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Boost Website Visits With These 5 Free Game Plugins For WordPress

Are you thinking about adding game plugins to your WordPress website? It is a popular pastime for many Internet users to play online games. It is also great for increasing the number of visits to your site to offer outlets for popular pastimes.

In most cases, the games that are available for a WordPress site are simple, but they can be fun for visitors. A website with attractive ads will also attract people even when there is no new content on it. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Throughout this article, I will share with you five free game plugins that you can download today and begin using right away. The puzzle and gaming elements they add to your WordPress website will captivate your visitors.

What are the benefits of adding games to WordPress?

The world of online games is enjoyed by people of all ages. More than 164 million adults in the United States played video games in 2018. More than three-quarters of all American households include a gamer. In addition to mental stimulation, 79% of gamers report that video games help them relax and relieve stress.

Despite video games becoming more sophisticated and elaborate over the years, simple games still have a strong appeal. Short games, such as those played on mobile devices, are very popular. When we have a long commute or just a few minutes on our hands, we can play games.

With WordPress plugins, you can easily create simple, captivating games that your visitors can play on your website.

Plugins for WordPress that allow you to play games

All of the plugins I’ll discuss today are completely free and very easy to use. In addition, we’ll discuss a couple of paid premium alternatives that can enhance your gaming experience. So to speak.

I would like to start with a look at the free options first.

1. Word Search Puzzle Game

Word Search Puzzle Game

The simplest and most engaging game is a word search. The letters in a word search puzzle are arranged in a grid. There are several words hidden in the grid, spelled out in different directions.

The concept of word search puzzles seems to have been around forever. It surprised me to find out they were founded by a small classified paper in a small Oklahoma town in 1968. There are new games being developed all the time.

You can add a word search to your website using the Word Search Puzzles game plugin. In this plugin, a grid of 20×20 letters is created, and you can add as many words as you want. The game can be added to a post or page simply by copying and pasting a shortcode.

2. Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle

In 1913, a New York newspaper published the first crossword puzzle. Crossword puzzles quickly became popular, and nearly every newspaper of the 20th century ran one. There are some cities where the crossword puzzle is the main reason people buy the paper.

New York Times crosswords are still the most famous (and arguably the most challenging).

Some feared that the crossword puzzle would die out as the printed newspaper declined. However, they survived by going online, and are now even more popular than before.

By using the WHA Crossword plugin you can easily create custom crossword puzzles for your website.

All you need to do is enter clues and solutions, and the plugin handles everything else. As you add more clues and solutions, the puzzle becomes more difficult.

You can improve your content by using clues and words that are relevant to the content you produce. Engaging your audience and promoting relevant search terms is a great way to promote your brand.

3. Chess


There are how many 1500-year-old games do people love today that date back 1,500 years? The only game that fits that description is chess, therefore the question is a trick.

Without a doubt, chess is one of the most popular and enduring games of all time. It is known as “The Game of Kings,” and you cannot go wrong adding it to any website. The decision is easy if your blog is dedicated to chess discussions and strategies.

With the Chess game Shizzle plugin, you can add chess gameplay to your website. In addition to a fully playable chess game, there are a number of board and piece themes to choose from.

4. Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game

In case you’ve ever explored Google’s Easter eggs, you’ll recognize the dinosaur game. It happens every time you use Chrome to browse a website while disconnected from the internet.

Dinosaur Game can be integrated into your WordPress website through the plugin. In short, it is an “infinite runner” game. The goal is to travel as far as possible while jumping and ducking under obstacles. The dinosaur kind of reminds me of a pixelated Mario (like Mario if he were a dinosaur), and is almost as addictive.

5. Quizzes


The popularity of online quizzes has grown. You can’t escape them on Facebook, and BuzzFeed has built a successful online business on quizzes. Whether you use quizzes as entertainment or as educational tools, they can be valuable (and potentially viral) assets for your site.

A quiz can be added to your WordPress site using the Quiz Cat plugin. This plugin is flexible and can be a great educational game plugin for your site.

You can create a quiz about anything you like. Whether it’s entertainment, mathematics, science, or the finer points of raising chickens, virtually anything can be turned into a quiz.

As well as providing entertainment and education, quizzes can be used to gather visitor information.

Plugins for paid games provide more technical features

For your site, We discussed several free plugins that provide great game and puzzle options. For more technically advanced or better-looking games, there are some premium plugins available.

For instance, Codecanyon’s CTL Arcade has hundreds of games plugins available. All the games have been built using HTML5, so they are compatible with mobile devices, which is very important. Consider the fact that over half of your visitors will use mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

MyArcadePlugin is another excellent paid option that lets you access the game developers of another group. Additionally, you can access many free (ad-supported) games, which CTL Arcade doesn’t provide.

Make your visitors want to return (often!)

Since most of what you do on your website is blogging, you’re bound to have gaps in content from time to time. Games are a great way to keep visitors coming back.

Games can do a lot more than simply entertain your guests. As I mentioned, quizzes can help you gather information about them. There are many Facebook quizzes that are little more than email harvesting tools. And they’re very effective.

It is important to remember that games do not replace website content. It is good for your readers to have a reason to come back when there are no new articles, but do not forget your website’s mission. Assume that mission isn’t to provide online games. 

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