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5 Web Design Best Practices For 2021


Each year brings new web design for the industry to follow. 2021 is not different in any. With 2021 breezing through, we have made few predictions regarding the web design’s best practices.

According to Igloo web design company, 2021’s web design trends will share a common theme. Rather than looking for technological-based web design, web designers are looking at the reality to create the next level of web designs.

The pandemic has given the designer ample time to think about new web design that could become the next big thing in the web design industry.

Best Web Design Practices For 2021

You all must be wondering why the website’s design matters. Well, let us tell you that it takes only 0.05 seconds for the visitors to form an opinion about your brands on the basis of your brand websites.

Yes, you read it correctly. It only takes 50 milliseconds for the visitors to rate your business. Hence, now you understand why web design matters. Here is something to consider: after a bad experience with a website, 88% of consumers are unlikely to visit your website.

The bottom line is that if your website is not optimized for user experience, it will affect your business success.

That being said, you can use the following checklist of best practices to ensure that you have a winning website design.

1. Minimize Texts

Text is the very first element of your website design. Don’t fill your web design with massive blocks of texts. No, don’t get me wrong. We are not talking about the blog posts and articles. Those are different things. We are talking about the web content (Home page, Contact us, About us, etc.).

Yes, it is important that you educate your audiences about your business and brand, but that doesn’t mean you will fill your design with large chunks of text. Learn to use infographics and less text to convey your message.

2. Try Shorter Paragraphs

Paragraph length plays an important role in making your audience read the full thing. If you are jotting down long paragraphs, it can feel boring while reading. However, if you can shorten the paragraph, the reader will find it interesting to read.

Start each paragraph with new information to keep your reader engaged with new information every time they read a new paragraph.

3. Choose The Right Colors

Choose The Right Colors

The color you select for your website is more important than you can think. Visitors judge your website based on your color code. The best way to choose the right color code is to pick colors from the logo.

By keeping color consistent throughout the website and relevant to your logo, you can retain the visitors on your website for a longer period of time.

4. Make Your CTA Obvious

CTA stands for call to action and is important for the websites. Do not bury your CTA button with extra content on the website. If you are hiding your main button, you are losing some of the conversions.

Keep the CTA button on the home page at a place where it can be seen easily. This way you will be able to ensure more customers. Talk with the website designers for the best placement of the CTA button.

5. Reinforce Action

If you maintain the same message for a different action, you might not sound trustable enough for the customers to take action. Think about how people navigate your website, track the flow of data and come up with messages that sound reinforce able to some extent and ask the visitors to take action.

For instance:

  • Home Page: Check Out Now.
  • Category Page: Buy It Now.
  • Product Page: Click To Purchase.


Saying that the design of a website is important would actually be an understatement. Your website design will have a direct impact on building your brand/business reputation.

Remember that every website is a work in progress. A website cannot be complete. There is always a new trending thing to add to your website. Keep track of the new trends and implement them into the website to stay relevant with your audience.

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