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Why It Can Be Difficult to Come Up with a Catchy Name for Your Website

Starting a new web business is thrilling, but it is also fraught with obstacles and decisions. Choosing a name for your web business is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make.

Because your company’s name is the first thing customers notice, it must be memorable. However, selecting a business name is not always as simple as it appears.

Why Is It Difficult?

How can you come up with anything unique on the planet when you consider how huge the internet is and how many web enterprises exist?

Because there are millions of enterprises, millions of names have already been taken. You don’t want to use a name that is even somewhat similar to that of another company since it will confuse and stymie your brand-building efforts.

Choosing A Name For Business

Your brand’s name will represent it, and there are several ways to produce brand-name ideas. In a few words, your business name should express your goals, services, and mission. Spend some time writing down exactly what those things are for your business. This may trigger some thoughts.

Take any names you’ve come up with and discuss them with others. Inquire with your coworkers, friends, relatives, or other individuals about their thoughts on your prospective names and see if they have any recommendations.

Ask them to imagine themselves as customers: what would explain to them the specific value you provide? What would they recall? What would pique their interest?

You might be amazed at what someone with a fresh set of eyes can come up with. You might also try gathering a group of individuals to exchange ideas.

Display the written aims, services, and mission to them. If you have a whiteboard, arrange everything on it and add the suggested names of the participants.

Name Tips

Before making a decision, keep the following in mind:

  • Short, distinct, and memorable names tend to stick out. Consider Google, which has become a household name.
  • Names that are simple to speak and spell do better. Consider Google once more.
  • The name should be related to the products or services you offer. This may sound simple, but when you’re just starting out, your name should describe what you do. Zen Flowchart, for example, chose a name that is a direct description of the flowchart builder software they provide.
  • Including keywords that people may search for online while looking for what you have to offer improves SEO.
  • Your name should have room for growth. For instance, “Jim’s Shoes” rather than “Jim’s Sandals.” Don’t confine your firm with the name because you may wish to add items or services in the future.

Make Sure The Name Is Available

Once you’ve reduced it down to a few names, double-check to be sure they’re not already in use. Check the website of your secretary of state to see if they are accessible for registration. You should also ensure that the name you intend to register complies with your state’s company name requirements.

It’s also a good idea to look for nationally trademarked names and see if comparable domain names are available at a site like GoDaddy. You should also conduct a traditional Google search.

You can come across a corporation with your name in another state or even worldwide. You don’t want to be mistaken for another firm, even if it’s only online.

After that, you can reserve the name with your secretary of state. You may typically do so online, however, there may be a minor cost. You should also acquire the domain name now. Following the formation of your corporate organization, you should consider trademarking the name in order to protect it throughout the United States.

In Closing

Choosing a business name is a vital first step in launching your venture. Anything might be difficult, but with a little imagination, it is possible. Perhaps your name, like Google’s, will become a household term one day! Choose properly, and then create a fantastic online brand around it.

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