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How To Start Essay Writing Business – Website Launch And Digital Marketing

Have you ever thought of the possibility to start your business? We bet you did. The idea of becoming a business owner has probably come to your mind a few times in the last months due to the world’s pandemic of Covid-19. Maybe you became jobless after the staff reduction, or maybe you thought of starting doing things online to stay competitive during the quarantine. Whatever reason you may have, we are here to help you with the tips on how to start earning money by launching essay writing services. Enjoy and let us know if the article  was useful for you.

Why Essay Writing?

With the rising popularity of higher education and post-graduate studies, a lot of people enroll in colleges and universities to get a profession and diploma. Some still do that to please their parents, while others want to become a more competitive workforce. Either group spends a lot of time on part-time jobs, engaging in extracurricular activities, participating in sororities and fraternities, and doing sports. Yet, the majority of them cannot devote much time to their homework, and there might be a room for your business.

Since no one wants to drop out of college, students look for the possibility to get their job done by someone else. Usually, they turn to custom writing companies or other students for help. What they are looking for is a cheap reliable essay writing service that will provide them with their essays. To know how they look, please check a trusted paper writing service to get inspired.

How to get started?

1.   Create a team

The first thing that you need for the successful launch of any business is a team. You need to surround yourself with people who are professional, enthusiastic, persistent, and smart. But what is more important than previous traits is sharing common values. If you are customer-oriented while your team is just looking to increase their  incomes, you will hardly get lucky in creating a decent business together. Hence, keep reading to find out  what people value and what they believe in before you grant them a place in your team.

2.   Create a website

Once you are done with hiring the right people into your team, consider creating a website. Look at your potential competitors and giants of the essay writing industry, pay attention to their pros and cons regarding design, the usability of the website and personal account, communication with writers, and the quality of service they provide. Read reviews, watch tutorials, and testimonials on Youtube, call, or chat with the Customer Support to know how they work. Be sure to talk about your ideas with a web-designer and back-end developer so that they can realize them.

This step is very important in launching any online business since your website is the only place where a customer will cooperate with you. The quality and forethought you put into it will also be the major driver for a customer to make their first order, so don’t overlook this step in building your essay writing empire.

3.   Ensure privacy

Ensure privacy

One of the most worrying issues that often make potential customers disappear without making their orders is a fear of getting caught. Since honor codes of colleges are strict, those who breach it and present any written work done by others as their work are highly likely to get expelled from colleges. Such students lose the possibility to study and the money they have already spent on tuition and other expenses. Consequently, your writing business will thrive and beat all competitors if you build up a security system to protect your customers. Don’t share their personal information, don’t use it to spam them with ads, don’t blackmail them about telling their school staff that they are cheating by using your service, and your customers will come back a few times.

4.   Find experienced writers

The second issue that is important for those who want to order their academic writing online is the quality of writing. Hence, do your best to find decent writers for this job. Offer them fair remuneration, create a comfortable space for working. Remember to create strict rules for those who miss deadlines or omit customer’s instructions. Do not tolerate illiteracy. Remember that you are the one who decides which writer is good for representing your company, so don’t settle for those who have trouble expressing themselves in English.

5.   Get popular on social media

Modern youth spends a lot of time on social media, posting content and liking each other, scrolling feeds, and subscribing to the pages that targeted them through the advertising campaigns. You should be there too. Make sure you have a professional SMM-specialist to run Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for your business. Pay attention to the way they communicate with your existing customers there, how they attract new ones, and whether they are helpful and fast in giving replies to the people’s requests. Ignorant conduct in social networks and the absence of the strategy of promotion can ruin your company’s reputation easily.

6.   Start advertising your service

There are a lot of ways to help people to get to know your service. Use as many of them as you can. Order digital business cards for your company and spread them in colleges, bring promotional materials offering discounts to campuses, use Google ads, and ask your existing customers to spread a word about your service to get personalized discounts. All of these ways will be effective  in making your business known to the  public, so apply them and notice which one brings the best results.

As you can see, creating a pro essay writing service is not hard if you know how to do it, set your goals high, and build a plan. Patience and persistence always pay off.

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Amanda Dudley is a content manager at EssayUSA. She has a vast wealth of experience in providing engaging academic-related content for college students. Along with her esteemed team, Amanda is focused on improving the college experience for students struggling with their academics. She regularly provides useful tips and life hacks that every college student will find useful.

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