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Best WordPress Calculator Plugins For Your Website

WordPress calculator plugins are straightforward but quite beneficial for your website. People normally don’t think of calculator plugins as much more than basic arithmetic operations, but they can do a lot more than that. They can calculate your health and fitness, finances, estimate and quote, mortgage, investment, eCommerce price, and form fields, among other things.

Calculator plugins can also be used to collect email addresses and leads, which can then be utilized to convert those leads into more visitors and paying customers by sending them enticing offers. Some calculators are only capable of performing certain tasks and functions. Finding the proper calculator plugin to improve your and your visitors’ experience on your website might be difficult. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best WordPress calculator plugins for your website in this article.

List of WordPress Calculator Plugins:

1. EZ Form Calculator

EZ Form Calculator

The first app on our list is EZ Form Calculator. In no time, you can develop form calculators, project cost estimators, loan calculators, complex cost estimators, extended contact forms, amortization forms, or payment forms for your website with this powerful plugin. With the visual drag and drop builder, you can quickly add items like date pickers, dropdowns, radio buttons, and checkboxes to your calculators. You may also use this plugin to create a PDF file and a response email for contributions.

The WordPress plugin’s best characteristics are its rapid and simple computations, considerable flexibility, and extensive conditions. This plugin can also be used for backend verification, visual email processing, and import/export forms for quick backups. You can also use this plugin with PayPal and Stripe to accept payments on your Woo-commerce website. You can contact clients all across the world because it’s translation-ready

2. Cost calculator plugin for WordPress


This plugin is ideal if you want to construct a gorgeous, attractive, and powerful estimation form on your WordPress website. This cost plugin is meant to let you quickly generate item price forms for your customers, allowing them to learn more about your services and product costs. This plugin can also be used for a car rental website, a booking website, a delivery service, or freelancing work. You may create an unlimited number of estimations and step-by-step forms using its drag-and-drop calculation builder.

Drop-down boxes switch boxes, input boxes, checkboxes, range sliders, horizontal lines, and other elements are available in this plugin. This plugin also includes a pricing table option as well as inventory management. This plugin is ideal for individuals who wish to generate stunning and professional-looking estimating forms.

3. Calculated Fields Form

Calculated Fields Form

The “Generated Fields Form” plugin enables you to build online forms with pre-defined fields whose values are dynamically calculated based on the values of other form fields.

There are no limits to the possibilities. You can, for example, design forms that include financial computations, date operations to create reservation forms, and product pricing calculations. Text editing, translation, and advertising services are all included in the plugin. More complex procedures, such as estimating the distance between addresses or creating graphs, are available. The resultant forms are completely mobile-friendly.

4. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is a drag-and-drop form builder and calculator plugin that includes intelligent form fields. This calculator plugin automatically conducts calculations in your form or website. You may adapt the visual attractiveness of your website to the calculator’s design. Without utilizing PHP, you may input eCommerce pricing and show calculated data to consumers using Formidable forms. You can also make forms with fields that are dynamically calculated.

Advanced Mortgage Calculator, BMI Calculator, WooCommerce Product Configurator, Percentage Calculator, Car Payment Calculator, Life Insurance Calculator, Amortization Calculator, Compound Interest Calculator, Order/Billing Form, and more can all be built using Formidable Forms.

5. Forminator


In terms of drag and drop, the Forminator is a visual builder that functions similarly to the Calculated Fields Form plugin. It has a powerful calculation builder that allows you to create anything from an immediate quote calculator to a B2B ROI calculator. Number fields, website fields, calculated fields, and pre-built calculations are all available as drag-and-drop module features in this fantastic calculator plugin.

If you need customizable forms as well as a form builder and a WordPress calculator plugin, this is an excellent option. You may also add or construct any type of form, such as a contact form, a payment form, an order form, an email form, feedback widgets, Buzzfeed-style “no wrong answer” quizzes, interactive polls with real-time results, and registration forms with payment choices.


I hope that this article has assisted you in locating the best calculator plugin for your WordPress site. If you have any other questions about calculator plugins, please leave them in the comments area below.

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