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How To Find Guest Bloggers To Write Guest Posts On Your Blog

If you are a blogger, you need to increase your content for your audience if you want to keep your visitors engaged.  Another problem content writing is quite time-consuming you may be busy with high-level tasks or your daily life to create your own content. In any case, you wouldn’t sacrifice the quality in order to save tons of time. But these days, most of my blog posts are written by guest bloggers. It is a good decision to accept the guest post.

What are Guest Bloggers?

Guest posting simply means writing an article for someone else’s on their website or blog. Bloggers need good content so it’s a great way to connect with new readers and get your name out. Guest posting also builds a strong relationship between bloggers.

Here are some benefits of guest posting.

  1. Save tons of time if you don’t have to write content
  2. You don’t have to compromise with the quality of content and you serve different content to your audience.
  3. Guest posting introduces you to new people
  4. Guest posting is great for search engines

Are all guest bloggers paid or how much they charge for a post?

You can easily find bloggers who charge around $50 for a publish a guest post and on the other hand, someone else who charges in excess of $300 to $500 for publishes guest posts. It depends on the quality of the content and how exclusive it from other content that you are getting.

Where to Find Guest Bloggers?

The easiest and fastest way to find a guest blogger visit other blogs in your niche that also accept guest authors and you can contact for them there is higher chances they may be interested in wring for you. The key benefit of this technique you will get an idea to see their post that they are good writers and what is the quality of their content.

  1. Social media mainly Facebook groups.
  2. Create a Write Us page
  3. You can mention  guest post word in your blogs
  4. Add Call to action

How to Manage Guest Bloggers?

Recruit a guest blogger for your site is the only the first step you need to make sure that they produce the highest-quality and hundred percent unique content. Always take your time to review carefully guest posts before publishing. You should set up new guest bloggers with a contributor account WordPress site so that they can begin drafting their posts.

Set Up Guest Bloggers on WordPress

Set Up Guest Bloggers on WordPress

Setting up a guest blogger account on WordPress is a great way to recruit guest posts. You can also set up capabilities for specific uses such as editing and reading posts (and they will NOT be able to publish posts).

Here are the steps to creating a gust post account.

  1. Go to Users > Add New on your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Create  a username and enter their email and name
  3. Check the box next to “Send User Notification
  4. Select “Contributor” from the Role dropdown menu.
  5. Click to “Add New User” Button

After that, your guest blogger will receive an email with instructions on how to log in to their account. Now your guest blogger is all set up and ready to start drafting posts on your site.

You can also manage user capabilities with plugins there are a couple of plugins available on WordPress to manage guest bloggers on your site.

Edit Flow  plugin (Edit Flow give power you to collaborate with your editorial team inside WordPress. Edit Flow team made it modular so you can customize it to your needs)

Detail Your Guest Blogger Guidelines

As you know you have to share and explain the guidelines for guest bloggers in detail.

  1. What topics do you need for a post?
  2. Require a minimum word count?
  3. What things that allowed and not allowed in a post?

Some more things that you may keep in mind while accepting the posts like You must have a track record of writing great content and You need to fully own the content and be careful about spelling or grammar errors in the content. And the content has to fit in with your blog theme it is also helps to maintain your blog standard.


Guest bloggers are really valuable contributors to your blogging. If you are able to find great bloggers, they save you a ton of time and money and bringing you high-quality content and new readers. allow guest bloggers to write a short biography with a link to his or her own blog or website it helps to build strong relationships with bloggers.

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