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Best 10 WordPress Portfolio Plugins

Finding a good portfolio plugin isn’t an easy task, so we dig on the internet and WordPress to find some good WordPress portfolio plugins for your websites.

WordPress portfolio plugins are perfect for showing images category wise.

A super easy way to create beautiful and responsive portfolio filter gallery to your WordPress site. This is one of the most flexible portfolio plugin on the and it’s the one I use. Finding the perfect portfolio for your site so please check it out.

Portfolio By A WP Life


A super easy way to create beautiful and responsive portfolio filter gallery to your WordPress site.

This is one of the most flexible portfolio plugin on the and it’s the one I use.  that showcase your portfolio as a responsive gallery.

You can modify various elements, such as image size and labels. The result is a dynamic portfolio that nicely showcases your work. While it’s not responsive, it’s hassle-free and user-friendly. The plugin offers categorization, tab customization, custom styling, and more.

The free version comes with one layout style and one full-screen viewer style, which is good if you’re looking for a simple portfolio. It looks great, and it’s ideal for everyone from writers to designers.


  • Filters
  • Bootstrap Lightbox
  • Multiple Column Layout
  • Responsive
  • Numbering
  • Title
  • Spacing & without spacing
  • Gray Scale
  • Masonry
  • Multi Color For Filters


Buy Portfolio

Go Portfolio offers a full set of features and design options for a   The percent based grid layout provides an appealing touch to any site. Go Portfolio comes with four default styles, support, customizable vertical and horizontal spaces, and a plethora of other useful features.

Get Premium Version With More Features

  • Easy & Simple
  • Responsive Gallery
  • Filtration
  • Add Unlimited Filters
  • Unlimited Filter Colors
  • Customize Border Settings
  • Masonry Gallery
  • Link Gallery
  • Multiple Column Layouts
  • Bootstrap 3.3.6 Based
  • 30 Hover Effect
  • 5 LightBox Pop-up Style
  • Image Title
  • Gallery in Post
  • Gallery in Page
  • Gallery in Widget
  • Seo Friendly Gallery
  • Thumbnail Size & Quality Setting
  • Navigation Error in Lightbox Preview
  • Gallery Images Order Buttons Like Ascending, Descending & Shuffle
  • Simple & User-Friendly Custom Plugin Dashboard
  • Create Unlimited Galleries With Unlimited Images
  • Custom CSS
  • Easy To Implement Anywhere Into WordPress
  • Easily Customization
  • Fast, Friendly & Quality Support

Lightbox Style For Portfolio

Portfolio Gallery – Photo Gallery


Huge-IT Portfolio helps you demonstrate all that you can do through beautiful, cleanly-organized portfolio project and subject galleries. In images, YouTube or Vimeo videos, and formatted text, you present examples of your best portfolio in neatly categorized, sortable sets.

Create as many portfolios with as many images, videos, or other items as you want. Choose from among seven, animated and Lightbox-enabled layouts that accommodate HTML and text hyperlinks, as well as custom URLs to point each portfolio to further detail elsewhere. Even in the free version, you can put as many individually-customized portfolios as you want on a single page.

But you can do far more with this plugin than the obvious, with just a little ingenuity. Add categories to your portfolio items, and you have the basis for a navigable, multi-dimensional FAQ. Or a self-sorting gallery of topic-based images. The possibilities are endless.

And how are these power and flexibility possible? Because the Portfolio plugin is actually four plugins in one: Huge-IT’s Slider, Video Gallery, and Image Gallery, as well as Lightbox, to bring them all to life.

Standard Features (free)

  • Unlimited portfolios, with unlimited projects, each with unlimited images, videos, or other content
  • Images as well as videos from other sites, like YouTube and Vimeo
  • Auto-generated shortcodes for easy embedding
  • Portfolio-specific widgets available right from the Widgets admin panel.
  • Optional sorting buttons to sort by date or title, ascending or descending, in random order, or default.
  • Seven presentation layouts with their own animation effects.
  • Fully responsive design for perfect performance across devices and screen sizes.

Portfolio Gallery – Image Gallery & Portfolio Slider


Portfolio plugin for WordPress is a simple way to add your images to any WordPress website. The software is responsive, user-friendly and can really enhance the rating of your site. This Portfolio Gallery enables you to create several types such as slider gallery, elastic grid, filterable grid, content popup, and portfolio slider.

A beautiful responsive portfolios gallery. The plugin supports desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers. With this plugin, your visitors can filter items by groups. Great for creating a responsive & Filterable Portfolio website. The gallery can be used to creating the portfolio, but not only. You can use it to showcase your latest work and expand it to do much more. Each item of the Portfolio is able to be in multiple categories and we can link to certain filters with a URL.

Customizable Overlay: There are many options to configure color and button color of the overlay, show/hide title and category, show/hide Details/Permalink/Gallery buttons on the overlay. Gutter Width option helps you change the width of space between columns and opacity of thumbnails is changeable as well. There are 3 Overlay Effects: None (simply cover), Animate (slide from left to right), Hover Direction (create direction-aware move).

Gallery General Features.

  • Display text overlay on bottom of feature (can be included anywhere on image using CSS, and below image using an option)
  • Add an unlimited number of galleries in pages. You can add gallery via the short codes on your page as you need
  • Speed, effects, locations, and more are all changeable
  • Swipe support that tracks touch movements on supported devices
  • Works in Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and IE6+
  • Gallery animations that run smoothly on modern devices
  • An interval image can be set to slide automatically every given millisecond
  • Images of different sizes are supported
  • Images can “fade away” at the edge, or move to a hidden position behind the center item until they are rotated out again for the gallery
  • Make your images look even more impressive
  • Unlimited zooms on the page. No need to alter or compromise your gallery design
  • Navigate through images using the keyboard. Available key strokes are specified in the Help panel, inside the viewer
  • Total-Soft Plugin plays nice with your existing HTML and CSS, making it a great choice for responsive layouts
  • Easy file upload: You are enabled to create unlimited sub-folders for images/files and upload many images/files at one time
  • You can add Launch Button to each project. This Launch Button links the project to any URL
  • Your portfolio gallery now gets more diverse by using Scale, Rotate, Translate and Skew effects for the overlay. Plus, hover duration and delay time are configurable

WordPress Portfolio Plugin (WP Portfolio)


A plugin that allows you to show off your website portfolio through a single page on your WordPress blog with automatically generated thumbnails. To show your portfolio, create a new page and paste into[wp-portfolio] it.

Features Include:

  • Automatically generated website thumbnails (to save you hassle)
  • Upload custom images for any or all portfolio listings
    (e.g. for showing off graphic design work, et cetera)
  • [Option] Supports website screenshot upgrade features
    …such as Custom Size, Full-Length, et cetera
  • [Option] Responsive Grid View layout (fully customizable)
  • Limited Directory Support (output list of active groups)
    (with links to an editable, dedicated page for each group)
  • Support for grouping entries to categorize your work
  • Ability to easily add listings to multiple groups
  • Ability to create unlimited, custom fields per listing
    (fields can be shown/hidden or checked, in code, for value, etc)
  • TinyMCE shortcode helper in WP Visual Editor
    …makes it simple to build a customized portfolio shortcode!
  • [Option] Show/Hide a URL and/or description for each listing
  • [Option] Use HTTPS for web page screenshots (secure images)
  • [Option] Open thumbnails in a Lightbox in original size
  • Ability to fully customize the layout (through HTML and CSS)
  • Ability to use tokens to add links, text, etc to listings
    …For instance, easily link your custom image or screenshot
  • and more!

Easy Photography Portfolio


Building a photography portfolio for WordPress should be easy. So we made a plugin to help you with that!

Quick Overview

Easy Photography Portfolio is based on the idea of albums with images that can optionally be grouped in categories!
By default, albums and images are displayed in a masonry layout. You open up an album to see all the images. then click on an image to look at it closer.
I think it might be easier to explain with a demo.

Photography Portfolio plugin is founded upon years of experience in building Premium WordPress Themes for Photographers. We’ve seen it all, great and not-so-great websites, big names, and absolute beginners. We have crystallized the formula of a high-quality portfolio into a simple WordPress plugin that you can use with any WordPress theme or your custom WordPress site!

Plugin Demo

Designed for Photographers

We love the WordPress community and wholeheartedly agree with the WordPress Philosophy.

Great software should work out of the box, without the user having to adjust oceans of buttons and knobs.
That’s why Photography Portfolio is designed to be as easy to use as possible.

Photography Portfolio plugin is founded upon years of experience in building Premium WordPress Themes for Photographers. We’ve seen it all, great and not-so-great websites, big names, and absolute beginners. We have crystallized the formula of a high-quality portfolio into a simple WordPress plugin that you can use with any WordPress theme or your custom WordPress site!

It all comes down to the simple structure of a real Portfolio book.

You own a Portfolio album for, let’s say your Wedding Photography. If you happen to do street Photography too, you also probably have another album that has only your best street photography prints.

That’s exactly what Photography Portfolio does for you online. You create albums, add images, and in case you have a huge portfolio, you can categorize albums too.

Then your visitors are able to open any album, quickly scan all of the images, or view them one by one. Simplicity is key!

Our Story

We have been designing WordPress Portfolio themes for Photographers for years. In that time we’ve distilled the simplest and most effective ways of building an online Portfolio.

We decided that it is long overdue to give back to the community. So we built a reliable plugin that anyone can use, be it a new Photographer, an existing Customer, or a Developer. At the same time, we built the Photography Portfolio Plugin so that we can use it ourselves for our existing customers, yet making it flexible enough so that it can be used in any theme.

Developed for Extensibility

Out of the box, Photography Portfolio is built using Masonry Layout (think Pinterest). Quite simply – it’s the layout most easily portable to any website layout while keeping the feel of the brand.

Warning: Strong developer language ahead.
For some, a masonry layout might not be enough, it sure isn’t enough for our Photography WordPress themes, because of that, this plugin is packed with Actions and Filters. Not only in PHP but also the JavaScript side.
You can easily extend the plugin with your own custom archive and single-view layouts. Customization is easy as Photography Portfolio plugin templates are based on function, get_template_part() similar to the way WooCommerce plugin has a custom template function. That brings a lot of customization power to the table. Pick any part of the view, and append your own template bits or completely rewrite the templates.

The JavaScript side is also very opinionated and easily extensible. You can use filters and actions to either modify the existing functionality, for example modifying the core masonry layout just a bit or completely initialize a brand new layout (like Packery or Horizontal Scroll). If you decide to build a custom view, you can utilize the existing JavaScript hook structure to let the plugin handle all the little things for you.

WordPress Themes

We also build premium WordPress themes for Photographers. Have a look at our Portfolio and maybe you fall in love with one of them!

Because our business is to build WordPress themes, this is not “Photography Portfolio Lite” with a billion up-sells. This is a fully featured Photography Portfolio plugin with albums, images, categories, a Pop-up gallery, and even video support.

We respect our users and believe that one can recognize quality on their own, without being bombarded with constant “buy extra functionality” junk. We know we build the awesome ship, now you know it too. You can have a look at our premium stuff when you feel like it, if not – that’s cool too. Especially if you’re just starting out, you might have to cut some corners and bootstrap everything on your own, and even then, we truly believe this plugin is going to do wonders for you! Pick a simple minimalistic theme, install the plugin, and enjoy a clean portfolio website that you can grow on your own!

Responsive Filterable Portfolio


This is the beautiful responsive portfolio with responsive lightbox plugin for WordPress blogs and sites.Admin can manage any number of videos, images, links into the portfolio grid.
Admin can add, edit and delete videos, images, links from portfolio.admin can set media title to lightbox. Before add portfolio, to WordPress blog, admin can preview a portfolio grid.
Admin can set height, the width of portfolio media. Admin can also set the background color of the portfolio.


  1. Add any number of media(image, video, links) to the portfolio.
  2. portfolio and lightbox both are responsive
  3. Edit portfolio media.
  4. Preview your portfolio grid before use it.
  5. portfolio installation into the theme is simple just add the shortcode to theme or pages/posts.
  6. changes to height, the width of thumbnail are easy.
  7. Changes to slider speed are easy.
  8. show media(image,video) to lightbox.
  9. Show hide media filter is easy.

Portfolio Slideshow


Simple, Responsive Slideshows In Seconds

Portfolio Slideshow adds a simple slideshow builder to posts and pages on your site. Its drag-and-drop interface lets you upload, reorder, edit, delete, or add more images “on the fly” right on the page; it makes it almost fun just to play around with.

Once you’ve arranged your images as you see fit, simply drop the shortcode [portfolio_slideshow] anywhere in that post or page, and voila – an elegant, customizable, responsive slideshow will appear on your site.

Clean and Intuitive UI

Nobody likes a cluttered admin or gaudily-designed plugins. Portfolio Slideshow blends seamlessly into the default design of the WordPress admin. You might forget that you’re using a plugin in the first place, and not something built into WordPress by default!

Easy Portfolio


Easy Portfolio

Easy Portfolio plugin is a WordPress plugin designed to create interactive portfolio functionality with category filtration into your WordPress website.
Easy Portfolio plugin can be linked with very ease and with no hard understanding.


Show All Portfolio


Show Latest Portfolio

[ep_latest_portfolio limit = 2 order="DESC"]
//Category filter are not available.

Show Latest Portfolio in List Order

[ep_latest_portfolio_list limit = 3 order="DESC"] 
//Category filter are not available.

Category Wise Portfolio

[ep_portfolio_category slug="joomla,web-design" order="DESC"]

Plugin Features

  1. Easy use and customization portfolio plugin.
  2. Latest Portfolio items show in list orders and also show in Column.
  3. Portfolio Details Page Customization.
  4. Categorized portfolio items.

Portfolio by BestWebSoft


Portfolio plugin is the best way to create and add past projects to your WordPress website. Create, configure and manage an unlimited number of portfolio projects.

Include project details, short and long description, URL, screenshots, date of completion along with each project and much more.

Showcase your recent work to get more jobs and grow your business!


  • Add an unlimited number of portfolio projects with the following info:
    • Title
    • Description
    • Short description
    • Images
    • Completion date
    • Executor profiles
    • Technologies
    • Link
    • SVN
  • Change image size for:
    • Album cover
    • Thumbnails
  • Set default portfolio projects sorting order by:
    • ID
    • Title
    • Date created
    • Menu order
    • Random
    • ASC (ascending order from lowest to highest values)
    • DESC (descending order from highest to lowest values)
  • Set the number of images to display per row
  • Compatible with Multilanguage
  • Install/Delete demo data
  • Add labels for additional fields
  • Change a slug for portfolio project
  • Add portfolio projects to the search results using Custom Search
  • Compatible with latest WordPress version
  • Incredibly simple settings for fast setup without modifying code
  • Detailed step-by-step documentation and videos
  • Multilingual and RTL ready

Awesome Filterable Portfolio


Awesome Filterable Portfolio allows designers, artists, photographers to create, manage and publish a very modern and outstanding filterable portfolio that can be filtered using smooth animations and cool image hover effects. Select from a huge set of effects and animation presets to customize the look of your portfolio. Set up, customize and publish your portfolio within just a few minutes.


  • Customizable image hover effects
  • Order Portfolio Categories
  • Order Portfolio Items
  • Configure Animation Properties
  • Categorized portfolio items
  • Filtered items using jQuery animations
  • Unlimited items/categories
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Now available in 9 languages (and there’s more coming)
  • New video tutorial to help you get started with Filterable Portfolio

How to use it?

Once the plugin is installed and activated a new menu “Portfolio Items” will be added.

  1. Click on the link “Add New Category” to add a new category
  2. To add an item to your portfolio, click on “Add New Item” and enter your portfolio item details.
  3. Add the following shortcode wherever you like on a page or post to show the portfolio