Hostinger Review Great Value For Your Money

Hostinger Review Great Value For Your Money

20 Aug 2018
Hostinger has the most competitive hosting plans for those who are looking for budget hosting. The company has ICANN accreditation and is founded in 2004. The 14 years of journey landed the organization in 39 countries with more than 29 million users.

Having its headquarter situated in Lithuania, the organization’s main focus is to balance its clientèle on the basis of cheaper in cost service. Also, offering customers a wise support-desk, the company’s chat support ensures 99.9% of guaranteed uptime.

Fundamental Hosting Options – The Basic Requirements

Fundamental Hosting Options

Their servers are located all across the world (Europe, Asia, and USA). Ensuring high performance and trusted reliability, the servers offer 1000Mbps of connection speed. In order to protect your website from an unprecedented cyber attack, the company partnered with BitNinja.


Types of hosting plans

The hosting company offers hosting plans, which are fair enough to attract the newcomers:

  1. Web Hosting

  2. Business Hosting

  3. VPS Hosting

 Instead of putting a gloss on their services and brag about their value-oriented plans, the company gets straight to the point –  cheap web hosting.


Web Hosting

hostinger hosting plans

Their Web Hosting service range starts with a monthly subscription fee of less than a dollar. This “Single Shared Web Hosting” plan is aimed at the users who are looking for the hosting service at home. This plan limited to a subdomain and a single website.

It includes a single email address, 100GB bandwidth for a month, and 10GB of drive space. To get started with, an Easy Website Builder would be much of a help. Also, Auto-Installer for WordPress and other add-ons would be enough to run a simple blog at home.

If you are little more ambitious than running your web page from home, then “Premium Shared Hosting” could be the best way to choose out their three “Shared Hosting” plans. The plan starts with a monthly subscription of $3.49 and allows you to have unlimited bandwidth and space drive.

Along with that, it comes with more than single sub-domain, databases, unlimited emails, and FTP support for your web page. Also, this package offers you free domain name and an optimized speed for three WordPress websites.

Talk about their “Business Shared Hosting” plan, it comes with added SSL certificate, daily backups, and incredible processing power. In addition to this, you are offered gilded live support right from Hostinger’s expertise.


Business Hosting

hostinger business hosting plans

Their plans for the growing websites are super cost-effective. Starting at $15.90 for a month, this plan gives you the access to dedicated IP Address. Apart from that, 40 GB of disk space, 2000 GB of bandwidth coupled with free SSL certificate and boosted speed is something you certainly want to try.

Chances are, you may be running a website that entails huge traffic. This plan is most suited for the e-Commerce websites and blogs. To get started with this package, it offers you double the disk space of what you would get in the “Startup” plan.

Speaking of which, it allows you to have 80 GB of disk space and 4000 GB of enormous bandwidth to support the flood of traffic. Starting at $31.80 for a monthly charge, this plan offers you 6 GB of RAM and a boosted speed with the help of 4 CPU cores computing server power.

Alongside the mentioned options you are getting in this plan, you will also get; daily backups, a Powerful control panel, uptime monitoring and several other facilities. However, if you are dealing with a website that highly jam-packed with resources and projects, then “Enterprise” is for you.

Doubling the options for what you get in the mid-term plan they offer in this segment, “Enterprise” offers you 12 GB of RAM, 8000 GB of bandwidth and massive 160 GB of disk space. The server speed is boosted to 3X and supports the power of 6 CPU cores.


VPS Hosting

hostinger vps hosting plans

The company’s VPS plans offer unbeatable and steadfast speed at a low budget to support the webmasters. Offering 6 plans ranging from $4.99 that goes all the way up to $65.56 as monthly charges, this type of hosting promises you a guaranteed performance.

These plans provide you boosted execution with regards to RAM and CPU power. Hostinger is known to not oversell their resources. However, in VPS hosting they provide you a significant amount of burst RAM which can be shared among other VPS accounts on the same server.


Support Desk

This is the foremost thing one must look for while opting for a hosting service. Think about it for a second. If your website gets some bug or gets down for some reason, who you will contact? Obviously a support department.

Though we have tried a dozen hosting providers, Hostinger is the only hosting platform that won our heart with their very supportive Support Team. They are simply amazing with their error solving ability. No queues, no ticketing - an answer is a matter of a minute.

It takes you a few minutes to get your web page on the run again. Their support desk is quite efficient when you opt for their paid subscription. Usually, you get a reply from the support time in a short period.



If you really want to feel the heat, start with their Free web hosting service. Not to mention, Hostinger, started laddering up to the success with their free hosting option. However, if you are a hardcore user, this option is certainly for you. The company’s paid subscription is above average.

Improved load-time, Customer Support, and quick up-time is something that can expect from their paid hosting services. The best thing about this hosting platform is their low cost paid plans. You are not going to get a service that is cheaper in nature than Hostinger’s. Also, its ICANN certification is something that indicates their robust economic base. In simple words – it is a good way to start if you are new to the hosting platform.

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