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Ways to use signage for business advertising

It would interest you to know that many buyers patronize a business because of the signage used to advertise the business. Good integration of signs and banners draws the attention of customers and increases sales. A-frame signs are portable, easy to set up, and a vital tool for any business. These signs put more eyes on your business. This sign is ideal for marketing on the streets, just outside your storefront. Use it for advertising your business, including your business opening hours, pinpoint events that are coming up, or promote services or specials.

A display sign comes in diverse forms. It may be an A-frame sign outside of your business, or a hanging mesh Banner to hang on a fence, or above your storefront at an event. Every one of these diverse forms of display signage is easy to move about every day.

A Frame Signs Brisbane is a complete one-stop-shop for all your signage needs. They offer signage services, including vehicle signage, A-frame signs, external signage, internal signage, banners, display signage, etc. Vehicle signage is also known as car signage, and they are large graphics attached to your vehicle which display your brand or business.

A well-crafted design gives you an edge over the competition and gives life to your business. If you’re looking for a drive to advertise your business, below are seven ways to use signage to do so.

Ways to use Signage for advertising your business

1. Make use of lights

The use of lights in improving your sign help attracts the attention of passers-by. Lighting on signs helps at night when it gets dark, as people would see it very clearly.

Let your signs be displayed in a lightbox form with symbols that light up from behind. By doing this, your message becomes visible crystal clear on your storefront, and those who are even far away see it.

Uniqueness is another reason you should use lights. Putting in place a LED reader board that enables you to expound on the nature of products and services you offer differentiates you from other similar businesses.

2. Use the right choice of words

Carefully choose the words you use when creating your signs. Only state the terms that explicitly convey the message of your products or services. Avoid including excessive information in your ad, as this confuses the reader. Also, you have to select your words, ensuring that every single phrase makes an impact.

Instead, start with an attractive headline, then back it up with a concise explanation through text. If it’s a billboard that you’re using to catch customer’s attention, you have to understand that the customers have only about 3-4 seconds to comprehend the message displayed. Keeping this in mind ensures that you keep the message brief and straightforward.

3. Use Customized wraps

Using Customized wraps is a way to include modern signage in your place of work. Graphic fits any surface of your choice, such as ceilings, railings, floors, walls, etc. You can even add pictures to any vehicle you could think of, and it could be a car, van, trailer, etc. Select the way you want to wrap your graphics, whether on a partial area of the vehicle or the entire vehicle.

4.  Minimal designs remain the best

You should ensure that the vital information you want to pass across in your design is well emphasized. The use of minimal designs is an essential tool in getting clients. You shouldn’t fill your design with too many irrelevant things. Doing that could prevent a potential customer from understanding what you are trying to pass across with your design. Ensure that your plan is simple.

5. Make use of the right colors to draw clients

The color and the identity of a particular brand are commonly matched together by people. A Good signage is dependent on the uniqueness of a brand’s color. Please do not use too many colors in your design, as it is distracting and comes off as annoying. You should do this, select a dominant color, focus on it, and add a few contrasting color shades to produce the perfect color combination.

6. Attempt using a different material

Inflatable signs remain an excellent choice. This is a perfect way to make you stand out among other businesses. Inflatable signs are customizable in shape, size, and interchangeable. Most interestingly, the poster doesn’t take time to be installed and can easily be swapped.

7. Your signs should vary in size

Sometimes, you might notice that signs are a little too big or too small for the area which they occupy-and this certainly doesn’t look good. For small signs, they should be located in places where people who are viewing them access. An excellent placement choice is either the entrance of your business or the parking lot if you have one. More prominent signs are more attractive to many people because they are visible from far away, such as on the streets, open areas, or high-rise buildings.

Take out time to cross-check if everything is in place before you make plans for a new sign. Many times, people make their signs complex, causing readers to lose interest. 

8. Use of Customized pole banners

Pole banners serve as a distinct sign design because their elevation enables them to draw people’s attention to their vehicles. Pole banners are very durable and appliable to any business, a small Coffee shop, or an apartment complex. The more banners you have, the more the effect it has on your viewers.


Undoubtedly, signage to brand business is a good marketing strategy and a cost-effective way to advertise your business 24/7.  You should consider all the above points outlined above if you’re planning on taking your business signage to a higher level. Good use of signage enhances the recognition of your business, draws the attention of potential clients to your doorstep, and boosts your sales overall.

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