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Top 5 e-Commerce e-Business Degree Programs

Without any exaggerations, online services govern the modern business world. Businesses that have solely brick and stone offices or run just traditional stores can hardly succeed in an information age because they will not survive in the context of competition introduced by online stores and businesses that utilize all the benefits of e-commerce. The development of technology in general and the internet, in particular, revolutionized the business world, erasing borders and bringing buyers and sellers into an environment where they can interact without any barriers. Simultaneously, these changes promoted the demand for particular skills and knowledge. E-commerce and e-business are not only buzzwords today; they are a new reality to which both entrepreneurs and potential employees should adapt in order to succeed. Completing the e-business degree program is one of the ways to remain on track and reach this goal. Here is a review of the top 5 e-commerce/ e-business degree programs that will bring you to personal and professional success.

Southern New Hampshire University – Bachelor of Science in Marketing/ Social Media Marketing

This program, which is available online, can benefit both entrepreneurs and marketers who want to build loyalty and increase business revenue using social media for consumer engagement purposes. In addition to traditional marketing strategies, students will learn about modern techniques and resources. They will dive deep into the continually evolving online social media marketing environment. Upon receiving a degree here, you will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, that will enable you to spread brand messaging to new audiences, effectively targeting and engaging online communities.

Carnegie Mellon University – Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT)

This online degree program can benefit students from all over the world, providing them with outstanding IT and management skills. It not only allows but even encourages students to combine work and study. Although they may seem challenging, such combinations of work and study are rather beneficial for one’s professional success, and they are easy to maintain due to available online assistance. Students who lack of time to write their dissertations or those who have difficulties with their academic assignments can always get a reliable university dissertation writing help online. While maintaining their business activities, students can learn from the best at Carnegie Mellon University and apply their newly accumulated technological expertise and data-driven management strategies at work. In addition to new skills and knowledge, this program promotes careers because it helps people build new business relationships.

Carnegie Mellon University

Purdue Global University – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

This degree program is specifically designed for people who want to build their careers in e-commerce/ e-business. On the one hand, it provides students with essential knowledge in all the foundational areas of business. They learn business law, managerial economics, finance, and organizational behavior. While studying foundations, students gain understanding in such areas as supply chain management, human resources, finance, and operations. On the other hand, they simultaneously accumulate skills and knowledge applicable to any e-commerce/e-business project. Particularly, they develop technical competencies and gain marketing skills that enable them to become effective business leaders in the context of the business world governed by online services.

Southern New Hampshire University – Master of Science in Marketing/ Digital Marketing

Professionals who want to modernize their skills to be better prepared   the challenges and demands of the modern online business world should consider attending this program, which is available online. Here, they can gain outstanding knowledge in branding and digital marketing, which is exactly what the industry demands. While modern technology provides businesses with access to an extended community of customers, it largely depends on the skills and knowledge of marketers whether they will engage an increasingly savvy audience or not. Digital marketing constantly evolves, and although available e-commerce books can significantly improve one’s understanding of the demands of the modern online market, this program will better inform you about the new marketing approaches that can engage customers effectively.

Walden University – BS in Business Administration

This online degree program well addresses market demand for business administration professionals by preparing experts who possess all the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the modern business world. In addition to understanding fundamental business principles and practices, students choosing to study here will learn new strategies of technology application for competitive advantage in business. This program will particularly appeal to those seeking to find a well-balanced combination of general and e-commerce oriented business courses.

Each of the discussed 5 e-commerce degree programs exists because the modern business world continues evolving, and professionals who are able to effectively utilize the virtual environment for business purposes are increasingly in demand. The best way to succeed today both personally and professionally is by investing in one’s education. At the same time, it is important to choose disciplines that allow space for professional growth and bring noticeable financial rewards. E-commerce/ e-business degree programs fully correspond to these demands because online services are both a reality and a future of the modern business world.

Author’s Bio: Joshua Robinson is an SEO specialist, writer, and blogger. He participates in several e-business projects. Therefore, he is personally and professionally interested in modern e-commerce learning opportunities.

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