Top 5 Social Media Marketing Myths Debunked

Social Media:  it started with Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild Facebook in 2009 and has expanded and exploded into multitude platforms, each with a slightly different purpose, but with the common goal of turning the world into ‘a large global community.’  Social media is still very new, and is evolving rapidly, so much so that many social media gurus and companies have emerged offering a multitude of tips, advice, and ideas to companies desperate to market themselves on various social media platforms in order to raise greater awareness about them and their brands, and capture new markets.  However, some of the tips, advice, and ideas floated by those claiming to be experts in social media are incorrect.  This article explores five such myths.

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1. Email communication is now ‘dead’ : 

While it is true that all social media platforms, regardless of their purpose, have given people new ways to connect and communicate with people in far-flung corners of the world who they otherwise would never encounter. It is a myth that social media communication is replacing email messages.  Social media is a by-product of the Internet and the digital age. It is for this reason that many companies are relying on digital marketing to sell their goods and services to those in their target markets.  They are finding that they need to communicate by email more than ever to do this. Indeed a well-written email message which clearly and concisely conveys a particular message is much more effective than a whole bunch of posts and short tweets are.

This is combined with the fact that social media platforms have changed their rules of engagement in recent years.  This means that any post or tweet is now reaching and engaging far fewer people than it did in the past. According to many Facebook users, this number is as low as 6% – that is not nearly enough to create a vast fan following which will generate leads and customers for companies. Email messages that are well crafted and professional, on the other hand, have an engagement of at least 20%.  This means that far more people in any businesses’ target markets are much more responsive through email than through the many social media platforms that they may feel they are being inundated with.

2. B2B social media marketing and B2C social media marketing are not the same

The algorithms for both types of marketing are the same.  In the end, the company needs to ensure that their social media posts contain information that satiates their followers and viewers.  It is only then that its social media marketing campaigns, be they B2B or B2C will be a success!

3. Only those posts with high engagement are being noticed by the masses

This notion is complete nonsense because many users of social media platforms may be enthralled by a particular post and may be motivated to take a call-to-action even if they don’t like it, respond to it, or comment on it.  This is because people are busy and are often times bogged down by the nonsense posts that they may see on various social media platforms.  This can make them less likely to respond to business posts relaying important information and urging them to take a call-to-action.

Another thing that businesses doing marketing on social media platforms must remember is that because of the nature of social media, it is a more casual and informal method of communication. Meaningful engagement and responses on various social media platforms may take months, and sometimes even years.

4. Only the younger people in my target markets use social media :

While it may be true that ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,’ in that older people take much longer to adapt to and use various social media platforms, it is simply not true that older people completely avoid social media because they did not grow up with this type of casual and informal type of communication.

In developing nations, as the large demographic segment (commonly referred to as ‘the baby boomers’) ages, they are becoming the single largest demographic group to use social media, and their numbers are growing by the day.  Their age ranges from 73-54, so they are NOT young users.  This trend is repeating itself in developing nations rapidly as well. The reason for this is because, like the Internet, social media is all-pervasive and is completely transforming the ways in which people live, do business, and communicate with others. Given this reality, it is only natural that older people are embracing social media platforms en-masse, and are using them extensively and intensively.

5. Social media is only used by companies in hot and emerging industries:

Many people assume that because social media platforms and the Internet that supports them are new and constantly evolving, they are sexy modes of communication that only those companies in hot and emerging industries – those that use this type of technological communication the most need to use it.  But as per a reputed social media marketing company – Tangensys, this is not true because social media is all about reaching out to the larger and disparate global community with a message.  This means that people in traditional industries like plumbing and mechanics can use social media for advertising, marketing, and communication to ‘get their messages across’  In fact, social media is designed for business who succeed by telling compelling stories about their brands and services – any business can do that.  Indeed, those businesses who use social media extensively tend to find that they have greater conversion rates faster, and this is true for businesses in any industry.

Social media is changing the way the world works and is part of the information revolution because it puts a great deal of information which was once the reserve of traditional media channels with a limited reach in the hands of people around the world.  As people are struggling to figure out how to use this new medium of communication and engagement, many myths about it are emerging.  Five of the most popularly believed myths have been debunked in this article.

Author Bio:

Manish Kumar works as a content marketing head at SeoBirdie, a leading SEO company India. He is experienced and knows how to balance creativity and technical side of content. He loves making valuable content marketing strategies for his customers.

YouTube Marketing: How can Video Advertising Help your Business?

2017 was taken over by the world of videos and called “ The Year of Video Marketing”!

Undoubtedly, what Youtube (for Video Watching) is today, Google (for Search) used to be years ago!

Truly, the content watched on your HD TV takes a back seat as a YouTube application in your smartphone offers much more variety of content in the same high definition.

Launched back in 2005, YouTube at present is the second largest search engine for videos where around 18 billion registered users check it regularly to watch 5 billion videos.

Amazing! Isn’t it?

After Facebook, this particular platform stands second in the list of customer acquisition strategy of the Big Businesses (Google, Amazon, etc.) to advertise their latest products and services to outreach the world.

So, don’t you think it becomes crucial to undergo a Social Media Training Course for all businesses, new or established, to get better insights about what all it takes to stand out from others and be ahead of the rat race?

Some Jaw-Dropping and Funny Facts About YouTube

  • YouTube possess 149 million monthly users existing worldwide
  • More than 50% of view’s count comes from mobile devices
  • YouTube’s top video ‘Despacito’ crosses 5.12 billion user views (and counting)
  • The platform attracts 1/3rd of the Internet crowd
  • By reaching 2025, its predicted that majority (more than 50%) of individuals under the age of 32 would not subscribe to paid TV
  • 20% of the YouTube viewers discard a video if it doesn’t hook them up within 10 seconds
  • YouTube’s video counter, was literally broken up by Gangnam Style
  • People watch around 150 million hours of YouTube videos every day.
  • Considered to be the most important mobile app among individuals of age 18-34.

No Doubt its Popular, But Does Marketing with YouTube Derive Expected Results?

The channel that stands second after Google in search don’t you think it has tremendous potential to attract the targeted audience towards your brand?

To visually get enlightened and find solutions to the problems, people tune in to videos and tutorials that are deluded on YouTube on a daily basis to address the pain points of the masses.

Added profile feature, television-style content, online/offline mode of view, along with these many more upgrades are expected to be witnessed in the coming years. And this surely will benefit companies to incorporate it into their social media and video marketing strategies.

“Benefits to reap”

With the ability to create promotional videos and content to allure the audience, Video Marketing techniques bring the following series of advantages for you:

  • Helps attract clients and customers with effective scripts and audio/video methods of film and TV
  • Enables you to spread your proposals globally in an original and entertaining mode
  • Allows you to directly reach the pre-defined audience directly making use of useful keywords, attractive themes or even by using demographic criteria, say ‘Girls under 18’.
  • YouTube Analytics helps you measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns by generating real-time data.
  • Video advertisement increases the probability of user interaction, thereby raising the count of your views.
  • Adding a product’s video on your homepage pulls traffic and grows conversions.
  • Mobile video consumption rises 100% every year that closely appeals to mobile users.
  • Video marketing can explain everything via explainer videos, GIFs, stories, etc.
  • YouTube is the second most popular social network that can help you enhance your social shares.

The list is never-ending, rather ever growing. If you think it’s just a matter of words then implementing video marketing inside your business strategy will definitely prove you wrong as it will provide you semantic end-results.

Run an Effective YouTube Marketing Campaign

We know now that video advertising works well but is it doing well on your YouTube channel? This is the primary concern which when dealt effectively, can accelerate your growth and give you a ‘Sustainable success.’

1. Create Great Content

Don’t dig deep into the ways of creating content.

Just be genuine, informative, funny, personal, and above all unique which is more than enough to not let your attempts go in vain.

Make a head-start creating useful pieces of information that represents your brand name and attracts public interest.

“Remember, when you put your feet in any channel of marketing, Content will always  be the King dominating all other campaigning ways.”

2. Well Optimize your Business’s presence

A few simple steps to take and you’ll get going!

Create a dedicated YouTube channel, optimize videos for SEO ranking, add compelling CTAs, stay active in communities, be updated and that’s all which will pay you positively.

“If you are able to fix your presence via YouTube, certainly you will make huge profits discovering great numbers of prospects turning into opportunities, and finally converting to valuable customers.”

3. Add up Videos on your Website

Extend the life of your YouTube videos by showcasing them on your site. This will help enhance the time spent on your website and also favors customer-engagement.

To get as expected in the foreseeable future, every company must possess a separate section for publishing updated video content.

“The primary objective is to fulfill the intent of a user delivering the best knowledge and information entertainingly.”


Final Considerations

How much success you gain through video promotion depends on how well you define your campaigning strategies and tactics.

Like any other content, the information offered by videos must be forged keeping a strong idea about a customer’s journey that will help you delight and satisfy them.

After all, whatever we do today must make someone happy be it our family, friends or our customers which in turn will make you surprise giving their vote of trust and loyalty.

It’s merely a give and takes relationship followed at last!

5 Top Most Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Nowadays everything is possible when you have enough money in your hand. But this cannot turn out good if you get paid traffic on your blogs. This may work for you in the short run but definitely not in long run monetarily. Well, there are some of the most amazing ways or you can say expert tips for increasing your blog traffic for free if you are undecided about engaging an SEO Agency

Many of the times when people publish their blogs, they expect a lot of comments and sharing but when you have the worst time or you have low traffic on your blogs, it turns out very depressing for a blogger. You just need to make use of some start tactic which can bring in a significant effect on your blogs.

All it requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and passion for making your blog a popular one and successful. There are some tips which can definitely help you and can make things simpler and better for you. These tips can help you in grabbing organic web traffic on your blogs for free.

Follow These 5 Top Most Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic today

#Tip 1: Define your target audience for your blog promotion

As you can see in the above picture, you need to select one or a few of your target audience on which you need to focus a lot. In case you are running a beauty blog, then your target audience can generally be girls, women, college going girls, working class, graduates and others.

On the other hand, if you are running an educational blog, then your targeted audience can be graduates or students. Thus, defining your target audience is essential for all. Similarly, you need to publish some of the stories which these audiences can relate to. You must talk about the benefits of good and services which can be helpful for them.

This can largely help you in grabbing the attention of your target audience in less time.

#Tip 2: Improvement of your blog designs

The designing of your blog really matters. If you will have a clear and fine designing pattern, people will surely appreciate it and will keep on turning to your blog site every time.
Similarly, you can also get a chance to be mentioned on people’s websites or blogs as a great example for right blog designing.

You don’t have to be an efficient developer or web designer to get an improved blog site, you can make use of different themes as per your blog posts to get the great attention of every visitor. In the image above, you can find four different themes which a blogger has used.

Similarly, if you are using WordPress, then you are lucky enough as you can find lots of impressive paid and free themes. All of them are fantastic and can generate high-end web traffic to your blogs.

For more information, you can also read a complete guide to install aneeq free website theme.

#Tip 3: Short, entertaining and fancy headline

The above picture is completely true. It fits well to the statement that one must have a short, crisp and attractive headline to get attention. People usually don’t have much time to read whole blog post until and unless they find an alluring headline which can convince them to read more.

Out of 10 people, only 8 will read the blog headline and they will immediately decide as for whether they need to continue reading your post or should skip. If you will write a boring and irrelevant headline, then it will degrade your goodwill and will not assist you in getting good web traffic.

Thus, one must spend their good time writing of blog headlines. Work on better understanding all your readers. Come out with a worthy headline for making your article worth reading. You must make use of incredible, fun and unique adjectives; make use of facts, lessons and tactics posts some benefits related headline because this will only convince them to read your full post.

#Tip 4: High-end quality of content

A major reason why top notch blog sites get high-end web traffic is only that of their quality rated content. Yes, if you will also start writing the articles which are helpful to your readers and can engage your audience, then they will start enjoying your posted content and will wait for your future updates.

Most of the search engines like Google is also after the high quality of content and it places quality articles on top of SEO results for maximum visibility. This is the reason, quality is the foremost thing which you must keep it in your mind while jotting down your articles.

Similarly, defining keywords for search engine optimization can also help in generating good traffic for your blogs. You need to pin down all the ideas and for getting the high-end value of your blog content, you must target few keywords which customers around generally search. Look out for the questions or phrases they use most of the times.

As you can see in the above image, the long tail keywords hold the high conversion probability as compared to the head terms or torso terms. The long tail keywords are one which includes 4+ keywords and this can improve your chances of better web traffic. You must perform a keyword research before selection of the final one.

Understand what your target audience look out for and make sure that you are completely focused towards it only. Having right keywords can naturally boost up your blog post in terms of SEO as well.

#Tip 5: Keep on sharing your content

There are some of the popular experts that largely suggest all the bloggers to keep on sharing the posts after a short interval of time. This can improve your chances of great visibility one or the other time. It is suggested to share your content on different social media sites to get it maximum attention from people around.

As you can view in the image above, it is requesting to share post again and on a different platform which includes Facebook, messenger, twitter, emails, Pinterest and others. In one way or the other, your posts will get the visibility and sharing will never let your target audience forget about your existence.

Publish anything on your blog and then share the same on all your social media channels immediately. The ones, who miss your first communication, share it again after a short span of time. Posting content multiple numbers of times can double your amount of traffic.

All these tips are handy and you don’t have to be a professional to gain maximum visibility on your blog site. Even if you are a beginner, you can grab a great amount of web traffic on your site and can mark your existence in the digital world. Try out these expert favorite tips today and enjoy high-end visibility.


Derek Luise is working as a content writer and blogger with Ranking By SEO for last six years. He can be seen blogging about digital marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC, etc.

Best Tricks to Implement LSI Keywords To Rev Up Your SEO

The question that how Google relates, compares and searches different terms must have triggered your mind ever. LSI also referred to as latent semantic indexing, plays a considerable role in it. It is a method that guides Google and other big search engines to evaluate terms and establishes relationships between them. Businesses use these keywords to establish better visibility, attain higher ranking and good traffic toward their websites.

Defining LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are generally those phrases and words that have been highlighted in the description occurring at search results. These are the closest words to original keywords.

On the basis of the main keywords, Google returns these related keywords in the search query.

These keywords are the expanded results of original terms and phrases. These allow search engines to offer a better amount of results in the search query.

Older content is revived, relevant results are yielded and one can expect higher search ranking. Apart from this, these can be used in multiple ways to boost SEO ranking.

LSI Keywords Working Description

We use Google to search term such as “custom made chocolates”. In return, Google shows relevant keywords and phrases. And, it will also show pages that are similar and related to that specific term. These related and relevant words are defined as LSI keywords. For example, you searched for custom made chocolates, so the search can be:

Custom homemade chocolate
Custom chocolates at the best price
Custom chocolates of different flavors

Injecting LSI Keywords in Description

Well-targeted meta descriptions play a key role in SEO. It is good to insert prime keyword and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords in your description as it encourages Google to prioritize your content. This will improve your search results as well as ranking. If you use LSI, Google’s algorithm will provide a better rating on your content.

The strategy of Implementing LSI

It is a good practice to inject two semantic keywords along with the main keywords in your content.

LSI supplements the prime keywords without replacing them. It acts as the helper.

Make sure you do not disturb your main keywords as it will not result in higher ranking. LSI works wonderfully in conjunction with the prime keywords.

Limit LSI keywords to two, do not go beyond that otherwise it will lead to keywords stuffing. This will help in two ways. First, it allows you to stay away from Google penalty of keyword stuffing. Second, it also helps you get recovered if you are already under Google’s penalty. Without overdoing it, you can yield desired results.

For more ravishing results, you can optimize an image. In case, you have been using an older image, again and again, rename it with LSI keyword to reap better results.

Benefits of implementing LSI Keywords

  • Higher Ranking

With long tail latent semantic indexing keywords, you can enjoy a higher position in search engine results. Semantic optimization strategy owns a great relevance and you can stand ahead of your competitors by utilizing it in the best manner.

  • Reduced Spamming

LSI lessens the likelihood of getting your content spam label by search engines. This process helps you optimize your content in a way that search engine can identify that your content is for human readers than the search engines.

  • Increased Conversions

You target keywords that are more specific and people find them easily. This allows you to enjoy a higher conversion rate. It enables you to run the short split test for the landing pages as you can own a better sample size along with a low volume of high converting traffic.

  • Lesser Bounce Rate

The users are able to get more accurate content, so the bounce rate will lessen automatically. If they search for something, the results are according to their specific needs.

Final Words

Thus, learn the ways to use LSI in your anchor text, Alt tags, headers, etc and improve your search results. Wherever you incorporate latent semantic indexing, make sure it has a context over there. Do not be a business that uses LSI without context. It may lead to bad instead of good. So, be wise, use it correctly and enjoy the desired results.

Author Bio

Tom Hardy is a digital marketing expert associated with Sparx IT Solutions, a renowned online marketing company in India. Having a flair for writing, he keeps sharing different marketing tips through his write-ups.

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Benefits For Active Online Presence

Social media marketing results are visible these days. Whether it is a personal account, an individual’s professional page or a company’s web page, it has been accepted by all that social media marketing is actually a great, fast and outstanding medium to ensure a strong online presence for a business. Even after disclosing the benefits of social media for business, there are still some of the companies that don’t rely on social media marketing for their brand visibility.

Basically, social media marketing requires deep insights and powerful strategy. It takes less time to get implemented. When it comes to describing the exact stats, the technique doesn’t get defeated by any other online marketing tactic.

Relevant Stats

It is calculated that 97% of marketers are using social media to grow their number of quality prospects while 78% of salespersons make excellent use of it to generate quality leads from different social channels.

We know that there are still some of the business owners who don’t consider social media marketing as a rank or traffic booster digital marketing technique. This blog is compiled for their reference and also to make them aware of the myriad of advantages they can have with social media marketing for business.

Create Outstanding Brand Recognition

Establishing brand recognition is one of the important and primary tasks to be accomplished to achieve marketing goals. The major reason that why people move towards the brand they already recognize is the recognition it has gained. Similarly, if you want to attain such recognition for your brand, start promoting it on social media platforms. Thankfully, these networks made it easier for everyone to ensure effective promotion for the associated stuff.

Build Credibility

Through a well-planned social media marketing, a brand will be able to build trust and credibility for the services and products it delivers. This can be conveniently done by increasing the customer engagement towards promotional content or page. Here, you can put content which specifies your market reliability. At any social network, you can place attractive ads or promotional links to influence visitors. This will increase the clicks & views which automatically improves your brand credibility over the web.

Improve Brand Image

Creating a story of your brand is the next best strategy which you can implement through social media marketing. These platforms attract visitors towards the promotional ads. And the moment they connect with your brand is the right time to make the story of your brand visible in front of them. An engaging story will connect them and this makes your brand more comprehensive among them.

Earn Long-term Audience

In case you earn long-tailed quality prospects, the chances are that they will be with you for long. The only thing you need is building trust for your brand. As the numbers grow, your brand will be able to influence more visitors and it continues for long. The advantage of it will reflect in the sales outcomes that you can calculate before and after social media marketing. Earning a wide number of Fans over social media is the best way to increase conversions for the brand.

Connect With The Audience With A Brand Voice

Every brand has the power to influence customers and develop a robust brand image through authentic communication over social media. If you inculcate a genuine tone and feel of your brand in a reflective design, you will be able to compel users towards anything. It may include classy ad design, valuable content and an intuitive message. These are the factors that improve user experiences which ultimately is a key to bring qualified prospects to the brand.

Ending Notes

Managing business marketing planning is really daunting but when it gets implemented by using social media marketing channels, it is quite interesting and easy. There are different social media marketing tactics that you can use to execute a seamless social media campaign. So, what are you waiting for! Initiate social media marketing and carry a positive image for your business. It will help you build strong and an active online presence for your brand.

Author’s Bio

David Meyer is a passionate social media marketing expert at CSSChopper who endeavors hard to achieve committed goals for a business. He is a deep thinker and constantly research for the new and trendy social media marketing techniques that are beneficial for all types of businesses. To show his research interest, he often writes informational blogs on trending online marketing topics.