The Best Free Tools To Begin Your Digital Marketing Journey

Companies like yours who want to begin their digital marketing strategy in order to boost their bottom line may discover a wealth of free and useful tools on the internet. There are several free applications available on the market for this purpose. But what is the distinction between them? What distinguishes a product? Which of these is best for your company right now? All of these are the questions you should ask yourself before attempting any of them.

This post will expose you to some of the top free tools to assist you on your trip. We will assist you in selecting the appropriate instruments, but the final decision will be yours. So, let’s get started.

Here are some best tools:

1. WatchThemLive

WatchThemLive is an excellent substitute for Google Analytics, with much more useful capabilities for your company. If you enjoy Google Analytics heat mapping, for example, you’ll appreciate WatchThemLive’s heatmaps. They feature an easy-to-use interface that will make your life easier. They also provide a free plan, which is really beneficial if you are just beginning your trip. Make sure to give it a go.

2. Ainfluencer

According to Statista, there will be 295 million users using social media in the United States alone by 2021. This is a huge amount. It demonstrates the power of social media. You must seek out influencers who can assist you in expanding your user base.

Ainfluencer is just what you require. It is a free tool that will assist you in locating influencers in your niche. It also considers your company’s size and client base to give you better options.

3. AiGrow

AiGrow is a valuable tool that may assist you in your social media marketing journey. In 2020, there will be 1.3 billion Instagram users. And, guess what, Instagram is the primary emphasis of AiGrow. You can do whatever you want with this tool to realize its full potential.

For example, do you want to know how to plan Instagram posts so that you may publish more regularly and consistently? What tool should you use to select the winner of your most recent giveaway? How do you deliver bulk texts to thousands of people? AiGrow will assist you in quickly resolving all of these issues.

4. Canva

If you need to create graphics but don’t know how Canva is the solution. Their primary purpose is to be utilized by graphic designers as well as everyday consumers.

When you open Canva, you’ll see a plethora of ready-made design templates for each type of graphic design you would require. This is quite beneficial to your web design.

When you select the sort of visual material you want to create, everything is ready for you. To personalize the pre-made templates for your brand, simply edit anything on the template.

5. SEMrush

SEMrush can help you with anything from keyword research to backlink tracking, site audits, and more. It provides numerous SEO check good audit tools that are unique, especially at the beginning of your adventure.

One of the most fantastic features of SEMrush is the ability to spy on your competitors. You read that accurately.

When you input a domain, SEMrush informs you what keywords they rank for, how many backlinks they have, and how much Google advertising they are running.

6. HubSpot

HubSpot is on the list of the top marketing, sales, and CRM software available.

Hubspot CMS development platform can track your whole marketing funnel, from drawing visitors to closing purchases.

When you utilize HubSpot’s marketing platform, everything has been thought of and prepared. As a result, it is ideal for firms that are just getting started.

7. Google Search Console

Google’s Search Console is a Google service that allows you to monitor how your website performs in search results.

The Console provides a wealth of SEO information, including:

  • Click-through rates and keyword performance
  • Problems with mobile usability and indexing
  • Google search traffic statistics

You may also use the Console to submit sitemaps and request that pages be crawled, which will help Google rank your website higher. When it comes to updating current material, Google Search Console is fantastic. It will show you which pages are worth investing in and which must be left alone. Use it to monitor your website on a regular basis.

8. EngageBay

EngageBay is one of the best CRM system to help small businesses align marketing, sales, and customer support. 

EngageBay is an ideal free digital marketing tool for SMBs as it offers omnichannel marketing, segmentation, newsletters, landing pages, personalization, and e-commerce integrations.

With EngageBay, you can:

  • Capture and nurture leads through drip campaigns
  • Manage and close deals through sales pipelines
  • Offer exceptional service through helpdesk, live chat, and canned responses

In a nutshell, EngageBay offers a single platform for all your teams, eliminates data silos, and minimizes miscommunication. 


You must prepare before embarking on any adventure in any area. Digital marketing is no exception. You must examine your position and select instruments that will assist you in reaching your goal. This blog article attempted to offer some of the top free tools that will have a significant influence on your business in many areas to you. Use these to achieve the greatest results.

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