getting ready that should be the easiest of your day.

Who What Wear: “Who What Wear” is one of the top fashion blogs in the UK. It was founded in 2006 by Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr and offers the latest fashion trends and celebrity endorsements. The blog covers a wide range of styles and trends that are currently in vogue.

 He Spoke Style: This fashion and lifestyle blog is dedicated to providing you with all the men’s style, fashion, and grooming content you could want. Brian Sacawa introduced it in 2013.

The Budget Fashionista: Launched by Kathryn Finney in 2003 and taken over by Catherine Brock in 2014, this blog offers a wealth of affordable fashion and lifestyle content.

How to create a fashion blog step-by-step

#1. Acquiring a domain name

Getting a domain name is the first step in starting a fashion blog. Choosing a memorable domain name with extension is essential for creating a polished website.

To find out whether a domain name is available or not, you can utilize domain name recommendation services like Domainr, GoDaddy, etc.

One fantastic aspect of starting a fashion blog is that you can use your name as the blog domain name. It aids in improving your self-promotion and building your internet brand.

#2. Selecting the ideal web host for your fashion blog

The majority of beginners often start their WordPress blogs with free or low-cost hosting options. However, we recommend choosing a dependable, faster, and safer web host if you want to monetize your site.

We strongly advise you to give Hostinger a try if you’re looking for a dependable host at a reasonable cost.

With Hostinger, millions of domain owners put their trust in you, and you may register a domain name for free; all you need to pay for is hosting.

This short guide will show you how to install WordPress on Hostinger in only five minutes.

You must first click the “Claim Deal” button on the Hostinger website.

A popup to choose a plan will then appear. The premium package is what we advise. If necessary, you can always update later.


You will then be prompted to select a hosting duration.

The best discount is offered throughout the 48-month term.


You will then select a payment option and enter your details.

Make the payment to finish your order.

Payment Method

You can choose your preferred domain name when setting up hosting after the transaction is complete.

#3. Other necessary steps to take when launching a fashion blog

Following the WordPress installation on your fashion blogs, there are a few essential tasks to complete.

Putting your fashion blog in a polished manner

Irrespective of your opinion, blog design reigns supreme. What makes or breaks a blog’s success is its web design. If you don’t concentrate on obtaining a clear, uncomplicated, and expert-looking blog design, you will pay a price later.

To make your website easily discoverable through search engines, it’s crucial to have a design that’s optimized for search engines. Elegant themes or GeneratePress are highly recommended, as they are preferred by thousands of bloggers and are search engine-friendly. Additionally, you don’t need to install any additional plugins or technologies to make your website mobile-friendly, as they are responsive to mobile devices.


Finding the best places to create high-quality content

Don’t merely write blog entries that don’t benefit your readers. Decide who you are aiming for first. then, to provide material of the highest calibre, identify the fashion industry’s most popular subjects.

Your blog will receive a lot of traffic from search engines, and you should be able to quickly monetize it if you provide material that receives more likes, shares, and links.

Use the skyscraper strategy to attract even more industry attention so that you may produce even better content around it.

Creating profiles on social media

You should immediately include social media links to your fashion blog on all the major platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and—above all—Pinterest.

Aim for a profile name that is identical to the domain name of your blog. In this manner, search engines will connect to your domain more frequently and give you greater visibility.

Additionally, as soon as you produce your most recent posts on your websites, make sure to instantly share them on these social media platforms.

#4. Compiling an index of the best fashion blogs to contact

To effectively market your blog-related items, you must network with other bloggers. Without networking and promoting, it is doubtful that you would be successful as a fashion blogger.

To stay in touch with the influential bloggers in your business, make sure to compile a list of them all and follow them on social media.

To speak with them directly, try to make it to their live webinars or seminars. Then, gradually strengthen your bonds with them and send them emails regularly

When you post something helpful for your blog readership, be sure to email outreach to all the bloggers on your contact list and request a tweet or link. You should also link to their pieces on your blogs periodically.

If they truly enjoy your content, they will share or link to it. Hence, the secret to increasing the visibility of your blog postings is blogger outreach. If you want to successfully start from scratch with a fashion blog, don’t miss this opportunity.

#5. Making money with your fashion blogs

The last step in starting a profitable blog from scratch is to generate revenue for it. Recall that if you regularly put in great effort to create outstanding content and recommend the proper goods to your audience, earning money from a blog is not difficult.

Before you even start your blog, find and list all the things you intend to market with it. This will provide you with a clear understanding of what to write about and how to market the appropriate fashion-related products to boost website sales.

Common Mistakes to Avoid Before Starting a Fashion Blog

Starting a fashion blog can be an exciting venture, but it’s essential to navigate potential pitfalls. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

Ignoring SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for increasing visibility and driving traffic to your blog. Ignoring SEO practices like keyword research, meta tags, and quality backlinks can hinder your blog’s growth potential.

Inconsistent Posting: Regular, consistent posting is key to keeping your audience engaged and coming back for more. Inconsistency can lead to a drop in followers and decreased visibility in search engine results.

Poor Quality Content: Quality content is king in the blogging world. Avoid publishing rushed, poorly written, or irrelevant posts. Invest time in creating valuable, well-researched content that resonates with your audience.

Neglecting Social Media: Social media platforms are powerful tools for promoting your blog and connecting with your audience. Neglecting to maintain an active presence on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter can limit your blog’s reach.

Overlooking Visual Appeal: Fashion is a visual industry, so it’s essential to prioritize aesthetics on your blog. Invest in high-quality images, clean design, and visually appealing layouts to captivate your audience.

Failing to Engage with the Audience: Building a loyal following requires more than just posting content. Engage with your audience by responding to comments, asking for feedback, and fostering a sense of community on your blog and social media channels.

Ignoring Analytics: Pay attention to analytics to understand what content resonates with your audience, which platforms drive the most traffic, and how visitors interact with your blog. Use this data to refine your strategy and optimize performance over time.

Lack of Monetization Strategy: If your goal is to monetize your blog, develop a clear strategy early on. Explore avenues like sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and selling digital products or services to generate income.

Ideas to Make Money from Fashion Blogs in 2024

Affiliate Marketing: Promote products from fashion brands through affiliate links on your blog. You earn a commission for every sale made through these links.

Sponsored Content: Collaborate with fashion brands for sponsored blog posts, where you showcase their products or services. Brands may pay you for featuring their products or promoting their events.

Display Advertising: Use ad networks like Google AdSense or to display ads on your blog. You earn revenue based on the number of ad impressions or clicks.

Collaborate with Fashion Influencers: Partner with other fashion bloggers or influencers for joint projects, events, or promotions. Collaborations can help you expand your audience and increase your earning potential.

Launch a YouTube Channel: Expand your presence by starting a YouTube channel where you create fashion-related videos such as hauls, styling tips, or trend reviews. You can monetize your channel through ads, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing.

Host Workshops or Events: Organize fashion workshops, webinars, or events both online and offline. Charge a participation fee or seek sponsorship from brands.

Sell Merchandise: Create and sell branded merchandise like clothing, accessories, or merchandise related to your blog’s niche.

Final Thoughts

Anyone can launch a fashion blog; the key to success is turning it into a successful venture. A successful fashion blog cannot be started without carefully selecting its target market.

Determine your target audience before purchasing a professional domain name, hosting, and blog design.

On the internet, the first impression is the final impression. Thus, be sure to wow your blog’s readers with excellent writing and design. To effectively market your blog, connect with other fashion-related blogs.

Make sure you learn every monetization technique available so you may profit from your blogging endeavours. It’s not difficult to make money from fashion blogs if you know how to steer your viewers toward the proper products.


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