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Create Impressive Logos with a Free Online Logo Maker

In this article, you will learn about the importance of an impressive logo and how to make impressive logos with free online logo makers easily.

What Is a Logo?

A logo is a drawing, image, words, letters, abstract shapes, or a combination of them all that a person, a company, or an organization uses to represent their identities. It is the symbol of individuals or organizations to make them known and recognized by the public. People can grab important information, such as who the logo’s owner is, what it does, and how it usually works from the logo. To companies, a logo can show what businesses the company does and what products it sells. They may use their logos on their websites, letterheads, advertainments, promotional materials, and product packings. For individuals, a logo can convey their characters, interests, and willingness. They may use their logos on their signatures, websites, and social media profiles.

Who Need Logos?

Millions of people need logos. If you look into the exact number, you may find it rises every day. Why? It is because, in this developing and competitive world, increasing numbers of enterprises, startups, new social organizations, schools, stores, communities, and self-employed people have come up continuously. They need a logo to represent them. A logo can even be required when a campaign or activity is to hold. Different teams in a competition also need to design their team logos. So, you can find that logos are almost everywhere in our life. Everyone is possible to create a logo for now or in the future.

Why Impressive Logos Very Important?

We make logos to represent us and help others remember us quickly. A good beginning is half of the success. Once our logos leave people a deep impression at first glance, we can move forward well on our works to a large extent. Suppose you are an entrepreneur. You must hope people remember your logos better than your competitors, which can remind them at once when they want a product or service you provide. Your logo distinguishes you from others, and an impressive and friendly one makes you stand out from all competitors in the industry. It has a good impact on converting people to your potential customers.

Principles of an Impressive Logo.

So, what are the principles of an impressive logo? Below are some key principles of an impressive logo you should pay attention to.


Your logo should be easily identifiable at a glance. A complicated logo cannot deliver critical information to people at their first glance but will confuse them on the contrary. Your logo will probably be printed on various surfaces such as your product surface, product packages, billboards, brochures, and business cards. The simplicity of your logo can make it quickly remembered by people via all these mediums. Otherwise, it may result in resource waste and ineffective brand promotion. People would probably dislike the complicated logo design and distrust your company, which would be even worse.


The originality of an impressive logo is essential too. That means you should give your logo a unique and special look to distinguish you from all other brands, especially your competitors in the market. Some companies may think it is an excellent way to attract consumers by making logos similar to competitors. However, you shouldn’t follow this idea as you cannot represent the originality and irreplaceability of your own identity. The public will regard you as not a confident brand owner, so how can they trust your products or services? Take Pepsi and Coca Cola for example. These two cola tycoons have entirely two different logo designs and stand for their outstanding brands well, and both of them has won great success in their businesses.

coca cola and pepsi logo


We know and can feel that colors have a strong ability to evoke emotions. We usually decorate restaurants with the orange color to deliver a comfortable, refreshing, and relaxing feeling, which is helpful to the enhancement of appetite. The red represents enthusiasm and encouragement, the blue represents peace and purity, and the yellow represents hope and fortune. Clever use of colors when designing a logo can promote your brand to some degree. You need to choose the most appropriate colors for your logo to evoke the impulse of recognizing your brand and the willingness to become your consumers.


Most logos are made up of different elements. The image symbols and the word makers are usually used together. A balanced design of all aspects is more likely to make the logo look as a whole and steady. Symmetrical logos are balanced through equally weighted elements aligned on either side of a centerline. You can refer to two typical cases, one is the Chanel, and the other is HUAWEI. Of course, there are also numerous famous logos with asymmetrical designs. They use opposite weights to create a composition that is not even but still results in equilibrium.

Chanel Logo
Huawei Logo

Ways to Get Logos You Want.

So, how to get a logo when you need it? Generally speaking, you can find and get a good logo in three ways: design the logo yourself, ask a logo design agency for help or use an online logo maker. Each way has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are a professional in graphic design or are just interested in doing the design work yourself, you can move forward on it quickly. It saves both your time and money. If you know nothing about design and have no idea about the whole design work, you can contact a design agency that provides a professional logo design service. It saves your time, but you have to pay for it. The last way is more popular, especially for those small startups. That is, to find a free online logo maker for instant help. Young people prefer this way as they also need it to build online profile logos. Thus, getting a handy logo design tool seems a more welcome and convenient solution to people. If you don’t have a budget and want to get a logo timelessly, you can follow the 3rd way.

Some Free Online Logo Makers

Yes, as long as you input the words “logo maker” in the Google search bar, you can get information about various online logo makers. Here we list some free ones that are easy to use.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is an excellent logo design program. It uses artificial intelligence technology to create quality logos for you within seconds. It can easily convert your ideas into logos on the real stuff. To understand your need well and work well for you, Tailor Brands will first ask for your logo name, your purpose of making the logo, and what elements you want your logo composed of.

Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker is simple and intelligent software for making awesome logos. Once you choose one of the fantastic designs, you can easily go on making and customizing your logos.


Logaster is an online brand identity builder that has helped 13 million small businesses with a fast, simple, and affordable branding solution. This tool allows users to get a high-quality identity without professional design skills. Besides, the company designers are always ready to help if users have any questions or problems.


Squarespace is a brand offering services and solutions for online businesses. The logo designing service it provides for users is very good and easy to use. The UI of this software is simple and clean. You need to enter your company name to get started designing.

DesignEvo Logo Maker

DesignEvo is a tool characterized by ease of use and swiftness. With it, you can create logos of all sorts for your brand, store, website, etc. What’s more, it can be used by people who have no experience in the graphic design whatsoever. Once you have tried this tool, you can find logo design is more than a piece of cake you have ever imagined.

Create Impressive Logos with DesignEvo Logo Maker.

You can find all online logo makers have a similarly simple way of usage. No matter which one you choose to help you, you can use it to complete your design work timelessly with only a few clicks. In this part, let’s learn how to create impressive logos with DesignEvo Logo Maker.

DesignEvo Logo Maker is a brilliant free online logo maker to enable you to create and customize professional logos at ease. It provides a great selection of existing logo templates. 10,000+ templates are all delicate designed. It also has millions of stylish icons in-built for you to pick and add to logos. It has some great features that may surprise you while creating.

– Thousands of Professional Logo Templates

DesignEvo has more than 10,000 various professional and beautiful logo templates to choose from. From animal and pet logos to art and entertainment logos, from childcare and education logos to luxury and fashion logos, it almost includes everything you can think of.

– Millions of Icons and Stylish Fonts

DesignEvo provides millions of icons and stylish fonts, using which you can customize and change your logos between different styles. Fashionable, cute, cool, you can switch logo style effortlessly with this logo-making tool.

– Ease of Use

DesignEvo is extremely easy to use with a clean and straightforward user interface. There are no complicated word instructions or guides. However, you can find it as easy to use as you could have ever imagined. It only takes you several minutes to design a beautiful logo with very few clicks. You will feel it is an accurate, user-friendly tool during designing.

How to Create Impressive Logos with DesignEvo Logo Maker? You can follow simple steps below.

First, sign up for an account for this software, and then enter the operating interface. Choose an awesome template from the category listing on the left part. Click “Customize” to get started editing the logo.

DesignEvo Logo Maker

You can notice that DesignEvo has pre-placed an image together with the logo name and slogan in each logo. The rest of the things you need to do are just fulfilling them, colorizing them, changing their sizes, adjusting their positions, adding icons or texts to the logo, and so on. Here I added a delicate ring-shaped icon to surround the main contents of the logo I chose and changed the background color to highlight all elements. It now looks beautiful, stylish, unique, and memorable overall.

DesignEvo Logo Maker tools

DesignEvo is user-friendly. To ensure that your logo is beautiful and satisfying enough, it has the preview functionality for you to preview your logos before downloading. You can see what your logo will finally look like on real stuff such as notebooks, business cards, T-shirts, and walls. If you want to make some revisions, get back and redesign the logo. At last, save and download the logo.

Those are the simple tips and steps we want to show you on creating impressive logos with DesignEvo Logo Maker. When you need to get an amazing logo, do not hesitate to take our tips and follow the steps with DesignEvo to complete the work perfectly.

One thing to mention, as nearly all free online logo makers have higher upgrade versions you need to pay for using, DesignEvo Logo Maker has different plans too:

Free Plan – Need to give credit, Low-resolution files, High-resolution files (JPG, PNG) limited to 300px, Limited edit, and re-downloads.

Basic Plan ($24.99 one-time purchase) – No need to give credit, Low-resolution files, High-resolution files (JPG, PNG) up to 5000px, Transparent PNG, Unlimited edit and re-downloads, Lifetime support, and print-ready.

Plus Plan ($49.99 one-time purchase) – Including everything in Basic Plan, Vector files (PDF, SVG), Download font files, and copyright ownership.

If the free plan cannot meet all your needs, you can choose to upgrade your account to the two higher plans. If it is must for you to pay to use, you should better make a good comparison between the other two paid plans before purchase.

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