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WordPress Future – Predictions Made About The Leading CMS In 2019

From being a simple line of code eleven years ago, WordPress has now become the most used platform with 74 million websites running successfully on it. There is no wonder saying that WordPress has come a long way in this meantime. There are so many competitors who are offering all the services similar to the WordPress Content Management System. However, WordPress is still dominating the CMS market with 60.3 % of the global market share.

In the coming time, WordPress won’t be confined to just being a CMS; it will be evolved as a compelling framework that is capable of running all kinds of apps. Let’s know how WordPress will be in the future. There are four principal categories that we are going to be discussing in this blog post. If you are running a WordPress Development Company, then this piece of article with predictions made about the topmost CMS in 2019 is really meant for you.

WordPress Security

Security is always a foremost issue while dealing with website portals. One way you can avoid all the security-related hassles is by habituating with creating the necessary backups, frequently monitoring your sites as well as updating the sites with needed themes, cores, and plug-ins.

The management of a site isn’t going to take much of a time or hassle from you, but as the customer base of WordPress is expanding, the platform is updating their security norms.

You can expect the security tools that will keep your WordPress site securely proactive. As more beginners are expected to join WordPress wagon, it has been expected by to shoulder the burden of security. There are plans to introduce the Tide which will run automated tests on the themes and plug-ins that you download. It checks the authenticity of these themes and plug-ins.

WordPress is planning to implement various automated tools that will ensure your site’s security. This way you wouldn’t have to spend more time on the site for security purposes. But it is essential for you to have strong passwords and installation of an SSL certificate. You cannot ignore them under any circumstances.

WordPress Support

WordPress has been enjoying great community since its arrival. As the community of WordPress is large, more people offer support for beginner users. It is expected that the volunteers will grow in the future because of the size of the WordPress community. There are so many support forums and commercial services that offer extensive support to the beginners of WordPress.

As more people join the WordPress community, you can expect the entrance of more managed WordPress companies. The managed WordPress hosts will enhance their support and ensure to cater to the new changes that have been happening in the marketplaces.

WordPress Design

If you have worked on WordPress when it has started, you will observe massive changes in the site’s design. There are so many tools that are incorporated in WordPress to make it easy to use the CMS platform.

These tools will help in creating a professional website in some hours. There are so many visual page builders, themes and frameworks that will help in creating an exciting and beautiful site in minutes.

The WordPress interface is so friendly that the beginners will be able to use it without any hassle. The front-end design will become a lot easy, and if you brush up your Java skills, you will be able to do a great job with WordPress.

The one thing that is important for a website is user experience and mobile responsiveness. By adapting to the new concepts, WordPress is focusing on delivering an excellent experience for the users. They are focusing on a mobile-centric approach, and AMP is going to contribute significantly.

WordPress Functionality

The main reason why all love WordPress is the functionalities that it offers to the users. If a feature is not available in the WordPress theme, then you can go to a plugin to help you. The platform has been integrating various functions to provide current options for users.

WordPress has never depended on the traditional plugins, and it has incorporated some of the other plugins for better performance. Use of plug-ins is the most sorted out option of WordPress CMS that offers exceptional functionalities and supports essential features. They will help in better loading, and on top of that, you will have a great visual builder too.

Key Takeaways

If you are into WordPress development, then you can explore so many great options that have been offered by WordPress. The platform has a bright future, and it is shining even more brightly with every new update and tool. The platform isn’t going anywhere and is about to provide some great features that its competitors won’t be able to afford.

Nishant Desai is Digital Marketing Expert at Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. He loves to write about the latest trending updates, WordPress, Web Design, SEO and other interesting information. He believes in Learning, Sharing.

5 Most Amazing Ways To Increase WordPress Speed

According to WordPress Statistics, around 33% of all sites in existence use WordPress and 60% of CMS-built sites are powered by WordPress. It’s a huge number that makes webmaster or developer more responsible to create a website with the great user experience.

Each one of us seems to be in a hurry these days and this applies those dealing with online work too. At times, one is not able to load content faster and WordPress initiatives seem a waste of effort.

If you are too among the lot who has developed this type of perception, the same needs to be changed. Research carried out so far on distinct aspects of WordPress websites points out that these websites perform optimally in terms of conversion rates, usability, Search Engine Optimization, likeability of the WordPress platform and the time that most people spend browsing.

However, another aspect that iE of prime concern is the speed aspect. Below are listed some quality tips and suggestions that will help 5 most amazing ways to increase WordPress Speed.

1. Updating Every essential

Before adhering to this tip a useful hint for all the WordPress users. As you hit the update button you should create a backup. If thinking of updating your WordPress installations, WordPress themes, and plugins, the process can be a fruitful and worthy exercise if the WordPress products are used keeping in mind the best practices devised by WordPress.

Remember that any WordPress theme should essentially cater only to the visuals and should not be thought about to be used for any other purpose.

If you update the WordPress installation, plugins and themes the speed will increase considerably as each of the update done in such a manner will improve stability and functionality of your WordPress endeavor.

2. Using A Theme That Is Not Bloated

At times you might have noticed that the WordPress website is loading slower than its original speed. This happens primarily because of the template. This might happen due to the reason that a lot of graphics are present on the site or the site has a range of bulky codes. Inefficient functions could be the other probable reason for this problem.

A viable solution to overcome this problem is to have a simpler theme.

The market is full of a number of heavy, bloated WordPress themes and it is much likely that you might get tempted to try any one of these. Consider the scenario where a theme might be having a built-in portfolio functionality feature.

You might consider using the same but you should remain prepared for the eventuality that the developer might pull his hands back and stop providing you all the updates and support that are vital for smooth functioning of the same.

The premium WordPress themes as available on Mojo themes can be tried but one has to be well conversant with the theme review guidelines else you could find yourself in a tight spot.

A better course of action to pursue is, to begin with, free default WordPress themes and add features and styles later on as the need arises. These can be added using CSS and various plugins.

3. Using Cache Plugins

You might have heard or come across this tip probably before also, but might not have tried using this tip for increasing the speed of your WordPress endeavor. The time for using this time tested tip has come now.

Using Cache plugins works wonder for your WordPress endeavor if given a chance. Two cache plugins, in particular, are of much significance. These include the WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.

You will not need to enable all the essentials, just focus on basic stuff like page cache, and browser cache. You can also try enabling the CDN option for a better experience.

4. Using Text Advertisements

Given the advent of online business, chances are bright that your business runs on online advertisement component. These advertisements can be in the form of images, text, or in javascript form. There is a probability that these might be hosted on your own or someone else’s server.

If the advertisements are loading slower, you can well try using the link or text option. In case using images is imperative for the success of your endeavor, you must try hosting these images by yourself.

5. Switching The Hosting Company

You must do qualitative research on distinct hosting companies too. You can send each of the hosting company an email and get to know about their response time as well as the desired customer support before finalizing your priorities.

Additionally, you can try speed optimization tests for your WordPress platform. Tools as Pingdom and Webpage test will help you accomplish this objective.

Follow the above-listed tips and you will be able to increase WordPress speed remarkably. Doing so is imperative, given the tough competition that prevails in the online market.

Go for it and reap the benefits.

Author Bio: Arun is an experienced Technical content writer at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provide best ios app development and Android app development Services.

How To Filter Blog Posts For Specific Category

Adding blog filter on a page is nice way to make a stunning showcase of blog posts category wise. It is easy for visitors to find a blog with their desired category. Visitors can easily find posts for specific category by simply clicking category button.

You just need a free WordPress plugin called “Blog Filter

First, check out live demo of Blog Filter Plugin, and get to know how it looks.

How to download Blog Filter Plugin?

  • Go to the Plugins page from your admin menu of WordPress dashboard.
  • Then click on “Add New”

  • Now search for “Blog Filter“.
  • Click on Install button and after installation, Activate it.

Blog Filter Configuration

Go to the Blog Filter Settings Page and set the configuration as you want and then generate the shortcode with the click on Generate Shortcode button.

Adding Blog Filter To Your Page

You can add as many types of blog grids you want, because this plugin will not save any configuration, so you can change configuration and generate shortcode many times.

After copy the shortcode, go to the add new page.

  • Add the page title.
  • Paste the shortcode in the content area.
  • Publish the page.

Blog Filter Preview

Here is the preview of the page with default configuration.

Blog Filter Plugin adds attractive filtering feature to your website and enhance user experience. It is fast and responsive WordPress plugin to make your website or blog more user friendly and attractive.

5 Best Free WordPress Cache Plugins

We have recently published a post regarding “5 Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins“, in that blog we have told about WordPress Cache Plugins that makes Site fast, so have thought that publish a new blog regarding “5 Best Free WordPress Cache Plugins“. Cache plugins are normally used to save cache for a site, when any user come to your site then your site will be load faster.

We are suggesting you top 5 best Free WordPress cache plugins:

1. WP Super Cache –

This plugin works on a special code who generate a static HTML file for your website after an HTML file generated web server will serve your site extremely fast.


99% of your visitor will serve that static HTML file, who generated by WP Super Cache. this plugin serves 3 types of static HTML cache files.

  1. Expert    2. Simple    3. WP-Cache caching.

If you don’t want to change PHP files then you can use Simple mode and it is also very easy and fast to set up. With this plugin, you can generate cache files for your posts, page and for your all of content.

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2. W3 Total Cache –

W3 Total Cache is a very nice plugin by its performance. it manages your sites caches and also improves your sites SEO.

Improve your site experience for your visitors, without change your theme or any plugin. you will see many benefits after installing it like :

  • It will improve your sites SEO ranking.
  • Instant caching for any browser.
  • Reduce page load time and the visitor will view more pages.
  • It will save bandwidth up to 70-80%.
  • It will minify your Post and pages to load fast.

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3. Wp Fastest Cache –

Set up of WP Fastest Cache is very easy. you dont need to make changes in your htaccess file, it will be automatically modified by the plugin.

This plugin is also working on static HTML files. PHP and MySQL are used when a page is presented. Therefore, the system requires RAM and CPU, If many visitors come to the site, then the system uses a lot of RAM and CPU, so the page takes time to load. W3 cache plugin generates a static cache file so your server will not us RAM and CPU again and again.

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4. Autoptimize –

Optimize your site in a really easy way with autoptimize. it can minify your CSS and scripts.

Autoptimize store caches for your site it also injects your alls CSS into the page header and JS scripts into the page footer so your page will load really fast. it can really improve your site to load very fast.

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5. LiteSpeed Cache –

LiteSpeed cache is an All-in-one plugin for your site acceleration.


It Includes a special server-level cache and a collection of customization features. It is compatible will all plugins and it also supports multisite. LiteSpeed Cache is also very easy in use anyone can use it.

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These all 5 plugins are best to optimization and caches, please use the best plugin that will you find easy and suitable for your sites.

Thanks for reading our post, hope it will be helpful for all of you.


The New Dawn of WordPress: Gutenberg Smooth Transition

As per the official announcement, Gutenberg is all set to make its worldwide release in WordPress 5.0 with a Gutenberg smooth transition. WordPress-ers, it’s time for another quick round of news and stories for the most anticipated WordPress release of the year; and it is a big deal!

In simple words, Gutenberg turns out to be an interesting way to edit content in WordPress. By replacing the conventional TinyMCE post content editor, this version offers endless possibilities in regards to shortcodes, widgets, menus, and even custom fields. The client-side interface is built with React that enables users to make the most of block-based system to come up with unique looking content. Unfortunately for many of you, this change might be scary as it has been a long time and all the workflow can be interrupted with the need to learn a new way of doing things.

Fret not, Gutenberg aims to bring the best help possible concerning efficiency and flexibility especially when it comes to content. However, the main intention is that the editor will eventually replace the entire WordPress interface. This means each step of the website creation process will involve reliant on the drag-and-drop block-based system. Further below I would like to mention a few pointers to keep in mind when working with the editor.

#1 Reflects the Needs of Modern Websites

Initially released in 2003, WordPress was considered as another blogging platform where writing a post was pretty simple. All you require doing is add text with a few photos and hyperlinks for good measure. Being a simple box where you could do everything whenever needed, the previous WordPress editor was a perfect fit.

And now, it’s time to give a warm hug to the new version. With the need of users creating more and more diverse types of content- custom mixes of text, multimedia, and more advanced design elements. And this is something that the classic version couldn’t handle very well. Basically, it becomes effortless to break surrounding content while trying to add something more complex to a page or post. It also requires us sometimes to edit code – which isn’t a comfortable experience for everyone.

#2 Blocks, blocks & blocks

Gutenberg, on the other hand, enables, WordPress developers to separate different types of content into what they refer to as “blocks” where every block acts as a separate piece of content. Let’s take an example of the Image block located on the top of your page, with a text-even if you change the text, it won’t affect the image block. Other blocks include images, cover images, galleries, audio, lists, video, embedded media, lists, headings, paragraphs, tables, widgets and so more.

#3 Gutenberg Plugins

Gutenberg will be considered compatible enough with a massive bunch of plugins available out there. Which means a majority of the edit screen to the content itself. With other settings, it will automatically get moved to a menu on the lower right. All you require doing is clicking on a title, and it will open the entire post up for tweaking. In addition to this, not every existing WordPress plugin is going to work with the new editor. So chances are there that you may find, numerous plugins being updated around the time Gutenberg is fully released with WordPress 5.0.

#4 At least, now you have a choice

Not everyone would like to upgrade. In the case of WordPress, if you don’t want to use WordPress yet can have it both ways. It may quiet interest you to know that the classic WordPress editor is available as a plugin so that you can both upgrade to WordPress 5.0 and keep on using the more familiar editor.

Unfortunately, we do not have any idea how long the plugin version of the classic editor will be available. Depending on how many people use it. However, the alternative setup would be around for quite some time. So relax!

#5 let’s give it a try!

I am sure all the WordPress Developers out there must be interested in knowing what else the editor can do for you. Well, it’s available as a plugin. Unless and until it becomes fully integrated into WordPress 5.0, it’s recommended to use the plugin on your main website. The plugin version is updated once a week, with new features and bug fixes. Professionals who are curious enough will see things gradually improve as the editor evolves. But since it is not a fully-furnished product, you use it at your own risk.

In a nutshell,
For those who have felt limited by the classic editor, WordPress Gutenberg offers a golden opportunity to do more with your website. Now with any change, there is a learning curve found. But I am pretty sure that the more you use Gutenberg, the more intuitive it becomes.

Author Bio
Rooney Reeves is a content strategist and a technical blogger associated with the well-known firm for eTatvaSoft – Web, e-Commerce & Mobile App Development Company in India. An old hand writer by day and an avid reader by night, she has a vast experience in writing about new products, software design, and test-driven methodology. Her write-ups mainly features anything
and everything related to the web!

With the true passion for creating compelling content for online and offline media, Rooney has donned multiple hats over the past several years.

Top Appointment Management WordPress Plugins

In our business, Many types of websites can benefit from having an online appointment booking system.

if you are using WordPress so you can add this functionality to your website. it couldn’t be easy with the right WordPress booking plugin. you need to choose one of the WordPress appointment booking plugins from this collection.

These plugins in this collection are all very whippy tools. It also works on a mobile phone, so that your customers can easily book any appointments from their phones as well as computers.

Now we’re going to take a nearby look at some of the best WordPress Appointment Management plugins that help you to manage online appointment booking.

1. Appointment Scheduler

Online booking, reservation, appointment scheduling made easy on a website by appointment scheduler WordPress plugin.

The user will select a service from the list, date and time according to their requirement, then fill in the details and confirm the appointment for the booking. After booking a successful administrator and customer/client will receive pending appointment notification.

The admin will go to the plugin dashboard and approve the appointment with backend and the customer/customer will get the appointment confirmation.

Nowadays, more and more people benefit from online services that offer booking services. It is a fast and way to control the booking process with minimum efforts and maximum result. The appointment scheduler is designed to automate the booking process and you have an easy way to manage your booking from any desktop or mobile device. Having a calendar with real-time availability can become a promotion of your business and may encourage clients to book online services right from your website.

We have made a special coverage video of the appointment scheduler to better explain how we can configure the plugin according to your requirement. If you have a service based business then online appointments are really important.

2. Appointment Hour Booking – WordPress Booking Plugin

Appointment Hour Booking is a WordPress plugin for creating booking forms for appointments with a start time and a duration over a schedule. The start time is visually selected by the end user from a set of start times calculated based in the open hours.

The duration/schedule is defined in the service selected by the customer. Each calendar can have multiple services with different duration and prices.

This plugin is useful for different cases like booking of medical services were services with different duration and prices may be available, for personal training sessions, for booking rooms for events, for reserving language classes or other types of classes.

Also, Define schedule, open hours, services, prices, and durations and let the calendar plugin manage the schedule and other types of services/resources booking where start times are selected.  the availability is automatically managed using the defined service duration to avoid double-booking.

3. Booking Calendar

The booking calendar plugin enables awesome booking system for your site. Simply show availability at the use of booking system with a clean and smooth interface and get bookings for your property or service. Booking is made to work outside the calendar box.

Just activate it and enter the booking shortcode in the post or page and you are ready to receive new bookings. Most of the settings have predefined values and small descriptions.

An administrator will receive notification emails about the new booking, and be able to Approve or Decline this reservation in Easy to Understand Admin Booking Panel.

Make bookings in friendly booking interface and fill booking form fields. Timeslot booking also in the booking calendar free edition. Ability to receive simple bookings for specific timeslots.

Prevent of double booking for already reserved days or allow multiple bookings per same day in the same calendar. Set pending days as available in the booking form. You can receive as many bookings as you need to and stop receiving bookings on a specific date when you approve some booking on a specific date.

Glance booking checking for a year, at front-end side of your website. The booking form and calendar support are the fully responsive design which looks great on any device.

4. WordPress Online Booking and Scheduling Plugin – Bookly

WordPress Bookly is a free scheduling plugin. that allows accepting online bookings on your website. Manage your booking calendar, services, client base, save time and money. all around the world that has already automated their online booking system!

Bookley is designed to increase your online sales and make easy appointments. This is a shop for any businesses from hair salons or photography to wealth management and transportation. You can start easily with the free version of Bookly and once the business scales you can operate ultimate scheduling software with the paid version.

Bookly want to tell you there is No coding experience required to set up Bookly. Also, We did our best to make it as easy and quick as possible to install and start using the Bookly free software on your WordPress website. And with our Bookley Pro Add-ons and other add-ons, you will bring online scheduling experience to the next level for you and your customers.

You can also the core features of the plugins with a lot of different add-ons, like coupons, custom fields and a lot more. It’s one of the easiest to use WordPress plugins for appointment booking. The all appointment booking process can be set from 6 to 8 easy steps.

5. WpForms Plugin

WordPress Plugin WP-Forms is the best form builder plugin. It is easy to create online booking forms directly within your WordPress Dashboard.

You can easily integrate your booking form with any third-party application. It can be integrated with Google Calendar.

It allows you to create beautiful contact forms, subscription forms, payment forms, and another type of forms for your site in minutes.

With its smart conditional argument, you can show or hide form fields based on the selection of your users. It also lets you integrate your web forms with major email marketing services, including MailChimp and many more.

It is a 100% mobile responsive contact form solution, so your contact forms will always look great on all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop).

If you’re looking for a complete WordPress form builder plugin, such as contact forms, booking forms, survey forms, signup forms, etc. then it is the best solution for your needs.

6. Booknetic

Booknetic is a great WordPress appointment booking plugin that is really flexible and adaptable. It seems comfortable also for its mobile-friendliness. A variety of businesses can use Booknetic due to its versatility, for example, hotels, cars, cleaning, medical services, dance schools, gyms and many more. Its flexible method permits all device users to have access to your services all the time they require them. Clients may browse for open periods, book appointments, check their calendars, and make any schedule modifications. You can totally automate your appointment process by using extensive integration options such as PayPal, Stripe, and Zoom meetings. Using WhatsApp (also via apps like Zoko), Email, and SMS notifications you can boost customer engagement and keep them informed. Moreover, by offering customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, this WordPress plugin guarantees that business operations run smoothly. With a comprehensive dashboard, you will have total control over the administration of your sites, people, and services.