WordPress A Quintessential Platform For Business Website

Choosing WordPress is the right option for you if you are among the folks who require websites that are easy to maintain. More than 75 million sites are powered by WordPress, which is another reason for opting for this CMS when it comes to developing interactive business websites. The popularity of WordPress as the best content management system is growing every day as it offers tons of the benefits to the users even if they are not technically sound. WordPress A Quintessential Platform For Business Website It is a well-known fact that WordPress was launched as a blogging site; however, it slowly earned the crown of being the best CMS. Such a phenomenon offered popularity to this platform and increased the demand for WordPress website development. There is no doubt that this platform has some of the most powerful tools that help in making it the right option for the website development requirements. Here are more reasons that clearly state that WordPress is the best when you require working with a feature-rich platform. Easy To Setup Manage, And Update Using WordPress is extremely easy and you do not need to be an HTML coder to use this platform. With just an internet connection and a web browser, it is extremely easy to accomplish a WordPress website development project. The official WordPress website is the right place to initiate the web development task. A little knowledge of using the CMS can also help you to customize your website as per the requirement of the business and the visitors coming to the site. Themes And Plugins Extend Functionality Of The Platform You do not need to be a programmer or a web designer to use the WordPress. The reason that makes this platform an easy to use content management system is the availability of plugins and themes. These elements help the beginners, as well as experienced developers, get the opportunity to give any look to their websites. WordPress theme development can ideally be utilized for a photography theme, magazine theme, portfolio theme or an e-commerce theme as per the requirement. Search Engine Optimization Included The structure of WordPress websites makes it easy for Google to crawl and index the site well. It provides a better ranking to the website and thus, accomplishes the ultimate aim of creating the site. Thus, the platform is much easier to handle and get better returns in the form of increased web rankings. This platform has default features as well as plugins that help in boosting the ranking of the sites developed as custom WordPress websites. Thus, the owners can easily drive traffic towards their site. Google Adores WordPress The ultimate aim of developing the websites lies in getting higher web ranking. Google plays an important in the ranking of the websites and as the giant search engine loves WordPress; it ranks such websites much higher over the web. Moreover, WordPress is text-based and Google favors text-based websites. Google is also in the favor of mobile-friendly websites that can be designed with WordPress. These sites work efficiently on any of the devices. An Open Source Platform WordPress is an open source that means it is free to be used by anyone. There are currently 2600+ WordPress themes available for free and such a feature makes this open source platform an easy to use content management system even for the new users. The platform has been developed with the continuous support of the community that keeps on updating and sharing the new developments. Thus, users remain updated with every new development that helps them manage the platform extremely well. Author Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provides best ios app development and Android app development services.

Is WordPress A Right Choice For An E-Commerce Website?

Let’s start with explaining what WordPress is for those who are not quite clear about what exactly WordPress is. WordPress is a CMS, or content management system that allows you to alter and edit the appearance of your website without the use of the code. At first, WordPress was simply used as a blogging platform but then it becomes very WordPress was simply used as a blogging platform, but then it becomes very complex and can be used to create and manage any website including e-commerce. At the same time, you will create an online shop and utilize the site for something as well. WordPress lets you have overall control over your website. Apart from the fact that you combine online store with another purpose such as portfolios, blogs, corporate pages, etc., it provides various tools, integrations, and themes with plenty of modern online services. WordPress is compatible with almost everything online. If you are on a budget then also, it’s perfect as it’s free. So there is a variety of prices and tools to fit anyone’s tastes and pockets. Why is WordPress a good E-commerce Platform? Is WordPress Safe For E-Commerce Website Apart from the benefits already given above, here are some of the points in favor of WordPress as a platform for e-commerce. WordPress can be easily added with the help of an e-commerce plug-in. Most popular e-commerce for WordPress is Woo Commerce. It handles all of the functionality required for online selling-storefront, shipping, payment gateway, automatic transaction mails, inventory management, and much more. There is a plug-in for plug-ins themselves, letting you extend the functionality even more. Here are some of the benefits why WordPress is good for e-commerce platform: WordPress Themes There are hundreds of themes available for WordPress. Only a part of these themes are perfect for e-commerce, but it still leaves space for you. WordPress themes can be easily edited, and its open-source approach will let you modify them as you want. WordPress Plugins When someone says that there is a WordPress plug-in available for any functionality that you like, they are not that exaggerating. Due to its widespread appeal, there is a large amount of plug-in available usually cost-free to add new functions to WordPress. Plug-in is just the word used for WordPress; these plug-ins are not very different from apps that other e-commerce platforms discuss. For example, Shopify apps. Low-cost to implement WordPress is low cost to implementation CMS platform WordPress is very versatile, whether you prefer DIY or leaving the website design for experts. You can get your e-commerce website started for less than $100 on your own including domain name and a good theme. But of course, its popularity means that there will be plenty of experts to help you put a WordPress e-commerce together. Why is WordPress not such a good E-commerce Platform? Why is WordPress not such a good E-commerce Platform

  • Its popularity may also be a reason for its downfall. Due to its large installed base, it’s constantly facing various hacking attacks. Although there are regular upgrades, there is still a constant threat of getting hacked.
  • When your e-commerce business will grow, and you will need to process more orders, concurrent scripts executed by WordPress for this purpose may burden web servers.
  • Provided that you will require various plugins and added a theme to make WordPress work well for e-commerce, there may be an issue while upgrading your installation of WordPress. Your installed plugins and theme may not prove to be compatible with WordPress upgrade.
  • WordPress, its plugins, themes have to be upgraded all the time. So some of the customizations that you will make will be overwritten every time you upgrade.
Final Word WordPress was not developed to become an e-commerce platform. It’s renowned as a blogging platform and it has led developers to cover the basic program with heavy plug-ins and themes so that it works for e-commerce too. This is the reason for the above disadvantages. The bottom line is that if you have resources to manage WordPress e-commerce website, either on your own or by hiring a dedicated developer, then you will surely enjoy the power of customizing store as per your needs. WordPress is the right choice. But if you simply want to sell products and won’t be affected by the limitations of the online store due to hosted platforms, you will like platforms like Shopify. From the security point of view, WordPress is secure, and you have to ensure that it remains secure by regularly maintaining, optimizing and updating it. If you can do it, you will enjoy the customization capabilities of your online e-commerce site. About Article Contributor: Rahul Som is a CEO and co-founder of Hopinfirst, one of the top android app development company. Rahul is passionate about SEO, Technology and management and blogs frequently on the topics.

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