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Five Core Elements That Are Essential For Creating A Good Website Design


If you want to create the best online presence, you need to start with a business website. It needs to be informative, engaging, and technically optimized. While most of us know what are the basics and essentials of a good website design, multiple examples on the internet show otherwise.

A good website design is essential for any business looking to

  1. Improve its website traffic
  2. Grow customers and sales
  3. Create a brand over a period
  4. Have a successful online presence
  5. Emerge as an authority site in the niche

In this article, we speak to expert designers at a leading web design agency. We ask them to share the five core elements that are essential for creating a good website design.

List of the 5 Core Elements that are Essential for Creating a Good Website Design

1. A Simple, Clean, and Minimal Design

Cluttering your website design is the worst thing you can do to your website. Ditch complicated designs, color schemes, and distractions for a simple, clean, and minimal-looking website. You need to understand that your product or service and the content need to be the hero element. The design should not be too noisy to distract audiences from your products and services.

2. Interactive and SEO-Optimized Website Content

Content is as important as the design. You need to understand that the algorithms of search engines read content and then rank your website accordingly. This means that not only does your website content need to be engaging, it also needs to be optimized for search engines and be SEO-friendly. Working with an expert SEO content writer can help you achieve this.

3. Mobile Optimization and Responsiveness

With more than 70% of all searches taking place on mobile devices, the need of the hour is mobile optimization. You need to ensure that the mobile version of your website is completely optimized across all screen sizes and operating systems. This is going to help you in multiple ways. This is also very important when it comes to search engine performance.

4. Technical Optimizations, UI and UX

Your website needs to be technically optimized and fulfill all the best practices of what search engines are looking for. This means that it should have a fast loading speed in milliseconds. It also needs to have a great user experience so that probable consumers can navigate the length and breadth of your website easily. This is a core foundation of great website design. You should hire UX design agency to get your work done professionally.

5. Working with an Expert Web Design Agency

The worst thing you can do to your brand website is ask a freelancer to create one for you. Just like you would not hire anyone to build your physical showroom, so to you should contact experts and specialists to work on your website design. Check for years of experience, familiarity with your business niche, and successful case studies.

Why Website Design is Important for Your Brand?

Why should I spend so much money on a stupid brand website?

This is a question that several website design agencies must have faced. To be very honest, it deserves quite a simplistic explanation.

A good website is like an online shop for your business. Imagine your shop or showroom without any of the staff to explain to the customers what the brand, its store, and its products are all about. Chances are you will find it very difficult to explain.

The same goes for your brand website. You need to ensure that your probable customers understand what your brand is about. Identify all the products within reasonable reach and if interested contact you. All this is a function of website design.

The website needs to speak for itself about your brand without you having to move a muscle. When a customer is engaging with your brand or is buying something online from the website, you might be asleep!

Choosing a Website Design Agency to Create Your Brand Website

Once you have realized the importance of creating a brand website, the next step involves selecting a website design agency. You need to make sure that you are checking for the following-

  • The first thing that you should look for is the number of successful websites that have been created by the agency. Ask them for a list of websites that they have created. Better still, ask them for the PSDs of the design. Many design agencies can claim something to be their own when in reality, it has been done by someone else.
  • You need to check whether the web design agency has experience in creating websites in your industry niches. This is important as there are specific kinds of designs that are more attuned to particular industry niches. If they have worked on a business similar to yours, they already know what is to be done.
  • Ask them about their turnaround times. If you do not want to wait indefinitely for an agency to create your website, make them write down when they will be able to deliver the final design. This is an area that gets plagued by multiple extensions. You do not want this to happen under any circumstances.

 These three points will help you narrow down the best website design agency for your needs and requirements.

The Final Word

In addition to the above-mentioned points, a solid color scheme can help you with the design. Experts suggest that you should avoid using more than three colors on a website. This helps maintain consistency, create a visual attraction and allow for better performance.

A good website design is not only for all the visitors who come to your website. It is also to help search engines locate your website, understand what is it all about, and direct people that are looking for similar products and services to your brand website.

If you want our experts to answer any more questions on website design, drop them in the comments below. We will try our best to answer as many of them as possible. Till then pay attention to all the points in the article to help create the best website design for your online platform.

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