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How to create a premium mobile app for your WordPress website without coding

The prospect of creating an app is always enticing.

Companies with simple WordPress websites generally understand the inherent benefits of having a mobile app in the market.

Mobile apps are not just a long-term play. The short-term advantages are also attractive enough to invite businesses looking to gain ground in the mobile arena.

The only point of concern is the process of developing an app.

The app development mountain

The app development mountain

App development is hard.

This may seem like an understatement to most companies that build apps and bring them to the market. Yet, it is the easiest way to describe a very complex and tedious process.

What are the three factors you are likely to think about when mulling over app development?

They are most likely –

  1. The pre-requisites. You probably want to know the technical resources needed to create an app. This generally includes the level of programming skills needed for app building. Even creating a simple app requires considerable coding ability.
  2. The cost. We’ve established that it’s not possible to make your own app without a programming background. Hiring an agency or a team of developers is an awfully expensive prospect.
  3. The time. Even a professional agency can take anywhere between 2-8 months to create an app.

None of these factors is a net positive for entrepreneurs and small companies. As mentioned earlier, app development is hard. It is even harder if you are a small entrepreneur trying to get an app in the market with zero programming knowledge and a lean budget.

App builders – A better way to scale the mountain

App development is a mountain and using a free app builder is a better way of scaling it.


Let us go back to the three factors that made traditional app development tedious.

  1. The prerequisites. App builders do not require users to have a programming background. They are DIY tools that can help you make your own app without coding.
  2. The cost. App builders almost always cost a very small fraction of the investment needed to hire an agency or a team of app developers.
  3. The time. It should generally take less than two weeks to build an app using an app builder. The time period can be expedited even further depending on the nature of the app. A tool like AppMySite can enable you to create an app within fifteen minutes

App builders generally offer users functionality to create a WordPress mobile app from their websites.

In other words, anyone using a WordPress website can use it as a cornerstone to make an app.

These features are not just restricted to using WordPress websites to create an app. Users can even create an ecommerce app. WooCommerce is an extremely popular WordPress plugin. It enables WordPress users to create an ecommerce store on their website.

App builders can thus help WordPress users create an ecommerce app if they have a WooCommerce store

By creating a WooCommerce Android app, WordPress users essentially turn their online store into an ecommerce app . App builders like AppMySite can enable users to do the same.

How to make an app without coding using a mobile app builder?

The following sections will explain how to make an app without writing any code. We will use AppMySite to show readers how an app builder is an effective development solution for building premium WordPress mobile apps.

Users are advised to first create an account on AppMySite and provide basic details like the app name, website URL, and so on. Please note that you need to have a WordPress website to make an app using AppMySite.

Step #1 – Personalize your app

The first step is personalizing your app. Once you’ve signed up on the platform for free, you can start designing the app.

Under the Appearance section, you will have the option to create your app icon, launch screen, and login & signup screens. You can customize these designs according to your needs.

Personalize your app

The Appearance section also provides options to update the color theme and design of the app dashboard.

Any app you create will go on to represent your brand in the market. You need to make sure the first few things people notice about your app make a strong statement. These things generally include the app icon, launch screen, onboarding screens, and the dashboard.

AppMySite provides many customization options to enable you to personalize your app in the image of your brand. In simple terms, you can own the design of your app despite using a mobile app builder.

Step #2 – Connect website to app

Most modern app builders use websites as the foundation to create new apps. AppMySite is no different.

Connect website to app

The second step in the process is connecting your website and app. The steps below explain the process.

  • You first need to install the AppMySite mobile app plugin on your WordPress website. Download the plugin on your backend and activate it
  • Go to Install Plugin under Connectivity and select verify.
  • You will be redirected to the App Preview section if your website and app are successfully connected. If not, go the Troubleshooting and find where the connectivity issue(s) lies

Step #3 – App preview and download

The next and final step is previewing and downloading the app.

You can preview the app on a live emulator in the App Preview section. Just tap on the screen and check every screen of your app.

App preview and download

You can even preview the app on a real mobile device. Download the AppMySite app on your smartphone and login with the same credentials you used during the signup process. You will then be able to use your app on a real mobile device.

The AppMySite app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The previewing process will help you find all the design flaws within your app. You can always go back and update the design according to your needs. The App Settings section is also available for users to change the functionality of their apps.

You can proceed to the Download app section once the app is ready. Download the Android and iOS build from AppMySite and go on to submit both on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively.

In conclusion

App builders help entrepreneurs and companies navigate the complexity of traditional app development. As websites become less relevant and mobile apps grow, companies will find the need to bring an app to the market.

Tools like AppMySite will prove beneficial then. The piece lays out a step-by-step guide on making an app with a free app builder.

App development does not have to be hard. The mountain can be scaled with the use of app builders.

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