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Can I Infect Apple iPhone With a Virus

When it comes to the security of mobile devices and computers, everyone who knows a little about the topic may tell you: “Android devices are very easy to infect with a virus, but iPhone in this regard is relatively safe.” But is it really so? Let’s figure it out!

The Terms

Most people call any malware – “virus,” but technically, it is not always true.

Malware is the most common version of malicious software. The infection enters the device via installed programs.

Viruses can spread throughout the device by replicating themselves. They can jump to other gadgets. Viruses have been popular in the past decades. Today, they are not the most common type of malware.

Adware is software that brings a ton of ads to your computer. It became popular because of numerous malicious sites and rogue browser extensions.

Spyware steals your data and sends it to unscrupulous ad companies or hackers.

Ransomware blocks your device and requires a ransom for returning access to your files or gaining control over the system as a whole.

How Does iOS Protect Us From Malware?

Apple developers offer several levels of protection. It is true for both iOS and macOS. The later can also be infected with malware, but these infections are often adware-related.

So, in iOS and macOS, application downloads can only happen on the App Store. Yes, some users jailbreak devices or tune the setting and get apps from shady sites but this is not very common and involves additional knowledge and specific needs.

How Does iOS Protect Us From Malware

Apple created iOS so that the user was able to download applications only from the company’s application store. In Android, as well as in Windows, you can install programs from anywhere. And they pay a high price for it because catching a virus in today, not very friendly Internet, is very easy.

In addition, Apple security censors manually scan every single application for malicious code. If something suspicious is found in the program code, the application is returned for revision. This is not an ideal system, it also occasionally makes mistakes, but better systems are yet to be created.


IOS uses sandboxing for apps. It allows you to make sure that the application never goes beyond the prescribed framework. What does it mean? For example, none of the newly installed applications can gain access to data belonging to other programs.

Besides, almost all programs in iOS work with limited privileges. They do not have access to administrator rights – root.Third-party applications cannot change system settings and cause harm.

In the end, even if you accidentally install a suspicious application, the sandbox, the second layer of iOS protection, will not give it access to the OS or files.

Regular Updates of iOS

One of the best ways not to fall into the hands of malware authors is to update the operating system in a timely manner. This is one of the key advantages of iOS compared to Android. Look at the statistics of the iOS versions in circulation, you will immediately notice that most users have the most recent version of iOS.

It Looks Like a Virus, but It is Not a Virus

iPhones may face problems that can be attributed to viruses. But the truth, of course, is completely different.For example, if your smartphone is slow, you should free up more space. Sometimes you need to replace the battery if the gadget has been working for a very long time and the battery is old. In such cases, Apple specifically lowers the processor frequency in order to prevent the device from turning off accidentally during peak loads (the old battery can no longer cope with them). You can check the battery health in the iOS settings.

iPhone Can Never Be Infected With Real Viruses

So, we have sorted out several issues related to iOS security. Now you can answer the question that is put in the title of the article:“Can I infect Apple iPhone with a virus?”

It is theoretically possible, but if you are a person of sound mind and solid memory, and you will not do stupid things, your iPhone will never be infected with any virus.

Do not jailbreak your device, update iPhone software on time, install applications only from the App Store – and your smartphone will never catch malicious code. Its protection against viruses of all types is close to perfect. In case hackers suddenly find something, Apple will very quickly solve the problem and release a security patch. Do not worry, you have a very reliable device in terms of security.

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