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Some Bad SEO Tactics & Habits To Leave

As we know we are entering in a new decade, Its time to say goodbye to bad SEO(Search Engine Optimization) habits that are not good for your website. They worked for us in past but now its time to grow up as we know the world has changed and the old practices don’t work anymore.

SEO is all about playing the long, slow and steady game. So bad SEO practices may harm your website reputation and google ranking.

What is “White Hat” SEO?

White hat SEO is the good kind of SEO practices that follows Google’s guidelines. Generally, this means that the content produced on any given site is going to be genuine, high quality and useful for the users.

High-quality content that enhance customer experience, such as “how to” videos and articles

We are going to discuss some bad SEO practices that you need to cease immediately.

#1. Duplicated Content

This is a very important tip for a content writer that the content should be 100 percent unique, if your content is not unique then it is not good for SEO. The main reason for this when you search for a topic through search engine it keep the same content hidden in its search results to provide batter results for the users and what they are looking for. Many people used to try this trick of copying good content from reputed websites for getting traffic on their website but this trick will not work anymore.

#2. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing is simply repeating the same keywords over and over again. If you suppose that is useful in the text but it may a relly bad SEO practice. Instead, keyword stuffing, use your targeted keywords where they fit naturally and this is a good SEO.
It can be very hard for people to avoid repeatedly using a keyword throughout their content because that keyword is part of the subject matter.
Google now recommends that content creators write naturally.

#3. Accepting low-quality guest posts

If you are planning to feature new writers post on your website and publish content written by others provided that it is okay but if they not met the rules with google guidelines, then it’s better not to publish anything at all.
Publishing new content on a regular basis is good for SEO practice but it is also important to keep a balance between content and its quality.

Here are some rules keep in mind before accepting guest posts.

  1. The content must be unique.
  2. You need to fully own the content
  3. Guest posts should have relevant hyperlinks
  4. Content should in an appropriate length
  5. No spelling or grammar mistakes

#4. Cloaking / Invisible Text

Simply cloaking is hiding the real destination of a link. And this practice most commonly used in the past but not anymore. Using these techniques now is actually a very bad practice. The penalty for this can be as harsh as a permanent ban, so it’s just really not a good idea to risk it.

#5. Not using Google Webmaster Tools

What is a Webmaster Tools?
Webmaster Tools from google provide a free service that evaluates and maintains your web site’s performance in SEO and search results.

Google Webmaster Tools

How webmaster tools can help monitor your website’s performance

  1. This tool verifies that Google can access the content on your website.
  2. Webmaster tools make it possible to submit new pages and posts for Google to crawl and remove.
  3. It helps you deliver and evaluate content that offers users a good experience.
  4. It specifies most popular queries causing your website to appear in search results.
  5. It tells you which queries are driving the most traffic to the website.
  6. You can see which websites are linking to yours.
  7. These tools also can help you to evaluate traffic on mobile websites.

#6. Blog Spam

When people read your content then they also like to leave comments in the comment section and Spammers love to place links, illegible and irrelevant comments in these areas in order to try to get traffic to their own sites. So it is really important that you keep control of spam comments for the search engines.

#7. Irrelevant Keywords

When writing content you normally thinking about using relevant keywords to related your content topic or related to your business. But when someone uses an irrelevant keyword or keyword stuffing it may really bad user experience and it lows down the quality of your content.

There are some more other bad SEO practices

  • Too many ads using on-site
  • Over-Optimizing Anchor Text
  • Insufficient Keyword Research
  • Low-Quality Backlink Sources
  • Irrelevant Guest Posting
  • Don’t use link farms
  • Not using SEO focused keywords

Final Thought

There are plenty of SEO bad habits that you should be avoiding and only a few are listed here. The most important thing you should take help of Webmaster Tools for your content.
Thank you for reading our post If you like our post please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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