How To Increase Speeds And Reduce Ping When Playing Online Games

Gamers are well aware that latency and ping issues are widespread while playing online. This may result in lower-quality gaming and, in the worst-case scenario, loss of the game. Consider this: a greater ping rate implies that gamers may come, hop about, and disappear all the time. To improve your online gaming experience, you need to reduce ping.

You wouldn’t be able to discern what your adversaries are doing, let alone devise a strategy to beat them.

All of this appears to be good, but what exactly is ping?

We’re delighted you inquired! Ping is merely a measurement of your connection speed, or, to put it another way, your latency! If that still seems confusing, don’t worry; in this post, we’ll go into ping in greater depth and discuss ways to lower it so that you may enjoy much better gameplay.

Let’s start with a definition of ping.

What exactly is ping?

Many internet users believe that the only way to determine whether you have fast or sluggish internet is how quickly you can download or upload files or watch films online—however, there is much more to it.

Another significant aspect is ping, which may also be referred to as reaction time. Assume you had a ping rate of 98ms, which indicates your computer took 98 milliseconds to react to a request made across by another machine.

This demonstrates that the lower your ping, the quicker your internet connection. Now, when it comes to gaming, speed is also quite important. As a result, many online games display your ping as you play.

If your ping rate is between 100 and 150, you have a high ping rate, which will interfere with your gaming. Everything would be ideal if you had a ping rate of 20 to 50, depending on the game, to guarantee that it functions well.

Even while the ping rate is crucial, there will be occasions when your game just displays a high ping rate, indicating a less-than-ideal internet connection. But don’t be concerned!

In the next part, we will discuss several methods for lowering your ping rates when playing online games.

How to Reduce Ping While Playing Online Games

Bring yourself closer to the router.

This one should go without saying. Moving closer to your Wi-Fi router may assist if you’re far away. This is due to the fact that distance, barriers, and certain materials can all interfere with your internet connection. The easiest technique to improve your internet speeds and ping rate is to reduce the distance between you and your router.

It’s also worth noting that, while this isn’t the greatest technique to solve your ping rate, it’s a good rule of thumb to attempt this first before going on to other ways.

Background programs and websites should be avoided.

You may be unaware that numerous platforms and apps, such as Netflix and YouTube, consume a lot of bandwidth and have an impact on your ping rate. If these applications, as well as other apps and websites, are operating in the background of your website, this might be the cause of your high ping rate.

Close all of your background programs and see if it helps. Again, this is not the best way to minimize your ping rate, but it is a good routine step to eliminate any small difficulties.

Reduce the number of Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

Some routers are smaller than others and may only support a limited number of devices. Another explanation for a high ping might be that you have a lot of devices linked to the same network.

Although it is ideal to utilize an ethernet connection when gaming for maximum speeds, lowering the load on your network should also help a lot! Put any other linked devices in airplane mode or unplug them entirely; this should help!

Make use of a VPN.

A VPN can link you to the internet via a distant and secure server. This means you can remain anonymous on the internet while simply avoiding ISP throttling.

This means you’ll get access to limitless bandwidth at all times, which will lower your ping and allow you to enjoy a smooth, quick, and high-quality gaming experience.

Boost Website Visits With These 5 Free Game Plugins For WordPress

Are you thinking about adding game plugins to your WordPress website? It is a popular pastime for many Internet users to play online games. It is also great for increasing the number of visits to your site to offer outlets for popular pastimes.

In most cases, the games that are available for a WordPress site are simple, but they can be fun for visitors. A website with attractive ads will also attract people even when there is no new content on it. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Throughout this article, I will share with you five free game plugins that you can download today and begin using right away. The puzzle and gaming elements they add to your WordPress website will captivate your visitors.

What are the benefits of adding games to WordPress?

The world of online games is enjoyed by people of all ages. More than 164 million adults in the United States played video games in 2018. More than three-quarters of all American households include a gamer. In addition to mental stimulation, 79% of gamers report that video games help them relax and relieve stress.

Despite video games becoming more sophisticated and elaborate over the years, simple games still have a strong appeal. Short games, such as those played on mobile devices, are very popular. When we have a long commute or just a few minutes on our hands, we can play games.

With WordPress plugins, you can easily create simple, captivating games that your visitors can play on your website.

Plugins for WordPress that allow you to play games

All of the plugins I’ll discuss today are completely free and very easy to use. In addition, we’ll discuss a couple of paid premium alternatives that can enhance your gaming experience. So to speak.

I would like to start with a look at the free options first.

1. Word Search Puzzle Game

The simplest and most engaging game is a word search. The letters in a word search puzzle are arranged in a grid. There are several words hidden in the grid, spelled out in different directions.

The concept of word search puzzles seems to have been around forever. It surprised me to find out they were founded by a small classified paper in a small Oklahoma town in 1968. There are new games being developed all the time.

You can add a word search to your website using the Word Search Puzzles game plugin. In this plugin, a grid of 20×20 letters is created, and you can add as many words as you want. The game can be added to a post or page simply by copying and pasting a shortcode.

2. Crossword Puzzle

In 1913, a New York newspaper published the first crossword puzzle. Crossword puzzles quickly became popular, and nearly every newspaper of the 20th century ran one. There are some cities where the crossword puzzle is the main reason people buy the paper.

New York Times crosswords are still the most famous (and arguably the most challenging).

Some feared that the crossword puzzle would die out as the printed newspaper declined. However, they survived by going online, and are now even more popular than before.

By using the WHA Crossword plugin you can easily create custom crossword puzzles for your website.

All you need to do is enter clues and solutions, and the plugin handles everything else. As you add more clues and solutions, the puzzle becomes more difficult.

You can improve your content by using clues and words that are relevant to the content you produce. Engaging your audience and promoting relevant search terms is a great way to promote your brand.

3. Chess

There are how many 1500-year-old games do people love today that date back 1,500 years? The only game that fits that description is chess, therefore the question is a trick.

Without a doubt, chess is one of the most popular and enduring games of all time. It is known as “The Game of Kings,” and you cannot go wrong adding it to any website. The decision is easy if your blog is dedicated to chess discussions and strategies.

With the Chess game Shizzle plugin, you can add chess gameplay to your website. In addition to a fully playable chess game, there are a number of board and piece themes to choose from.

4. Dinosaur Game

In case you’ve ever explored Google’s Easter eggs, you’ll recognize the dinosaur game. It happens every time you use Chrome to browse a website while disconnected from the internet.

Dinosaur Game can be integrated into your WordPress website through the plugin. In short, it is an “infinite runner” game. The goal is to travel as far as possible while jumping and ducking under obstacles. The dinosaur kind of reminds me of a pixelated Mario (like Mario if he were a dinosaur), and is almost as addictive.

5. Quizzes

The popularity of online quizzes has grown. You can’t escape them on Facebook, and BuzzFeed has built a successful online business on quizzes. Whether you use quizzes as entertainment or as educational tools, they can be valuable (and potentially viral) assets for your site.

A quiz can be added to your WordPress site using the Quiz Cat plugin. This plugin is flexible and can be a great educational game plugin for your site.

You can create a quiz about anything you like. Whether it’s entertainment, mathematics, science, or the finer points of raising chickens, virtually anything can be turned into a quiz.

As well as providing entertainment and education, quizzes can be used to gather visitor information.

Plugins for paid games provide more technical features

For your site, We discussed several free plugins that provide great game and puzzle options. For more technically advanced or better-looking games, there are some premium plugins available.

For instance, Codecanyon’s CTL Arcade has hundreds of games plugins available. All the games have been built using HTML5, so they are compatible with mobile devices, which is very important. Consider the fact that over half of your visitors will use mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

MyArcadePlugin is another excellent paid option that lets you access the game developers of another group. Additionally, you can access many free (ad-supported) games, which CTL Arcade doesn’t provide.

Make your visitors want to return (often!)

Since most of what you do on your website is blogging, you’re bound to have gaps in content from time to time. Games are a great way to keep visitors coming back.

Games can do a lot more than simply entertain your guests. As I mentioned, quizzes can help you gather information about them. There are many Facebook quizzes that are little more than email harvesting tools. And they’re very effective.

It is important to remember that games do not replace website content. It is good for your readers to have a reason to come back when there are no new articles, but do not forget your website’s mission. Assume that mission isn’t to provide online games. 

Game Streaming As A Career

With fast breakthroughs in technology bringing forth new prospects in ways we can work, the twenty-first century has brought about a lot of change in how society functions. This phenomenon would have been considered science fiction not even a half-century ago, from getting work online to running your entire business through the internet. In fact, as I write this, the world is in the grip of a global epidemic, forcing many employees and students to work from home, a concept my parents could never have envisioned when I was my age.

With technological improvements, there has been an increase in opportunities for employment in entertainment through a range of mediums, ranging from social media to video and streaming platforms. As someone who carefully follows this arena, I’ve seen many young people achieve enormous success in fields such as music, education, comedy, beauty, and, of course, gaming.

The gaming community is a very unique environment in which people can let their imaginations run wild and share their joy with the rest of the globe. It’s a location where, even if you could play the same game yourself, watching others play is highly interesting. It allows you to put your strategic thinking to the test and become intensely competitive, or it allows you to escape reality on your own magical adventure. Creativity is thriving, with people like myself learning how to programme specifically to improve their gaming experience. And it can be the most fulfilling career of your life if you are really enthusiastic, motivated, and tenacious.

Get Started In Game Streaming

Starting a profession, especially one in the entertainment sector, is the most difficult and frightening phase. One of the most potential mistakes is what we term Analysis Paralysis. The inability to make a choice as a result of overthinking a situation is known as analysis paralysis.

This is not meant to discourage research in any way. In reality, knowing the streaming market is critical if you want to thrive. We advise you to set aside time to explore the sector, the top influencers, their platforms, and even their histories in order to understand both the hurdles to entrance and the greatest avenues for success. It is critical that you commit to this timeline and then move on.

The greatest method to grow a following, no matter how little, is to create shareable content. Who matters about who you are if you don’t have it?

Aside from shareable material, the most critical thing you need is confidence. That is, believe in yourself and your ability to succeed. The only way to make a reputation for yourself is through online platforms such as social media sites, and the quickest way is to leverage your own friends and followers.

Many people tell me they are too shy to advertise themselves in front of people they know. I completely understand. The world is full with haters, and while they may make you feel uncomfortable for putting yourself out there, it’s actually their own anxieties because they lack the courage to go for the stars like you do. It’s critical that you forget about it and concentrate on your own objectives. If you truly desire it, you must battle for it.


Before I get into the streaming settings, I want to caution you about another common pitfall. This time, it’s putting too much strain on the machinery right away.

Now, if you have a lot of money or a family ready to invest in you, go ahead and do it. I’m not one to pass judgement. However, most of us aren’t entering into a profession like this with thousands of dollars in the bank, so it’s critical to spend carefully. You don’t need a $5000 PC to show off to your “following,” nor do you need the nicest gaming chair, professional lighting, greenscreen, and so forth. All you actually need is a game console, a monitor, and a reliable internet connection.

I would also strongly advise you to get a better microphone than the one included into whatever device you’re using to broadcast, because your followers will judge you based on your audio quality. We recommend that you read through our list of The Best USB Microphones to select one that is easily compatible with your device and has excellent audio quality. While it may be tempting to go all-in on something like the HyperX QuadCast with bespoke RGB lighting, that’s a waste of money because you can always get one later.


So, now that you’ve got a decent camera and audio device, it’s time to interact with your audience. I can’t advise you how to perform this step since your honesty and individuality are the only things that define you. That is, without a doubt, the most important part of your business, and it is the one variable that distinguishes you from the other streamers.

But I can tell you exactly what you should NOT do. It may appear to some to be common sense, but it is not necessarily so.

  1. Don’t offend anyone: This includes no racism, sexism, homophobia, or islamophobia, among other things. These are issues that have sparked much debate in the past, and people are fed up with them in today’s environment. It is filthy behavior, and when you show horrible behavior, others perceive you to be a disgusting person.
  2. Don’t be arrogant: In every industry, it’s critical to be self-assured and show it. However, there is a significant distinction between confidence and arrogance. People will come to despise you.
  3. Don’t be avaricious: I won’t name names, but I’ve seen streamers post films to their audiences expressing their lack of appreciation for their fans’ generosity since they aren’t tipping them “enough.” Now, if you’re a waiter/waitress, go ahead and slam everyone who undertips. If you’re a streamer, you should be kissing your fans’ buttocks for every dollar they give you.

When you think about it, it’s actually rather straightforward. If you follow these guidelines, you will most likely avoid being cancelled.

Make Money

It’s crucial to pursue a job like this out of enthusiasm, but you’ll also want to get compensated. There are a million ways to profit from social media followings, but we’ll focus on some of the most popular in the streaming realm.

  1. Getting Tipped by fans: This can include Stars, Sparks, and other fan donation platforms. This is a great method to interact with your followers, learn more about what they want, and use financial data to create a happy audience. But it’s crucial to remember that your supporters are individuals, not just a resource to be exploited.
  2. Sponsorship deals: This is without a doubt one of the greatest and most successful ways to make money in this industry. In the end, everyone wins. Yes, it may be irritating, but if you take the time to see how others do it, you can incorporate humorous shift into these that both your followers and sponsors will like.
  3. Advertisement campaigns: Similar to the preceding, but this time a little more self-sufficient. This may be done using YouTube advertising, for example, where a small few seconds clip will play at the start, or wherever else you like. But keep in mind that commercials might lead to disengagement, so don’t be greedy.

There are several ways to generate money in this sector, and while they are the most common, they are far from the only ones.

Final Remarks

Working as a video game streamer may be both rewarding and enjoyable. Who can say no to spending all day playing video games while still being paid? But keep in mind that it’s still a business, and as such, you must put in the effort.

Creating that first following will be the most difficult aspect, but with enough hard work and devotion, as well as being willing to put yourself out there, you can achieve anything.

You must be likeable and engaging in order to pursue a profession in entertainment. You can’t expect to sit back and make money if you’re being a jerk, and you can’t expect people to forgive you if you’re being a jerk. One bad move may be the end of my career.

Never, ever, ever quit. It might take a long time, whether it’s months or years, so be prepared and remind yourself why you’re doing this. That is true of any business, not just gaming. There is no doubt in my mind that if you commit to make things happen, they will.

The Best Mods for Minecraft

Minecraft is an iconic game with many opportunities to build and explore. But what about adding a new dimension to this game? Mods are the best for opening new horizons in Minecraft by introducing various options and items. While waiting for the Hytale news and final announcement of the Hytale release date, thousands of fans of the cube adventure can embrace Minecraft as an excellent alternative.

Creative Mods

Creative mods are the best choice for players who like trying something new, redesigning, and improving the environment. Also, these mods allow accessing new materials and furniture.

Carpenter’s Block

As no Hytale news is available so far, Minecraft with creative mods can become a great substitute for the most anticipated cube game. Of course, cubes are good for building, but when it comes to slopes, you need other materials. Carpenter’s blocks make it possible to add slopes, torches, flowerpots, doors, and buttons. This mod will help customize any texture of the block.


Decocraft is a mod for players who need a variety of decoration options. According to the latest Hytale news, it will have hundreds of building and decorating features. As for Decocraft, it adds different types of furniture and other items to the Minecraft world. After installing the mod, you will have access to tables, chairs, kitchen sink, stuffed toys, beer kegs, and so on.

Pig Manure

This mod fits the most for those who are keen on agriculture. If you have pigs, Pig Manure will help you collect one more useful resource, which is pig’s poo. These steaming piles are perfect for fertilizing crops or even producing bricks. All you need is to fire them to get new bricks.

Interface Mods

As the fans look through Insider.Games and speculate “when will Hytale release date be finally known?”, they can try their hands in the world of Minecraft. Besides, its interface mods aim to make the gaming process more pleasant and exciting. Listed interface modifications will help you improve some features of the game.


JourneyMap is the best option for those who like to enter the Minecraft world. But it will also be useful for almost every gamer, as it maps the world you explore, adds points of interest, and even warns a player about a danger. After installing the mod, the map will be available full-screen, in an external web browser, and in a miniversion. As the Hytale release date is still unknown, the fans can delve into the world of Minecraft with the help of this feature.


WAILA or “What Am I Looking At” is a great mod, especially when you have various mods. After installing it, all you need is to point at a block, and you will discover what kind of material it is or what the mod it is. Also, you can identify the state of the block using WAILA.


Controlling is quite a simple but amazingly useful mod. It helps the player manage controls in many different mods. The controlling mod provides a search bar to look for the necessary keybinding just by typing the keyword. Besides, you’ll be able to fix the overlapping keybindings.

Minecraft Better Exploration Mod

Exploration mods are for those players who prefer the life of a nomad. They open new horizons, provide access to new worlds, and add new tools. Here is a list of the most useful exploration mods.


LotsOMobs works to enrich the Minecraft world and make the mobs more realistic. Thus, squid and chickens won’t be the only creatures — you will see elephants, giraffes, dinosaurs, and narwhals. Before the players know the Hytale release date, Minecraft can also impress them with its modified features. Undoubtedly, LotsOMobs makes the world very realistic and rich in different animals.


Galacticraft is a mod aimed to help the players travel around the entire solar system. This mod unites compelling missions that reward players with a variety of opportunities. After installing it, you will be able to build a moonbase, fight on Mars, or pimp out a spaceship. All in all, this mod fits perfectly the fans of space exploration.


For most better exploration mod in Minecraft, portals are quite problematic. The players cannot see the world they are going to enter, along with the danger it hides. BetterPortals is a mod that serves for recreating the portals to see the world you want to join. So, this mod really breaks the dimensions.

Expansive Mods

Expansive mods are quite large, and they require significant time to master the substantial changes in Minecraft. It is better to install one or two of these modes simultaneously. Here you can find some of the best expansive mods to enrich your world with new experiences.

Draconic Evolution

Draconic Evolution is a mod that opens new horizons in the world of Minecraft. After installing it, you will get access to various weaponry and armor. Also, this modification adds a weather manipulation system, crafting facilities, mob spawners, and teleports. Draconic Evolution is ideal for the Master of Survival.

Blood Magic

Blood Magic opens a dark side of Minecraft as this magic refers to ritualistic sinister arts. The mod introduces new mechanics and systems necessary for producing the power from the blood of mobs. After harvesting enough life energy, you can use this essence at the Blood Altar to craft new items. Blood Magic mod fits those players who suppose that Minecraft is a too vanilla game.

Automation Mods

These mods help the player mine and produce resources automatically. You will never be out of the resources. The listed mods imply a good opportunity to automate the majority of aspects within the game fully.

Rope Bridge Mod

When it comes to the most inconvenient features in the game, a chasm is the first thing that comes to mind. Players often waste a lot of time trying to jump up the highest mountain and avoid annoying gaps between the peaks. Rope Bridge mod provides a portable grappling gun, which helps build a bridge automatically at any location.

Big Reactors

Big Reactors is a mod that will definitely make you the master of the resources. It provides an opportunity to build massive and configurable reactors to cope with the needs of the industrial mods. Also, you’ll be able to regulate, monitor, and program the power station.

Final Words

All in all, various mods enhance the gaming process by adding many new options, items, and features. So, if you want to make Minecraft more engaging, employ these mods and enjoy the result.

How To Play PUBG On PC

We have found that anyone can Play PUBG PC Game Free of cost.

PUBG Is free for mobile but it’s not free for PC, So we have found a new way to play PUBG on PC without paying money, you need to just download the GameLoop(Previous known as Tencent Gaming Buddy) for pc and install it on PC.

GameLoop is a PC emulator for PUBG Mobile and it is very good for pc play even its provide pre-define keys like every PC game, this emulator makes very easy to play PUBG on PC, you can download it from this link –

After clicking on download button, you will get an EXE file, You need to run that file, when you will run .exe you will see an install launcher, you can directly install it or you can change in install location with the customize button.

After change location and click on the install button, it will start installing GameLoop on your PC.

It will be done in a few minutes then you have to click on the start button and it will start installing the engine and then start PUBG game.

It will be complete in a few minutes

Now you will see PUBG thumbnail with Play button, Click on the play button.

Now It will launch a secondary window for Game play, you have to login then you can play the game, you can log in with Twiter, Facebook or as a guest.