Digital Downloads Selling Platforms

Digital Downloads Selling Platforms

Any products that are offered in digital form are referred to as digital goods (or downloads). Media files, audio files, video files, photographs, templates, downloadable prints, graphic design, etc. are some examples of these digital commodities. Since digital items can be created once and sold again to various buyers, many firms solely sell them, which may be highly successful.

Organizing the process of promoting and selling the product might be daunting, just as in other businesses. Fortunately, you can sell your digital items online using a variety of apps and platforms. These products can be sold using well-known platforms like Wix, WooCommerce, and Shopify, but there are other online stores that offer just digital products. Let’s look at a few of the more well-liked ones.

Creative Market

The most well-known marketplace for the sale of graphics, fonts, templates, photos, themes, and other items is Creative Market, which has more than 8 million users. All you need to do is create a store on the internet, stock it with your goods, and start selling.

DPD (Digital Product Delivery)

DPD is a digital fulfillment service and shopping cart. You may sell downloads, services, tangibles, and key codes using DPD, and you can have several stores under one account. Additionally, a digital stamp for PDF eBooks that includes buyer information and encryption prohibits printing and duplicating, helping to keep your assets protected.

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is one of the WordPress plugins that is listed here. It gives users the ability to sell digital goods like PDFs, programs, themes, etc. The shopping cart may also be personalized, and clients can be followed and their usage of discount codes monitored.

To protect your digital products, you may set link expiry and a file download cap. Their website has further information about these wonderful qualities.


FetchApp makes it possible to sell digital products like music, images, movies, software, PDFs, eBooks, and more by integrating effortlessly with systems like PayPal, WooCommerce, and Shopify. When orders are filled, FetchApp automatically sends an email with a secure download link. Both free and premium options are offered.


Digital items, courses, subscriptions, and other things are sold through Payhip. An eCommerce software called Payhip may be integrated onto your website or used standalone as a storefront. After purchasing, files are immediately accessible. The use of coupons in marketing efforts is a possibility.


Print-on-demand products are sold via Sellfy together with other digital products. You have the option of creating digital subscriptions with weekly, monthly, or annual payments or selling digital goods. The storefront may be altered or connected to a domain of your choosing. Additionally, it may be integrated with a “purchase now” button into already-existing websites.


Selling digital goods is made very simple with Sellwire, all you need to do is upload your files, link your payment source, and select your prices. After a purchase is made, funds are automatically received, and depending on the length of time or the number of downloads, download expirations can be established.


Selz is used to selling both real goods and digital ones simultaneously, as well as professional services. In addition to selling, you may also rent things like eBooks, movies, online courses, applications, templates, etc. Using a drag-and-drop editor makes modifying your store simple.

To draw customers in and boost sales, utilize promotions, discounts, and discount options. All major credit cards and PayPal are processed through Selz Pays.


On SendOwl, creators may market and distribute audio and eBooks, photography, software, memberships, and other products. You may use the offered API to build it or you can sell goods via your website, social media, etc. There is also Shopify integration available.

Additionally, the Drip technology enables scheduled product releases, and clients may get discounts and promotions. SendOwl excels in more intricate digital product industries.


Online courses may be made and sold using Teachable. It has integrated payment processing, quizzes, quizzes, student administration, sales, and student monitoring along with unrestricted video and hosting. Additionally, you may link your website with a custom domain.

The integrated editor makes it easier to produce interesting lectures, films, and coaching sessions. There are many other pricing choices available, including discounts, memberships, subscriptions, packages, one-time purchases, etc.


The fact that no inventory is required when selling digital goods and services is one of their strongest features. Selling digital goods online can be very profitable, so it’s crucial to pick a platform that will meet all of your needs, assist in attracting as many customers as possible, increase traffic, enable the creation of aesthetically pleasing stores, and assist in all other aspects of selling digital goods.