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20 Best YouTube Video Ideas for Creators in 2021

Although it may appear that being a YouTube creator is easy, it takes a lot of effort to succeed. By making videos that are entertaining and interesting, you will be able to keep your audience engaged. That’s when it gets challenging. The number of content ideas you can come up with for your channel may surprise you.

There is no magic formula for success with videos, but they are a powerful tool for marketing and advertising. As long as you are creative, authentic, and target the right people, there is no shortage of opportunities to succeed.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the consumption of YouTube videos. Youtube is used by 73% of adults in the U.S., and on average, each YouTube visitor spends 11m 24s watching videos each day. These are videos that are suggested by the YouTube algorithm after users have stopped watching the original videos they selected.

The consumer shift from consuming video on TV to YouTube is also a major reason for the rise in YouTube viewing; although there are other platforms as well.

In this article, you’ll find YouTube video ideas that will make your video stand out on YouTube or other platforms.

1. Educational / Tutorial / DIY YouTube video ideas

  • How-to-videos
    It is a great idea to produce how-to videos for people asking questions about something they aren’t familiar with – such as creating a shoppable post on Instagram or showing them how to assemble a product.
  • Public service announcements
    The topics you can choose from include cyberbullying, driving while wearing a seatbelt, and more. This PSA video is really good on sexual harassment.
  •  DIY Videos
    Create a step-by-step process that your audience can follow. A great way to teach your audience how to do things at home or creatively reuse everyday objects without spending money is to show them how to make things. Here are some DIY life hacks, best ways to reuse waste, and easy crafts videos for you.
  • Explainer videos
    Create a video that explains a concept from start to finish. Explainer videos can help businesses to better explain what they do or how their products work. Watch this amazing explainer video by GooglePay.
  • Interview professionals and experts
    Obtain the opinions of people who are relevant to your audience and interview them on relevant topics. Additionally, you can use these videos to dispel myths, make a point and show their journey to success, such as in this interview with Richard Branson.

2. Gamers Video Ideas

  • Gaming Reviews
    To help your audience make an informed choice, you can review the latest games or compare two. Like this video on Nintendo Switch, make videos about good independent games that aren’t getting the attention they deserve. In addition to reviewing consoles and accessories, you can also do a haul video featuring the accessories you own.
  • Live Streams
    In addition to building rapport with your viewers, live-streaming is an excellent way to include them on your journey in real-time. During a live stream, you could answer questions and provide your viewers with insight.
  • Game commentary
    Posting a video is not always dependent on playing the game. Video commentary on another gamer is recommended – preferably one who is highly regarded.

YouTubers who do gaming content or those who have a lot of gaming content they can Share in-game footage, Create game guides, Share cutscenes from your game, Make gaming parody videos , Play games with other channels & creators.

3. Technology/Software Video Ideas

  • Gadget reviews and comparisons
    I review new gadgets, compare gadgets, and provide early-bird previews of products, as well as unboxing videos (such as the iPhone Magsafe). As well as apps, you can discuss useful software.
  • Ultimate test videos
    Inform your readers about the latest tech news and rumors.

Your audience will be entertained and informed by a review of a new or trending product within your niche. If you want your review to be valuable, make sure it is honest and interesting. You could even make recurring reviews videos. Make tech timelines, show your setup, provide cheatsheets and hacks, make a video on the tech you use every day, tell the truth about XYZ product, showcase new inventions that are changing the game, showcase budget-friendly solutions.

4.  Funny video ideas

  • Scripted comical skit
    Show real-life situations using scripted videos, like Lilly Singh in this video.
  • Prank videos
    Featuring harmless pranks like Jimmy Kimmel’s compilation of I told my kids I ate their Halloween candy.
  • Funny animal videos
    You can put together a funny video of your little one or pet doing funny or adorable things every time they do it.
  • Funny Challenge videos
    Making videos from Internet challenges is fun and makes for good content. Take for example, the Mannequin Challenge or the lip sync challenge.
  • Parodies
    Using funny impersonations and exaggerating effects, parody popular movies, songs, and TV shows.

4. Beauty and Fashion Video Ideas

  • Shopping haul videos
    In this video, Amber Scholl takes her audience shopping with her and shows them what she picked up in her latest shopping spree. Create a best-buys video with your favorite products (luxury and drugstore).
  • Videos about your closet, makeup kit, and other things
    Describe your closet or makeup kit in a video. You can also show how to pair different outfits and create popular looks by using everyday objects, like this really cool video by JENerationDIY. Like this video, you can also discuss different ways to style and dress a single outfit.
  • Videos about fashion & beauty
    Think about starting your own fashion challenge or jumping on the bandwagon of a trend, like my boyfriend does my makeup challenge.

    Create a makeup look or outfit that you love by giving a step-by-step tutorial. Another idea is to make a video of your daily skincare and beauty routine, show how you get ready, clear out your wardrobe, share your closet essentials, recreate celebrity looks, try out popular make-up hacks, or review celebrity looks.

5. Fitness and Health Video Ideas

  • Health & Fitness Q&A
    Answer comments and questions your audience sends you on social media and in the YouTube comments.
  • Workout routine videos
    Your audience can also get a glimpse into your daily routine when you vlog your workout routine or what you eat (e.g., in this health vlog). I also think debunking celebrity workout routines would be a great idea. Your audience can also follow workout guides every day.
  • Tell your fitness story
    Share your fitness story with your audience to discuss the obstacles you overcame on your way to getting fit.
  • Test fitness challenges
    Trends and challenges abound on the internet. Play with these challenges and test viral hacks that have caught the attention of the internet.
  • Review fitness gadgets
    Reviewing fitness gadgets is another great idea for your fitness channel.

6. Sports YouTube Video Ideas

  • Match Analysis
    Here’s your chance to analyze a good match after it occurs. A match can also be discussed in real time with your YouTube community via your channel. Live chat is an excellent place to ask questions and get responses from your audience.
  • Throwback videos
    Listicle videos are excellent for sharing memorable moments (one from each sport great for this one) from the sports you love. Make a video showing how to do trick shots.
  • Showcase the best of/top 5
    Every sports fan loves going back to his or her favorite moments. The best and most noteworthy goals, innings, and shots have been listed.
  • Cover legendary rivalries in sports
    There are epic stories in every game, and some rivalries are legendary. Put together a video that explains the rivalry and shares your opinion of it. Vice posted a video discussing the most dangerous rivalries in football.

    Discuss sports news and updates with your YouTube community, Sports workout routine, Share speeches of your favorite players, Showcase the journey of your favorite sports stars, Share with your audience the weirdest or funniest moments in sports they might not have seen, Talk about your favorite sportsperson’s early days, their greatest achievements, and who they were as individuals

7. Home-Decor YouTubeVideo Ideas

  • Make a home decor video featuring affordable ideas.
    Videos on home decor are mostly searched for inspiration. Make a video about where they can buy affordable home decor, how to revamp their old decor, and styling tips for redecorating their home.
  • Makeover your home and share a video to inspire
    people and also share DIY home decor hacks with them, as Macenna did in this video.
  • Tour your apartment and discuss
    how you selected the design, aesthetics, and decor ideas in your home with your audience. You can also explain design basics if you are an expert in decor and interiors so that your audience can make the right decision for themselves.

Additionally, you can also share helpful home-decor tips, react to celebrity house tours, and share tips on how to take better care of your house.

8. Cooking/Baking YouTubeVideo Ideas

  • Recipes and cooking tips
    Share detailed how-to videos on how to cook with your audience or make videos on easy meal preparation recipes you can make ahead and store for the week. A cooking video can also demonstrate how to peel and chop an onion or a carrot.
  • Miniature & giant cooking
    The internet has been taking over with video tutorials on how to make miniature and giant food dishes. In this video you can either scale everything down so that you are making bitesize meals, or you can make everything much larger, like this 50-pound cheesecake.
  • Show food from all over the world
    Do you enjoy traveling and sampling cuisines from around the world? Consider filming a video about the destination’s food habits, delicacies, food tours, and iconic foods. Usually, people who watch these videos are doing research for when they travel. You may want to talk about the food traditions and the places your audience can find these dishes around the world.
  • Chef reviews
    You can review food products, cooking accessories, and restaurants whether you are a professional or a home chef.

    Share cake decor videos, Mass food-making process videos with your audience. Showcase what’s in your fridge/kitchen, Make delicious food by combining left-over food, Prepare vegetarian/vegan versions of popular non-vegetarian food items videos.

9. Travel and Adventure Video Ideas

  • Informative travel videos
    If you are a travel enthusiast, tell your audience how you planned your travel itinerary, budget your expenses, and give them a travel guide
  • Travel Vlogs
    Describe your journey in a way that makes your audience feel like they’re right there experiencing everything you do. Make sure they know where you are staying, what you are eating, what you are buying, etc.
  • Share your bucket list
    Let your audience know about your bucket list and why you want to visit those places. In the comments section, you can also ask them to share their bucket lists with you.
  • Explore remote places and activities
    Create videos about offbeat travel destinations that aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Vlogging can also be a great way to give your audience a sense of what it’s like to be there.

Showcase how you can take amazing pictures and videos while traveling, Share Travel hacks, Create a travel documentary, and provide quick listicle guides.

10. Productivity/Time-Management/Self-Help YouTubeVideo Ideas

  • Show off your productivity routine
    Show your audience how you get your work done by taking them through your daily productivity routine. It can be a vlog or a simple interview where you share your favourite tips and tricks.
  • Share celebrity time management methods
    Here is an interesting video about Elon Musk’s timeboxing strategy. Inspire and motivate your audience by breaking down their routines and favorite processes.
  • Share expert talks on self-care
    Share your insights on self-care if you come across a great talk on it or read something you found very insightful. By adding powerful visuals to the video, and by converting expert habits into simple tips that anyone can understand, you can be more successful in educating.
  • Try a new fad like
    Not drinking coffee for 30 days and document your journey describing the roadblocks you faced, your feelings, benefits, etc.

Interview well-known people and talk about their journey, Shoot Expected vs reality videos, share interesting theories from books, documentaries, etc.

11. YouTube Video Ideas for Photographers

Share ideas on an easy-to-do photography project your audience can get started with, or provide more specific suggestions like self-portraits. Show your audience how you shoot, Make a video comparing amateur and professional photographers, Talk about your journey as a photographer to your audience, Discuss the works of great photographers, Talk about upcoming gadgets and equipment.

12. Artists/Performers YouTube Ideas

  1. Remix or cover your favourite performance
    By remixing and covering your favorite performances, you can reach out to fans of the original artist. Lyrical videos can also be created.
  2. Collabs with other artists
    Create interesting videos with other artists like this one by AE Top Musics to reach a wider audience.
  3. Showcase a live performance
    Live performance? Video is a great way to share your content with your audience. Using this technique, you can show your audience where you perform and how you perform.
  4. Take your audience to work with you
    by showing them a daily routine and a day in the life of a professional.

Participate in Live Q&A videos with your audience, share your favourite songs and playlist with your audience, Share Blooper videos from the shoot with your audience.

13. YouTube Videos Ideas for Businesses/Organisations

  • Share your brand story
    Each brand, no matter how big or small, has one unique yet incredibly relatable piece of content that only they know about- their brand story. Video stories of your brand can help your audience learn more about you while building trust with them.
  • Present your company’s culture
    The more faces you put behind your brand and the more insight you provide buyers into the working environment, the more you build trust and create an emotional connection.
  • Behind the scenes videos
    To build trust with your audience and turn them into fans, you can show what goes into making a product or behind the success of a campaign. It’s an awesome opportunity for you to display your hard work and commitment to bringing the best to them.

Highlights of important company events, videos highlighting your product/service in use, videos like meet the team and tours, and so on.

14. YouTube Video Ideas for Hardware Experts

  • Build your own PC
    Make a video about how to assemble computers with different types of configurations to demonstrate your knowledge of computer hardware. Similarly, you can make a video that tests all the popular versions of a particular hardware component, such as a motherboard or a keyboard.
  • Unboxing the latest in computer hardware
    After watching unboxing videos, viewers have a better understanding of how a piece of hardware feels, looks, and how to use it.
  • Teardown videos
    Show off the insides of some of your favorite hardware products with this fun project. By illustrating how something works/operates, you can demonstrate your knowledge of hardware.

Discuss upcoming product releases you’re excited about, Review hardware components, Live Q&A and so on.

15. YouTube Video Ideas for Animal lovers

  • Compile cute/funny moments captured by a camera
    Funny animal videos are among the most popular YouTube searches. Make a compilation video of people’s pets’ funniest and cutest moments.
  • Rescue stories
    Show your audience how the animal has changed after being in your care by creating a video about your rescue stories. This video by Dean Schneider shows how you can vlog with your animals.
  • Tips and hacks
    I have some helpful tips to share with pet owners, especially first-timers, about how to properly care for their pets.

Videos created from live animal cams, Pet reaction and challenge videos, Pet birthday videos, Crossing over the rainbow bridge video, and more.

16. Video Editors and Designers Ideas For YouTube

  • Beginner Vs Pro video challenge
    You can compete in a beginner vs pro challenge that will not only allow you to display your skills to the audience but will also allow them to trust your word on all things editing and design-related.
  • Do an in-depth tutorial
    Take your audience into the nitty-gritty of software or apps you use and show them how to utilize them to their advantage.
  • Breakdown effects and edits
    Explain how edits are created from scratch in a video. Show on-screen footage and BTS videos to illustrate video editing effects in movies.
  • Tips, tricks, and hacks
    Make the editing or designing process easier for your audience by sharing quick tips and hacks.
  • Collaborate with other creators
    Working with other designers and editors allows you to blend your style with theirs and also reach out to a wider audience.
  • Share your screen
    Share your screen with your audience so they can see how you work on your project. Additionally, you could teach your audience how to edit a video from start to finish.

17. YouTube Videos About Finance

  • Market update live stream
    Discuss current market numbers, trends, and stocks in a live video.
  • In-depth videos on financial concepts
    Explain financial concepts like banking, cryptocurrency, and bonds in detail to your audience. Investing with Rose offers an excellent video comparing different kinds of investments.
  • Tips and tricks to succeed at investing.
    Identify tips and tricks that your audience can easily follow on a regular basis. Create a video on finance and investment dos and don’ts.

Vlog about your experience as a banker or person working in the finance industry, Inform your audience about the best financial products, Explainer videos, Get into the history of things, Interview people who are working in finance.

18. YouTube Videos for Real Estate

  • Make real estate concepts easy
    It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to invest in real estate. Explainer videos simplifying real estate could be created if you understand the subject well.
  • Discuss real estate news
    Including the current trends in the real estate market and what the future holds.

Interview videos, Go live, Real estate listing videos, Share marketing and sales tips, Try unique and quirky ideas to make a sale, Mythical Morning, Day in the life videos, Debunk myths, Noob vs pro videos, Real estate news, and updates.

19. Ideas for YouTube videos around movies and TV shows

  • Bring your audience behind the scenes of their favorite movies
    Making movies is a fascinating experience, especially if you work with lots of post-processing and editing. You can show your audience how their favorite movie scenes were shot and how it looked in the end by making a video. Take a look behind the scenes of the Justice League movie in this video by Flashback Filmmaking. Blooper videos can also be compiled and shared.
  • Videos about trailers
    Each time a new trailer appears on YouTube, you have plenty of chances to make some awesome videos for your channel. Video reactions, compilations of upcoming releases, or explanations of the trailer could all be created.

Review the latest movies, Share your thoughts about the latest movies, Share your favourite clips from movies, Make a recap video.

20. Ideas for YouTube channels

  • Vlog Channel
    You can create a vlog channel if you have a lot of content to share from your life – like when you travel or have an interesting job. Your audience gets to go on this journey with you and see what goes on behind the scenes. It is possible to make inspirational and relateable Vlog videos. Compared to a review or educational channel, vlogging channels take longer to build influence.
  • Review Channel
    If you enjoy finding out the latest things that hit the market, make review videos to help your audience make better buying decisions. People are constantly looking for more information before buying or investing in anything, which makes review videos one of the most-viewed videos on the platform. Any product can be reviewed, including phones, food, technology equipment, cameras, and books. As these videos are search-based, good content is easier to rank and get recommended on YouTube.
  • Gaming channel
    The number of gaming channels on YouTube has been growing. Viewers around the world tune in to watch in-game footage, reviews, cut-scenes, and gaming modifications. YouTube channels are a great place for gamer content.
  • Educational channel 
    Create content that solves people’s problems. YouTube’s most searched videos are how-to videos. Teach others what you know, such as web design or video editing. Share cheat sheets, cheat videos, how-to videos, etc. YouTube allows you to create educational channels much faster and in bulk, so it is easier to produce content in bulk
  • Travel channel
    YouTube travel channels can be inspiring, adventurous and informative. With your videos, you can show your audience the world and encourage them to travel and explore. Many travel channels also offer stay reviews and travel guides to help their viewers choose the best travel destination.
  • Comedy Sketch channel
    A YouTube channel can be the perfect platform for you if you love to make people laugh.
  • ASMR channel
    Millions of people have viewed ASMR videos. With satisfying audio and video, these videos can stimulate the autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR).
  • Self-help channel
    You can provide a great deal of guidance to many people who are looking for answers from someone who has been there, done that. If you are an expert on a topic or have experience with a situation, you can provide great guidance. By sharing your advice or creating stories and sketches, you can directly address your audience. Video creators have to find ways to create videos that offer solutions to YouTube users.
  • Do-it-with-me channel 
    Your audience will feel like they are participating in the activity with you if you create DIY videos. Whether they’re doing choreography to a song or a fitness routine, you guide them step-by-step.


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