Quick Guide - How To Do The Branding Of Your E-Commerce Store

As the popularity of the digital market grows, the number of online buyers is expected to hit the 2 billion figure by 2020. In order to cater to them, there are countless e-commerce stores competing neck to neck to gain an advantage over one another.

As a new entrant in this extremely competitive market, you must be wondering “how can you make a difference?”

Among other things that you can do, branding can definitely make a difference in the popularity of your web store. It won’t only differentiate your product from the competition, but it will also drive your sales to generate more profit.

So if you are looking for a quick guide on ‘how to do the branding of your e-commerce store’, we have got you covered!
Check out these important steps that will aid you to gain a competitive advantage over others.

Creating A Brand Name & Logo

Customers recognize your brand through its name and logo. They are the first things that come to the person’s mind. Whereas, they also leave a long-lasting impact on the customers.
Designing your own effective logo is not an easy task, consider hiring experts to create a professional logo design for your brand. Following important considerations should be taken into account while building your logo:

  • uniqueness
  • appealing color scheme
  • careful selection of the text font and size
  • inspirational
  • examining your competitor’s logo
  • portraying the brand objective

For ideas, check out the logos of Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Flipkart, Leather Skin shop, etc.

Creating A Brand Slogan

Creating your own brand slogan is very important for you to increase your customer base. It is made from a combination of a few memorable and impactful words about your brand. It helps you out in creating awareness about your product and services by conveying your messages through advertisements.
Always keep in mind that your slogan should be concise, may contain humor, and easy-to-remember for your customers. You should be honest about the promises you are making about the quality of your products and services. And, lastly, the slogan should be appealing to your target audience.
Following are the slogans of some top brands to give you an idea on how to do it:

  • eBay: “Shop victoriously”
  • Amazon: “Earth’s Most Customer- Centric Company”
  • KFC: “Finger-Lickin’ Good”
  • Google: “Don’t be Evil”
  • Apple: “Think Different”
  • Red Bull: “It Gives You Wiiiings!”
  • Subway: “Eat Fresh”

For more ideas, check out the AI-powered Zyro slogan generator to find unique suggestions.

Target Audience

Long gone are the days of mass marketing practices. In today’s dynamic world, every business has to identify its own target market for effective and efficient marketing. Businesses can’t target everyone, as the customers are different based on their demographic, psychographic and geographic characteristics. So, they have to use the target market approach to divide the overall market into sub-segments. And select the customer segment/segments which match best with their customer profile.
Target marketing not only will save your resources but will also help you understand your customers better and fulfill their needs & wants effectively. Following information about your customers will help you to attract and serve them successfully:

  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Income
  • Modes of interaction
  • Keywords they search for
  • The Best platform to interact with them

Brand Story

Developing an appealing brand story helps the company to convey its vision, mission, core values and goals to its customers. It allows the customer to understand the company’s purpose of existence and create a lifetime connection with them.
A compelling brand story effectively articulates its meaning and the purpose behind its existence. Just write down the purpose of your business and what it means to you. We know this can be a challenging task, and that’s why we recommend you to hire the services of an expert to create an appealing story about your brand.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

The marketers are known for doing things differently than the competition, rather than just doing different things. Today’s marketplace is full of resources and expertise, and the level of competition is more intense than ever.
In order to succeed in this competitive environment, the company has to outline the key offerings that differentiate it from the others. Your USP and how efficiently you deliver those benefits to the customers will determine the success of your business. Your USP could be anything, like offering free shipping, quality customer care, etc.

Social Media Platforms

These platforms give you free access to a wider audience, and a means to display to your e-commerce brands. You have to make sure that there is consistency among the different platforms as you use the same tone of language, logo, and colors for marketing your brand.
The availability of many different platforms makes it challenging to select the best ones. Analyzing your biggest competitor’s activity will help you in that matter, and you will dedicate your energy and resources at the right platform. The Social media platform of Instagram has over 1 billion accounts, with over 500 million active users every day. Around 80% of those people follow the businesses on Instagram.

Personalized Experience

E-commerce businesses need to offer unique and personalized experiences to their customers in order to establish their brands. Recent research found out that, around 80% of customers will prefer doing business with a brand that provides personalized customer experiences.
As you grow your brand, you can constantly innovate to personalize the customer experiences by sustaining your brand identity and core values. Unique packaging that allows memorable unboxing is a great way to enhance customer experience and to create brand loyalty.

Create Content

Continuously creating value-added content of all forms from blog posts to videos will help you portray a positive image in the mind of the customers. Be sure to promote it through all your channels to provide value to your target audience. If you are an e-clothing store, providing information on fashion, how-to-videos, and other related topics will help you strengthen your brand.


Successful branding of an e-commerce business can be a challenging task, especially for new entrants. It is an investment that will reap you dividends in the long run. Business management strategy depends on various factors and nature of your business, for example if your new business is more on retail and other related services, then a case erector machine is essential. By following the guidelines, you will be able to successfully brand your e-commerce business and differentiate it from the competition.

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