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How To Create An Image Gallery In WordPress

WordPress makes it incredibly simple to add an image gallery anywhere on your site, but many site owners fail to take advantage of this powerful feature.

In this article, we’ll take you through adding an image gallery.




 Download & Installation

  • First,  download Image Gallery Plugin And Install On WordPress
  • If you do not download yet Then Download “Image Gallery” plugin And Install How To Install Image Gallery On WordPress ?

  • 1. Click on plugins button from the admin menu bar.
  • 2. Click on add new .
  • 3. Search for Image Gallery.
  • 4. Now click on install button and then activate.





Live Demo




How To Add Image Into Gallery ?

  • For create Image gallery click on Image Gallery plugin in the menu bar.
  • Then type your Image gallery title in the text box.
  • For add your images in Image Gallery plugin click on Add Image button




  • Click on Image to upload if you want Upload multiple Images use (Ctrl) key from keyboard
  • After Selecting Images Click on Select Button.




How To Add Shortcode


By this feature you can show your Photo Gallery on Pages /Posts /Widgets. In the gallery setting page you can set your own settings for Image Gallery and this page give you a unique id to create your gallery by shortcode id that seems to be “[IMG-Gal id= 648]”

  • Now Copy & Embed shortcode into any Page/ Post / Text Widget to display your image gallery on site.





For Showing Image Gallery on Page

When You Get Your Shortcode Id From Galley Page Like “[IMG-Gal id= 648]” , Copy This Shortcode And Paste This shortcode Into Pages Posts And Widgets To Show Your Image Gallery. Shortcode features allow you to add multiple galleries into same page & posts. Adding galleries to your posts and pages is a wonderful way of boosting user time on site, and an obviously sensible thing to do in a world

  • First type a Page title on your Page
  • Copy Shortcode from Gallery And paste the copied Shortcode on Page & Post
  • Now Click On Publish Button






Show Image Gallery in widget

  • First click on Appearance > Widgets then find text widget in widget area then activate Text widget by drag it to a sidebar.
  • Second, give the title and paste the copied shortcode then click on Save button.




Image Gallery Preview




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